Chapter 1674 - Lady Xiangyu

MGA: Chapter 1674 - Lady Xiangyu

“Lord Chu Feng, please show leniency!”

Seeing that Du Wanwu had been defeated by Chu Feng, the people from the Du Clan all ran out from the cave. Under the leadership of Elder Xiuyuan and the others, they all knelt onto the ground and began to kowtow to Chu Feng, who was in the sky, to beg him to spare Du Wanwu’s life.

“A warrior can be killed but not insulted. All of you, show some honor! Do not disgrace our Du Clan’s reputation!” Du Wanwu shouted coldly.

Once those words were heard, the people from the Du Clan immediately stopped their begging. However, they were still kneeling and refusing to stand back up.

“You are a person with integrity. However, have you thought about what use your honor and dignity would be if I am to eliminate your entire Du Clan?” Chu Feng asked.

“You… exactly what do you want?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Du Wanwu’s body shivered. Even the tone that he spoke with had changed. Evidently, Chu Feng’s words had stabbed his vulnerable spot.

“Two conditions. First, do not bully the villagers in this place anymore. Return their liberty to them so that they no longer have to serve you all.”

“No matter what, they are people from the same village as you. It is too excessive for you all to treat them like slaves,” Chu Feng said.

“Those are the rules that have been passed down from our Ancestor. I cannot change that,” Du Wanwu said.

“You are truly stubborn. It would seem that, to you, the so-called rules are more important than the life and death of your Du Clan,” Chu Feng said.

“Heh, I’ve said it already. A warrior can be killed but not insulted. As a descendant, I do not possess the qualifications to change the rules of my Ancestor. If you wish to kill me, then go ahead and do it. I, Du Wanwu, will not blink or frown. If I am to frown in the slightest, I shall be your son,” When Du Wanwu spoke those words, he had made the determination to face death.

“If you want to kill us, then go ahead. There is no one in our Du Clan who fears death.”

Seeing Du Wanwu’s determination, the rest of the Du clansmen also shouted in unison. As they spoke, they all stood up. Like Du Wanwu, they had all made the resolution to face death.

Faced with such a Du Clan, Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he said, “Do you all really think that I, Chu Feng, do not dare to kill you all?”

As Chu Feng spoke, a flash of coldness shone through his eyes.

When his first condition had already been refused by the Du Clan, his second condition would definitely be refused by the Du Clan too.

After all, his second condition was to obtain their Fire Immortal Profound Technique.

When they refused to even change the rule established by the Poison Demon, how could they possibly be willing to hand over the Fire Immortal Profound Technique? Thus, Chu Feng knew that he already had no way to discuss it with the Du Clan.

It was precisely because of this that Chu Feng felt that he had been placed in an extremely difficult situation...

Actually, Chu Feng was able to not kill them. However, sooner or later, he would have to leave this place. If Chu Feng didn’t kill the people of the Du Clan and only used techniques to bind them, if the people from the Du Clan were able to break the bindings Chu Feng had put on them, the ones who would suffer a calamity would be Goudan’er and the other villagers.

However, the Du Clan were, after all, the descendants of the Poison Demon. For them to be able to survive this long was no easy task. Furthermore, Chu Feng admired their manner of conduct. Thus, he did not wish to eliminate this unyielding clan filled with familial love for one another.

All of a sudden, Chu Feng didn’t know what he should do.

“Little friend Chu Feng, please be lenient and leave a path to survival for our Du Clan.”

Right at this moment, an aged voice suddenly sounded from within the cave.

When this voice sounded, not to mention Chu Feng, even the people from the Du Clan were stunned.

“Step… step… step…”

After that voice sounded, the sound of slow-moving footsteps could be heard.

At this moment, Chu Feng immediately used his Heaven’s Eyes to observe the cave. Once he saw who was coming, he immediately started to frown.

It was an old woman. She had an extremely old appearance. The wrinkles on her body were too many to count. All of her teeth and hair had fallen out. As she walked, she was hunching her back. That appearance was like someone who had walked out from a coffin.

That old woman’s age was extremely old. Likely, in several more years, she would die.

However, the matter that caused Chu Feng to feel the most depressed was that not only was that old woman still alive, she was also a Martial Emperor.

The Du Clan actually possessed a Martial Emperor.

That big mouth in the village said that there had been no Martial Emperor born to the Du Clan after the Poison Demon. Yet, wasn’t this old woman a Martial Emperor?

However, thinking about it, Chu Feng could understand. The villagers did not even dare to approach the place where the Du Clan lived. As such, how could they possibly know whether or not there were any Martial Emperors in the Du Clan?

“You are?”

After that old woman walked out from the cave, the people from the Du Clan also had shocked expressions on their faces when they saw her. Their appearance seemed to show that they had never seen that old woman before.

“Hahaha, this old woman has been in closed-door training for so long that no one remembers me now.”

“However, I still remember you all. I watched all of you grow up,” That old woman laughed out loud. Then, she asked, “My name’s Du Xiangyu, is there anyone who remembers me?”

“Du Xiangyu, it’s actually Lady Du Xiangyu, you're… you’re actually still alive.”

“We pay our respects to Lady Du Xiangyu.”

After finding out the name of the old woman, the people from the Du Clan immediately knelt onto the ground. Many of them were weeping bitter tears, and they were extremely emotional. They felt as if they were dreaming and did not dare to believe everything before their eyes.

Even the corners of Du Wanwu’s eyes started to become moist.

At this moment, Chu Feng realized that this old woman was most likely also an ancestor-level character in the Du Clan.

As she had been in closed-door training for too long, it was likely that all of the people from her generation had already died. As such, all of the Du Clan’s descendants had thought that she had died too.

However, it was clear that this old woman called Du Xiangyu had paid attention to the changes that were happening in the Du Clan during her closed-door training. Thus, she knew about the situation of the Du Clan extremely well.

In fact, she even knew about what had happened after Chu Feng had arrived here. Else, it would be impossible for her to know Chu Feng’s name and ask him to be lenient toward the Du Clan.

However, regardless, Chu Feng was feeling very uneasy right now. After all, this old woman was a person of the Du Clan. Furthermore, she was a Martial Emperor. No matter how powerful Chu Feng might be, he would not be able to contend against a Martial Emperor.

Thinking about this, Chu Feng pulled out his Cyan Rainbow Sword from Du Wanwu’s body and then put the two swords away. At the same time, he also removed his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, returning his cultivation to that of a rank two Half Martial Emperor.

Chu Feng had decided to not continue to fight. It was not that Chu Feng was a coward and did not dare to use Du Wanwu to threaten that old woman, instead, it was because there was truly no way for him to contend against a Martial Emperor.

If Chu Feng dared to use Du Wanwu as a hostage to threaten Du Xiangyu, he would be overestimating his abilities too much. After all, a single thought from a Martial Emperor would be capable of taking away Chu Feng’s life.

Thus, what Chu Feng must do right now was the same as what he had planned to do before. That was, to reach a peaceful settlement.

“Senior, I believe you have seen all that had happened earlier. I have not come here with malice. The ones who were pressing and forceful towards me were the people of your Du Clan,” Even though Chu Feng was feeling very uneasy, his tone was neither servile nor overbearing. He was behaving very calm and collected.

“Little friend, I have indeed seen all that has happened earlier. It is true that you have not done anything wrong, and that it was the people of our Du Clan who were wrong,” The old lady smiled lightly. Then, she turned to her clansmen and said, “What are you all waiting for? Quickly apologize to little friend Chu Feng.”


The people from the Du Clan were all shocked to hear those words. They did not understand why their Lady Xiangyu would not stand up for them, and instead stood up for Chu Feng.

However, it remained that their Lady Xiangyu was an ancestor-level character to their Du Clan. Thus, how could they possibly dare to go against her wishes? One by one, they began to apologize to Chu Feng. Even Du Wanwu lowered his head to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was also very surprised by this. He did not understand exactly what Du Xiangyu intended to do.

Was she a person who was very broad-minded, or could she be scheming something?