Chapter 1669 - A Fair Battle

MGA: Chapter 1669 - A Fair Battle

“I naturally know about this. That child was capable of passing through the Poison Mist Formation and coming out unscathed, capable of surviving Lord Clan Chief’s Divine Power’s poison, even if you are to beat me to death, I would not believe that he doesn’t have the ability to resist poison.”

“However, when our Ancestor moved about unhindered in the Holy Land of Martialism, many world spiritists that declared themselves to be immune to poisons challenged him. However, without exception, they were all killed by our Ancestor’s poison.”

“Our Ancestor’s poison is no ordinary poison. Even world spiritists are unable to withstand his poison. As for the Poison Refinement Formation, it was also created through meticulous effort by our Ancestor.”

“Furthermore, even if this Chu Feng is so powerful that the Poison Refinement Formation is unable to refine him, and even if he was to manage to wake up and escape the Poison Refinement Formation, he is still no match for Lord Clan Chief.”

“Thus, as long as Lord Clan Chief is here, even if he is able to come out from the Poison Refinement Formation alive, he will still not be able to escape death,” Elder Xiuyuan said.

“Right. Elder Xiuyuan, what you said is very true. No matter how strong that child by the name of Chu Feng is, he is still no match for our Lord Clan Chief.”

“With Lord Clan Chief present, we actually do not have to worry about him at all.”

The crowd began to voice their agreement. After all, the battle between Chu Feng and Du Wanwu was something that they had all seen with their own eyes. Chu Feng was indeed very powerful, so powerful that none of them could contend against him. However, in the end, Chu Feng was still defeated by their clan chief, Du Wanwu.

After that battle, they became filled with even more adoration and admiration for their clan chief. In their hearts, Du Wanwu was not simply their clan chief. Instead, he was like a god that protected their Du Clan.

Whether or not a second Poison Demon would appear in the Du Clan, and whether or not they would be able to move about unhindered in the Holy Land of Martialism all depended on Du Wanwu.

Thus, Du Wanwu was the hope of everyone from the Du Clan.

“Let’s do this. I’ll set up a spirit formation outside of the Poison Refinement Formation. If that child is really able to escape from death, and escape from the Poison Refinement Formation, he will definitely trigger my spirit formation. As long as he triggers my spirit formation, I will be able to detect it. At that time, I will immediately go and call for Lord Clan Chief to come out from his closed-door training to take care of that Chu Feng.”

“Furthermore, with this spirit formation of mine, there will be no need for us to continue guarding here. After all, guarding him is useless. If that child is able to be refined, he will, sooner or later, be refined.”

“However, if that child really possesses heaven-defying power capable of escaping from the Poison Refinement Formation, then the person guarding over him here will be in extreme danger,” Elder Xiuyuan said.

“That method is very good,” Hearing those words, everyone began to nod their heads. They all felt that the method Elder Xiuyuan had proposed was very ingenious. This was especially true for that old Half Martial Emperor in charge of guarding Chu Feng. He was overjoyed by the proposal.

The reason why he was uneasy was, on the one hand, because he was worried about the safety of the Du Clan. On the other hand, it was naturally because if Chu Feng was to really wake up, then he, the person in charge of watching over this place, would naturally suffer a great calamity.

After Elder Xiuyuan set up a spirit formation outside of the Poison Refinement Formation, the crowd all left.

However, right after they left, Chu Feng, who had been sleeping for the last twenty days, suddenly opened his eyes.

After he opened his eyes, a smile emerged on Chu Feng’s face.

He exclaimed, “Du Wanwu, if my cultivation is the same as yours, will you be able to defeat me, Chu Feng?”

It turned out that after Chu Feng was defeated by Du Wanwu, he had not actually lost consciousness. Instead, he had pretended to lose consciousness so that he could find an opportunity to escape.

However, after Chu Feng was thrown into the Poison Refinement Formation, he did not wish to leave. The reason for that was because Chu Feng discovered that the Poison Refinement Formation was truly worthy of being the formation Du Wanwu used to train with. Contained within the Poison Formation was a very rich amount of Natural Energy.

Although the Natural Energy contained within the Poison Refinement Formation was linked with Du Wanwu, and Chu Feng had to find a way to extract it in order to refine it, it remained that it could be used by Chu Feng.

In these twenty days, Chu Feng had only done one thing. He had been secretly using his world spirit techniques to extract Natural Energy from this Poison Refinement Formation.

As matters stood, Chu Feng had managed to extract, absorb and refine all of the Natural Energy contained within the Poison Refinement Formation.

The Poison Refinement Formation was unable to refine Chu Feng’s power, and instead had its power refined by Chu Feng.

After being nourished by the Poison Refinement Formation, Chu Feng was only a slight bit away from reaching a breakthrough. However, it was also clear that there was nothing that could give Chu Feng any more Natural Energy.

Although there wasn’t anything here, Chu Feng possessed things that could give him Natural Energy himself. There was still hope for Chu Feng. As for that hope, it was the two Incomplete Imperial Armaments in his Cosmos Sack, the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword.

As a total of twenty days had passed, the spirit formations on the two swords were about done severing the connection they had with Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi.

It was only lacking a tiny bit until it could sever the swords’ connection with the two Nangong brothers. As long as the connections were severed, Chu Feng would be able to attempt to have the two Incomplete Imperial Armaments recognize him as their master.

If they not only recognized him as their master, and also to entered absolute submission to him, Chu Feng would be able to obtain a portion of their power. That portion of their power was currently definitely enough for Chu Feng to reach a breakthrough.

As long as Chu Feng was able to reach a breakthrough, his battle power would no longer be inferior to Du Wanwu’s.

When his battle power was on par with Du Wanwu’s, it would be hard to determine who the winner and loser of their battle would be.

At this moment, those people from the Du Clan had thought themselves to be clever, and actually set up a spirit formation around this area to guard against Chu Feng’s escape. This, however, only served to present a better opportunity for Chu Feng.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s hands began to change unceasingly. Layer upon layer of spirit power surged forth from him and swept outward, landing on the spirit formation Elder Xiuyuan had set up.

After the two of them collided with one another, Chu Feng lightly shouted “Open,” and a hole opened up in Elder Xiuyuan’s spirit formation.

Then, Chu Feng escaped from the Poison Refinement Formation like a dragon coming out from the sea.

After Chu Feng walked out through the hole he opened, he canceled his spirit formation, and Elder Xiuyuan’s spirit formation was restored to its original form.

Not only did it appear to be completely undamaged, its function was also completely intact. Unfortunately, Chu Feng had already escaped from within it. Yet, Elder Xiuyuan had not managed to detect it at all.

After Chu Feng exited the Poison Refinement Formation, his corroded, rotting body started to heal. From an appearance of beyond recognition, he soon recovered his handsome appearance.

Actually, Chu Feng was simply immune to the assaults from the Poison Refinement Formation’s poison. Even his corroded skin had been a facade created by Chu Feng himself.

He had done that for the sake of having the people from the Du Clan believe that he was being affected by the Poison Refinement Formation so that they would lower their guard.

At this time, there was already no need for Chu Feng to put up a disguise. What he needed to do now was to quickly sever the connection the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword had with Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi so that he could make them his own.

“The outcome of the battle will all depend on this,” Chu Feng took the two swords out and closed his eyes. Like sharp blades, layer upon layer of spirit power began to pour into the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword unceasingly. They were trying to sever the connection the two swords possessed.

Chu Feng was fighting for the two Incomplete Imperial Armaments to serve him, to give him power so that he could reach a breakthrough.

He was planning to fight against Du Wanwu again.

This time, the battle would be a fair battle.