Chapter 1682 - Chu Feng Is Already Dead

MGA: Chapter 1682 - Chu Feng Is Already Dead

“It would seem that Du Xiangyu will have no way to use the Gu poison to threaten me anymore.”

Upon discovering what was happening to the Gu poison, the pressure in Chu Feng’s heart immediately vanished and was replaced with joy.

Not only was his Inherited Bloodline overbearing, it was also very smart. It did not directly try to fight against the Gu poison. Likely, it knew that the Gu poison would destroy Chu Feng’s dantian, crippling his cultivation, should it be triggered.

Thus, it began to weaken the Gu poison without it detecting. Likely, when the Gu poison discovered it, it would have already lost its danger and been devoured and refined by Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline.

Like this, even though the Gu poison was still within Chu Feng’s dantian, Chu Feng did not have to worry about anything. The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline was able to handle it.

“Even though you all were heartless toward me, I do not plan to act unjustly toward you all. I have promised that I will help, thus, I will definitely help all the way through,” Chu Feng said as he looked in the direction of the Du Clan.

Even though Du Xiangyu had left a Gu poison in Chu Feng’s dantian and enormously angered him, Chu Feng felt that Du Xiangyu was a pitiful individual.

Thus, Chu Feng decided that even though she had struck at him, he would still help her. He had decided to take it as his compensation for obtaining their Fire Immortal Profound Technique.

Afterward, Chu Feng directly arrived at Goudan’er’s house. Goudan’er and his father were both present in their home.

“God, you’ve returned. We truly missed you.”

Upon seeing Chu Feng, this pair of father and son were immediately overjoyed. This was especially true for Goudan’er. He directly jumped to Chu Feng and grabbed his thigh.

Then, in an extremely excited manner, he said, “God, I’ve heard that you’re going to bring me to the Holy Land of Martialism. This is truly too great, too great. I am finally able to go to the Holy Land of Martialism and see the beauties there.”

As Chu Feng saw how excited Goudan’er was and how his father was smiling foolishly on the side, Chu Feng knew that Goudan’er’s father, this big mouth, had already mentioned what he had said previously to Goudan’er.

Truly, this Goudan’er’s father. Even though this matter had not yet been determined, he had already told Goudan’er. Fortunately, this had turned out to be doable. Else, if it were determined to be undoable, how would Chu Feng possibly explain this to Goudan’er?

“Goudan’er, this… is not something for me to decide. Whether or not I am able to bring you to the Holy Land of Martialism will be dependent on the decision of the Du Clan,” Chu Feng said to Goudan’er.

As he said those words, Chu Feng paid close attention to Goudan’er’s state of mind. Chu Feng had already suspected that Goudan’er was the poisonous substance. Thus, he deliberately mentioned the Du Clan in order to evoke Goudan’er’s hatred.

“Ah? In that case, would it mean that I will not be able to get out? How could the Du Clan possibly let me go out?” Goudan’er had a very nervous reaction. Even his eyes started to grow red. However, he did not reveal a trace of hatred.

At this moment, his reaction was like that of an ordinary child. The only difference was that his mentality was stronger than children of his same age. Even though his eyes had grown red, he did not cry.

“Regarding that, I’ve already settled it. Tomorrow, we will be able to set off to the Holy Land of Martialism together,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Really? God, you must not lie to me,” Hearing those words, Goudan’er was immediately overjoyed. He was so happy that he was unable to believe that what Chu Feng said was the truth.

“Foolish child, how could God possibly lie to you? Quickly, express your thanks to God,” At this moment, Goudan’er’s father was in even greater joy than Goudan’er.

As the saying goes, in the world, one’s parents care the most about them. There was not a single parent who would not wish for their children to attain greater heights and walk further. Even if that would bring their children further away from them and make it difficult to see them again, they would still be delighted to do so, as they hoped that their children would be able to obtain better prospects.

After this matter was decided, Goudan’er became extremely excited. In order to thank Chu Feng, he insisted on sleeping with him. This caused Chu Feng to feel very helpless. It was the first time he had slept together with another person of the male gender. Even though Goudan’er was a little boy, Chu Feng still felt very awkward.

The thing that caused Chu Feng to feel the most helpless was that Goudan’er was extremely talkative. His large sausage mouth had simply not stopped once.

In the dead of night, Goudan’er’s father had already started to snore loudly. However, Goudan’er was unwilling to sleep. He was still talking endlessly to Chu Feng.

Suddenly, Chu Feng asked, “Goudan’er, could it be that you have something that you want my help with?”

He had discovered that Goudan’er was blabbing nonstop. It was clear that he was beating around the bush, and had something that he wanted Chu Feng’s help with.

With how strong Chu Feng’s perception was, he was able to even see through the way that his seniors from the older generation thought. Thus, how could he not see through what Goudan’er, a child, was thinking?

“Hehe, God, you are truly amazing. You are simply omniscient, omnipotent. There is nothing that I can hide from you.”

“Indeed, I have something that I wish your help with. God, you must help me. This matter concerns my future,” Sure enough, after Chu Feng said those words, Goudan’er started to scratch his head and smile bashfully.

“What is it? Just tell me straight away,” Chu Feng said.

“Hehe. I’ve heard from my father and the others that you are an omnipotent world spiritist. In that case, can you help me change my appearance and make me more handsome? Like this, Cuihua’er will like me,” Goudan’er said with a shy expression.

“Stinky brat, you’re this young, yet you’re already this perverted?” Chu Feng felt very helpless. When he was Goudan’er’s age, he did not know about this sort of thing.

“My father said that one must start going after one’s wife when she is young. Else, she will be snatched away by someone else,” Goudan’er said with a serious expression.

“However, do you know that what a man requires is strength and ability, and not external appearance?” Chu Feng said.

“I do. Thus, I will definitely put forth great effort to train. However, little girls are shallow individuals. They all like boys who are more handsome. Thus, God, please help me. You also do not wish for me to spend the rest of my life alone, no?” Goudan’er started to beg Chu Feng pitifully.

“Okay then. After we leave this place, I’ll help you change your appearance. If we are to do it now, I fear that your father will not recognize you after waking up,” Chu Feng said.

“Then God, you must definitely help me,” Goudan’er said excitedly.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded his head.

“Haha, this is great. God is the best. Come, let me give you a kiss.”

“Get the hell away! Go and kiss your father,” Chu Feng raised his head and stopped the incoming Goudan’er, throwing him to the side. He did not wish for his face to be covered with Goudan’er’s saliva.

Seeing Goudan’er acting in such a manner, Chu Feng began to wonder whether Goudan’er was really that poisonous substance.

Could it be that the poisonous substance had already died ten years ago, and that all the things related to Goudan’er were merely a coincidence; that Goudan’er was actually not the poisonous substance?

However, no matter what, Chu Feng had already decided to bring Goudan’er to the Holy Land of Martialism. Chu Feng had decided that he would look after Goudan’er regardless of whether Goudan’er was the poisonous substance or not.


At the same time, in the Nangong Imperial Clan. A different scene was happening.

Nangong Beidou and the White-browed Immortal had just returned from the outside, leading a huge army.

The place that they had returned from was the Ten Thousand Miles Heavenly Summit.

What sort of place was the Ten Thousand Miles Heavenly Summit? It was the Snow-haired Immortal’s residence.

The reason why they had mustered such a large force to go there was so that they could eliminate Chu Feng.

Due to the fact that Chu Feng had been rescued by the Snow-haired Immortal, they had thought that the Snow-haired Immortal was Chu Feng’s backer.

The Nangong Imperial Clan did not plan to let Chu Feng get away. Thus, after learning about what they thought was his backer, Nangong Beidou immediately organized a large army and headed to the Ten Thousand Miles Heavenly Summit to eliminate Chu Feng.

Nangong Beidou had called all members from the upper echelon of the Nangong Imperial Clan over in order to announce a matter.

At this moment, the four siblings, Nangong Tianlong, Nangong Tianhu, Nangong Tianshi and Nangong Tianfeng were also present.

“Chu Feng is already dead. We can remove the wanted posters now,” Nangong Beidou declared to the crowd.