Chapter 1681 - Placed Together

MGA: Chapter 1681 - Placed Together

“Gu poison?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng immediately began to inspect his body. He discovered that jade pendant had turned into aura and disappeared. However, he had not discovered that there was any danger to his body.

“Senior, you must be joking, right? This joke of yours is not funny at all,” Chu Feng was very cautious. From Du Xiangyu’s gaze, Chu Feng could tell that she didn’t appear to be lying to him.

“Chu Feng, I am not frightening you. I know that you possess a body that is immune to poisons. However, this Gu poison is different from ordinary poisons. While it is a poison, it is also a Gu.”

“If you do not believe me, I can teach you a hand seal. Upon doing that hand seal, you can inspect your dantian again. At that time, you will be able to sense the Gu poison,” As Du Xiangyu spoke, she began to demonstrate a hand seal to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng did not hesitate and immediately performed the hand seal according to Du Xiangyu’s demonstration. Then, he went and inspected his dantian.

Once he inspected his dantian, Chu Feng started to frown and his eyes started to shine.

He was shocked to discover that there was a strange object in his dantian. That was not as simple as being a poisonous substance. Rather, it was something that possessed a great amount of destructiveness. Furthermore, it was alive. Right now, it had hidden itself in Chu Feng’s dantian.

If this item were to wake up, it would be able to destroy Chu Feng’s dantian. It was no wonder that Du Xiangyu would say that Chu Feng’s cultivation would be crippled should she not hand him the antidote.

“Haha… senior, I, Chu Feng, have truly misjudged you.”

“You truly are someone who acts like a senior.”

At this moment, Chu Feng laughed coldly. Then, his complexion turned cold, and his tone was filled with mockery. He had grown angry.

Even though Chu Feng had been on guard against Du Xiangyu to begin with, he had not expected her to be this treacherous.

Du Xiangyu was truly worthy of being an old monster who had lived for ten thousand years. Unknowingly, she had struck Chu Feng.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you can bear grudges against me. However, please do not bear grudges against Wanwu or the Du Clan.”

“I have only done this out of helplessness because I feared that you would not be willing to help Wanwu.”

“If you help Wanwu bring the Gu back, I will immediately hand you the antidote. I will definitely keep my promise,” As Du Xiangyu spoke, she actually kneeled onto the ground with a ‘putt.’

She raised her right hand and said, “I, Du Xiangyu, swear to the heavens. If little friend Chu Feng is to help our Du Clan this once, yet I continue to do things detrimental to little friend Chu Feng, I, Du Xiangyu, will be consigned to eternal damnation and never be reincarnated.”

“You…” Faced with Du Xiangyu acting like this, Chu Feng felt extremely helpless. He did not know what to do.

Du Xiangyu was actually not that bad of a person. If she were worse, she could continue to threaten Chu Feng. There was simply no need for her to kneel down to Chu Feng and swear to the heavens.

Furthermore, on her extremely aged face, there was a very painful expression.

It would appear that she was feeling extremely tangled, that her heart was struggling with her actions.

Likely, she did not trust Chu Feng completely. Thus, in order to prevent mishaps, she poisoned Chu Feng with the Gu. While doing so, she also felt a great amount of guilt, and felt that she had let Chu Feng down.

“Senior, please get up. I agree to help you,” Chu Feng helped Du Xiangyu up. Then, he said, “However, I have a request.”

“Please speak of your request,” Du Xiangyu said.

“Since this secret technique is capable of bringing two people out from the valley, other than Du wanwu, I wish to bring a child out,” Chu Feng said.

“Child? Which child? What is that child’s name?” Du Xiangyu asked in succession.

“It’s a child from the village. A relatively ordinary child. His name is Goudan'er,” Chu Feng did not speak the truth.

Chu Feng feared that Du Xiangyu would immediately kill Goudan’er in order to prevent future misfortunes should he speak the truth.

Even though Chu Feng knew that Goudan’er was very dangerous, Chu Feng felt that Goudan'er was actually a good child.

Not to mention that Chu Feng could not be certain whether or not he was that poisonous substance, even if he were that poisonous substance, Chu Feng felt that as long as he was properly guided, it was very possible for Goudan'er to walk the path of righteousness.

Thus, Chu Feng merely wanted to bring Goudan'er away from here, and had not thought about eliminating him.

“That is fine. After all, this secret technique of mine is capable of bringing two people out. You can bring whoever you wish to bring with you,” Du Xiangyu said.

“In that case, when do we set off to leave?” Chu Feng asked.

“We’ll make some preparations and leave tomorrow,” Du Xiangyu said.

“Very well,” Chu Feng nodded.

After this matter was decided, Chu Feng did not stay there. Instead, he returned to the village. He wished to spend the last day in the valley with the villagers.

To Chu Feng’s surprise, Du Wanwu, who had been hostile toward Chu Feng the entire time actually insisted on seeing him off. Furthermore, when they arrived at the outside of the village, Du Wanwu spoke to Chu Feng in a very apologetic manner:

“Chu Feng, my apologies. I truly never expected for the jade pendant that Lady Xiangyu handed you to be a Gu poison.”

Chu Feng was truly surprised to hear those words. That was because not only did Du Wanwu say those unexpected words, he also had a very apologetic expression on his face.

At this time, Chu Feng suddenly recalled how Du Wanwu had not gone up to lend Du Xiangyu an arm to support her when she had knelt to Chu Feng to swear to the heavens. That did not resemble the way that Du Wanwu had acted before.

Right now, Du Wanwu’s actions seemed to illustrate to Chu Feng why he had not gone to stop Du Xiangyu, his highly esteemed senior, when she was kneeling and making such a cruel vow to the heavens.

Likely, he felt that their Lady Xiangyu was in the wrong, and rejected her actions from the bottom of his heart. That was why he had not stopped her from making such a cruel vow.

“No matter what, I am very surprised to hear those words from your mouth,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Our Du Clan owes you a favor in this matter. In the future, I will return this favor to you,” After Du Wanwu finished saying those words, he left.

Seeing such a Du Wanwu, Chu Feng slightly smiled. Even though Du Wanwu possessed a cold personality and had wanted to kill Chu Feng earlier, it was merely an issue of their standpoints.

Actually, Du Wanwu was a straightforward and emotional person. At the very least, he was not a scheming and cunning individual. If possible, Chu Feng might be able to befriend him.

After Du Wanwu left, Chu Feng immediately felt gloomy upon thinking about how a Gu poison had suddenly appeared in his dantian that was capable of breaking his dantian at any moment.

Unable to contain himself, Chu Feng did that hand seal again to inspect the situation of that Du poison. However, when he inspected his dantian this time around, Chu Feng’s eyes started to shine with surprise.

Even though that Du poison was still within Chu Feng’s dantian, Chu Feng was shocked to discover that the power of the Du poison had already weakened by a lot compared to before.

Chu Feng began to carefully observe it. At this time, he discovered that the Du poison was still being weakened. Furthermore, it was being weakened at a state of not being triggered.

If this were to continue, there was simply no need for an antidote, and the Gu poison would naturally be removed from Chu Feng’s body.

It was not Chu Feng himself who had managed to accomplish this feat. Rather, it was the Divine Lightnings in his dantian, Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline.