Chapter 1673 - The Outcome Of The Battle

MGA: Chapter 1673 - The Outcome Of The Battle

“Chu Feng, what is your intention in saying all that?”

“To suddenly say those kinds of words after things having already reached this point, could it be that you’re afraid?”

Suddenly, right at this moment, an abnormally powerful aura suddenly swept forth from the cave. It was Du Wanwu’s aura. His aura had actually increased again.

Furthermore, it was not only a slight increase, it was a dramatic increase. His battle power had become incomparably close to that of a peak Half Martial Emperor. [1. He is rank five HME with +3 battle power. So his bp is 8HME.]

Immediately afterward, a loud explosion sounded. Du Wanwu had flown back out from that cave and stood before Chu Feng again.

At this moment, he appeared to be completely the same as before. In fact, the hole in his chest that had been created by the penetration of Chu Feng’s fist was still there.

However, a purple bottle gourd had appeared in Du Wanwu’s hand. That was no ordinary bottle gourd. It was a total of a meter long. Not only was the bottle gourd very large, there were veined patterns and nine large black snakes carved onto it.

Furthermore, the bottle gourd was emitting a very intense Emperor’s might. The reason why Du Wanwu’s battle power had strengthened and become infinitely close to that of a peak Half Martial Emperor was all because of that bottle gourd.

That bottle gourd was an Incomplete Imperial Armament. It was not a copy, but an actual Incomplete Imperial Armament.

“Heh, afraid? You must be overthinking.”

“I am merely clarifying my purpose in coming here.”

“Since you do not wish to properly talk it out with me, I can only communicate it to you with force.”

Chu Feng smiled lightly. As he spoke, he flipped his hands, and the two Incomplete Imperial Armaments, the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword, appeared in his hands.

Once the two Incomplete Imperial Armaments appeared, two streams of boundless aura surged forth. Everyone in the surrounding thousand miles was capable of feeling those two powerful auras.

This was especially true for the people of the Du Clan. They were so shocked by the two streams of Emperor’s might that they began to step back repeatedly. In fact, those with a low level of cultivation even vomited blood and became seriously injured.

“You’re actually using two Incomplete Imperial Armaments simultaneously?!”

Upon seeing the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword in Chu Feng’s hands, Du Wanwu started to frown. He had truly never expected that after he had revealed his Incomplete Imperial Armament, Chu Feng would reveal two Incomplete Imperial Armaments.

One must know that Incomplete Imperial Armaments were very powerful. However, precisely because they were very powerful, it was very difficult for a single person to simultaneously use two Incomplete Imperial Armaments.

Yet, at this moment, Chu Feng was actually able to do that. This made it clear how powerful Chu Feng was.

“What’s wrong? Are you afraid?” Chu Feng asked while smiling.

“Afraid? The word ‘afraid’ does not exist in my dictionary.”

Du Wanwu snorted coldly. Then, he pointed the bottle gourd in his hand at Chu Feng. “Aouu~~~” a loud roar was heard, and then a giant dark black snake shot forth explosively from the bottle gourd.

Once the giant snake shot out, the sky immediately changed color. Rising winds and scudding clouds suddenly appeared, following an overflowing dragon’s might that charged to attack Chu Feng.

Faced with this giant dark black snake, Chu Feng started to dodge all over the place. He did not immediately counterattack. Instead, he was carefully observing the snake.

“This appearance, could it be a King Monstrous Dragon Beast?”

Suddenly, Chu Feng started to frown. The reason for that was because the giant black snake before him was not really a giant snake. Instead, it was a monstrous dragon beast. However, it was not an ordinary monstrous dragon beast. Chu Feng felt that it was very possible that the giant snake before him was the Holy Land of Martialism’s King Monstrous Dragon Beast.

“Your eyesight is quite good. This bottle gourd of mine is no ordinary Incomplete Imperial Armament. It was created by my clan’s Ancestor by refining the King Monstrous Dragon Race’s nine strongest King Monstrous Dragon Beasts’ consciousness,” Du Wanwu explained.

“What an extraordinary origin. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that its origin is still very inferior to the origin of my Cyan Rainbow Sword and Purple Rainbow Sword.”

Chu Feng chuckled. He unleashed both his Cyan Rainbow Sword and Purple Rainbow Sword simultaneously. As the cyan and purple mingled with one another, two slashes were shot forth. The two slashed ruthlessly landed on that King Monstrous Dragon Beast, slicing it apart.

“Humph,” However, after that King Monstrous Dragon Beast was sliced apart, Du Wanwu merely snorted coldly. The bottle gourd in his hand trembled, and then nine more King Monstrous Dragon Beasts shot out toward Chu Feng in succession.

The nine King Monstrous Dragon Beasts did not attack recklessly. Instead, they formed an offensive formation. With this clear-cut formation, they were capable of both attacking and defending against Chu Feng as they continued to launch attacks against him.

At this moment, even Chu Feng could not help but gasp in admiration. Du Wanwu’s bottle gourd was truly remarkable. Indeed, it was different from ordinary Incomplete Imperial Armaments. It was not a weapon that would increase one’s battle power. Instead, it was more like a large formation that one could carry with them.

However, Chu Feng possessed the two great swords, the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword. As such, how could he possibly fear a formation of King Monstrous Dragon Beasts?

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Chu Feng’s movements became faster and faster. The cyan and purple blade rays became sharper and sharper. In an instant, the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts were slaughtered by Chu Feng.

However, after Chu Feng eliminated the nine King Monstrous Dragon Beasts, nine more King Monstrous Dragon Beasts actually emerged from the bottle gourd.

Even after Chu Feng killed them again, more King Monstrous Dragon Beasts reemerged from the bottle gourd. It was as if the number of King Monstrous Dragon Beasts was not nine, but instead infinite. No matter how many he killed, he would never be able to kill them all.

“Chu Feng, it’s useless. No matter how strong the swords in your hands are, regardless of how many of my King Monstrous Dragon Beasts they are capable eliminating, you will never be able to kill all of them. If this is to continue, no matter how strong your stamina might be, you will still, sooner or later, be exhausted,” Du Wanwu said.

“Is that so? I have a method capable of determining the outcome of the battle right away,” Chu Feng said.

“You’re planning to kill the king in order to subdue the army and attack me directly? If that’s what your plan, I will have to tell you that you’ve made a mistake in judgement. I, Du Wanwu, am no fool. I will not stand here and allow you to come to kill me.”

As Du Wanwu spoke, his body started to tremble. At the same time, a special aura began to emit from his body.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Suddenly, Du Wanwu’s body shifted. In an instant, he revolved around Chu Feng and appeared in all directions. His speed was speechlessly fast.

“This is the Earthen Taboo: Instant Shifting Technique. With this martial skill of mine, you can forget about catching me,” After revealing his speed, Du Wanwu did not forget to mock Chu Feng.

“So that’s the case. Other than poisons, you actually know quite a decent martial skill.”

“However, are you truly certain…” Speaking till this point, a smile emerged on the corners of Chu Feng’s mouth. Then, he suddenly disappeared. When he reappeared, he had arrived behind Du Wanwu. With a slight smile, he said, “... that I will not be able to catch up to you?”

“Damn it,” After discovering that Chu Feng was behind him, Du Wanwu immediately shifted his body. He was planning to use the Earthen Taboo: Instant Shifting Technique to quickly escape Chu Feng.


However, before he could use his Earthen Taboo: Instant Shifting Technique, he felt a pain in his body. The Cyan Rainbow Sword had pierced into him. Chu Feng’s attack speed was faster than his reaction speed.

At the same time the Cyan Rainbow Sword was pierced into Du Wanwu, Chu Feng suddenly waved his right hand with the Purple Rainbow Sword. “Woosh,” a flash of crimson light swept past. Du Wanwu’s arm that was holding the bottle gourd had been hacked off by Chu Feng.

With his arm gone, that bottle gourd also flew into the air. When the gourd fell to the ground, the nine King Monstrous Dragon Beasts that were charging toward Chu Feng to attack him vanished like smoke in thin air.

“It would seem that the outcome of the battle has been determined.”

“Du Wanwu, how do you wish to die?”

As Chu Feng spoke, he pointed his Purple Rainbow Sword at Du Wanwu’s head. He had a light smile on his face.