Chapter 1709 - Fellow Disciples Being Insulted

MGA: Chapter 1709 - Fellow Disciples Being Insulted

At this moment, Chu Feng and Jiang Furong entered the location of the competition. It was an enormous cave. The cave was very vast, and the walls were embedded with gems that emitted dazzling radiance. Those shining gems made it appear as if it were daytime in the cave.

Furthermore, there were beautiful drawings carved into the walls. This place was truly a world within rocks.

Furthermore, at this moment, there were a lot of people who had appeared in the cave. However, none of them stopped by the cave. Instead, they all began to proceed deeper into the cave.

“Young Hero, I cannot thank you enough for your grace.”

“Young Hero, you saved me today. This grace and kindness is something that I, Jiang Furong, will definitely repay in the future,” Jiang Furong said to Chu Feng with a grateful appearance.

“Senior sister Jiang, it’s one thing for you to be this courteous to others, but to me, you really do not need to be this courteous. After all, you helped me before too,” Chu Feng said to Jiang Furong via voice transmission.

“You are?” Jiang Furong was immediately stunned upon hearing those words, and involuntarily took a step back. Then, she began to carefully size Chu Feng up. However, the more she inspected him, the more startled she became.

She was shocked to discover that the man before her gave her such a feeling of familiarity. However, she clearly didn’t know him.

“Senior sister Jiang, are you unable to determine who I am from my voice?” Chu Feng said via voice transmission.

“Junior brother, it’s really you!!!” Finally, Jiang Furong managed to react. She knew that the person before her was Chu Feng.

“Junior brother, you’re alive! This is truly great!” Jiang Furong was extremely excited. She had originally thought that Chu Feng had died.

“If I were dead, I wouldn’t be standing here,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Junior brother, why did you come here? Could it be that you’re going to participate in the competition? There are a lot of experts from the Nangong Imperial Clan here. If they are to recognize you, then…” Jiang Furong was extremely worried about Chu Feng.

“Senior sister, please rest assured, I already have a plan in mind, you do not need to worry about me.”

“That said, senior sister, you’re already a rank nine Martial King, and possess abundant martial power. I presume that you will be able to reach a breakthrough to Half Martial Emperor not long from now, right? This is truly worthy of celebration,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“I had originally thought that I was pretty talented. However, after seeing you, I immediately feel that I am truly too weak.”

“When I first saw you, you had only just become a Martial King. However, you’re already a rank three Half Martial Emperor now. You have already reached the heavens, while I’m still on earth. Likely, I will never be able to contend with you again,” Jiang Furong smiled bitterly.

“Senior sister Jiang, please stop teasing this junior brother of yours. Time is of urgent importance. Come, let’s proceed quickly, I do not wish to miss this sole opportunity to fight against the younger generation of the Four Imperial Clans.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he grabbed Jiang Furong’s wrist. Then, he turned into a ray of light and directly rushed toward the deepest region of the cave.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, Jiang Furong’s expression changed. She had wanted to say something, but in the end she hesitated and said nothing.

She had realized that Chu Feng was planning to do something dangerous. However, she felt that she was unable to stop him. Thus, she decided to not bother with it.

Chu Feng’s speed was extremely fast. One by one, he surpassed all of the younger generation who had entered the cave before him.

On the way forward, Chu Feng reached a couple hurdles. However, none of them were able to stop him.

However, before Chu Feng could reach the deepest region of the cave, a large group of people suddenly appeared up ahead. Using his Heaven’s Eyes to look, Chu Feng was surprised.

The people ahead of him were the people from the Cyanwood Mountain. Bai Yunxiao, Qi Yanyu, Tao Xiangyu, Ben Leihu and Zhao Jingang were all present.

Merely, at this moment, they were all lying on the ground. Regardless of their gender, they were all wounded.

The Cyanwood Mountain’s several most outstanding disciples were actually beaten. It was no wonder that there were this many people gathered at that place. They had decided to stay here to watch the show, instead of proceeding onward to fight for the number one spot of this competition.

The reason for that was because the people that had beaten the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain were also disciples of the Nine Powers. They were the disciples of the Firerain Hall and the Jadewater Temple.

The Firerain Hall and the Jadewater Temple’s disciples had joined hands to stop the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples from proceeding onward.

“Bai Yunxiao, weren’t you extremely arrogant? What’s wrong? Have you turned into a punching bag now that Qin Lingyun is gone?” a disciple from the Firerain Hall said mockingly.

Although this Firerain Hall’s disciple’s was only a rank nine Martial King, his strength was above that of Bai Yunxiao and the others.

The reason why he had attacked Bai Yunxiao and the others was because he had had conflicts with them back when Qin Lingyun had still been alive.

Merely, back then, due to Qin Lingyun, they had been beaten, and had not dared to retaliate.

And now, as both Qin Lingyun and Qin Wentian were dead, the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain had instantly become the weakest among the disciples of the Nine Powers. As such, the other eight powers would naturally take retaliatory actions against the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples. As for this competition among Nine Powers’ younger generation, it was the best opportunity for retaliation.

“You only dare to humiliate us in this manner because senior brother Qin Lingyun and senior brother Qin Wentian are no longer present. If they were still alive, would you possibly dare to do this?” Tao Xiangyu said with an expression of unreconciliation.

“Yoh, lil sis Tao, I might as well you the truth. You are right. I’ve indeed come to bully you all because Qin Lingyun and Qin Wentian have died.”

“What about it? What can you do to me?” As that Firerain Hall’s disciple spoke, he actually extended his malicious large hand and moved it toward Tao Xiangyu’s little face.

“Pah! Do not touch me with your filthy hand!” Not only did Tao Xiangyu dodge the hand, she also spat on that man’s face.

“Haha, brother Huo, it’s been so long, but you’re still unable to settle this Tao Xiangyu,” Seeing this scene, the Jadewater Temple’s disciples burst into loud laughter. Their laughter was filled with mockery.

Even the other disciples of the Firerain Hall had expressions of wanting to yet not daring to laugh.

“Damned bitch, you truly are one to refuse the face that is given to you!” That Firerain Hall’s disciple felt that he had been humiliated and became enraged. He waved his palm and slapped it toward Tao Xiangyu’s little face.

Seeing the incoming hand, Tao Xiangyu immediately closed her eyes and revealed a painful expression. She knew that she would not be able to dodge that man’s incoming slap. Thus, she could only prepare herself for the slap.


Right at this moment, a sudden loud and crisp sound was heard.

Hearing this sound, Tao Xiangyu subconsciously frowned. However, she felt no pain on her cheek at all.

She slowly opened her eyes. Upon opening her eyes, Tao Xiangyu’s expression changed in an instant. The reason for that was because there was a man standing before her. Furthermore, this man had firmly caught that Firerain Hall’s disciple’s wrist, stopping that slap from landing on her face.

At this moment, Tao Xiangyu’s heartbeat accelerated, and her face turned red. Involuntarily, she started to have feelings for this man. She had felt that he was simply her Prince Charming. She had been conquered by his actions of being a hero that saved the beauty from evil.

However, she did not know that this man before her was her fellow martial junior brother that she had deliberately caused troubles for multiple times, Chu Feng.

“A grown man hitting a woman, you are truly quite a man,” As Chu Feng spoke, he exerted more with his grasp. “Snap,” that Firerain Hall disciple’s wrist had been snapped apart by him.

The pain of having his wrist broken caused that Firerain Hall’s disciple to scream out in pain. However, Chu Feng did not release his grasp just because of this. Instead, he released his oppressive might and struck at that Firerain Hall disciple’s body, knocking him into the rest of the Firerain Hall’s disciples.


The Firerain Hall’s disciples tried to catch that disciple. However, the force of the impact was simply too strong. Not only were they unable to catch him, they were all knocked to the ground with him.

“Rank three Half Martial Emperor?!!”

At this moment, not to mention the Firerain Hall’s disciples, the expressions of the disciples from the Jadewater Temple also took a huge change. They were able to sense Chu Feng’s aura and know Chu Feng’s cultivation. Someone with the cultivation of a rank three Half Martial Emperor was not a person who they would dare to provoke.