Chapter 1668 - Immune To Poisons

MGA: Chapter 1668 - Immune To Poisons

At this moment, both Chu Feng and Du Wanwu were standing in the sky. The distance between them was only about ten meters. This sort of distance was something that could be closed in an instant by cultivators like them.

At this moment, Du Wanwu’s body had changed. Not only was he covered by the green Divine Power, there were purple veined patterns on his green skin. Those veined patterns were actually flashing with a faint light.

Being covered by the purple veined patterns, Du Wanwu’s aura was actually even stronger than before. Evidently, he had used a special method to increase his strength.

As for Chu Feng, his situation was not that good.

At this moment, a large bloody hole had appeared in Chu Feng’s chest. Not only was that hole dripping with crimson blood, there was a green liquid that was bubbling and boiling in the hole.

Furthermore, green veined patterns had appeared on Chu Feng’s body. It was a very frightening sight. This was the sign of being poisoned.

Not only had his body changed, even his aura had changed. Suddenly, Chu Feng’s body wavered; he actually ended up descending from the sky. In the end, he landed on the ground and lost consciousness.

Chu Feng had used all of his techniques and abilities in this battle. However, in the end, he was still defeated by Du Wanwu.

“You possess a cultivation of rank three Half Martial Emperor, but were able to force me to such a degree. Furthermore, even though you’ve been poisoned by me, you only ended up losing consciousness and not dying. You are truly powerful.”

The purple veined patterns on Du Wanwu’s body began to disappear. His powerful Divine Power also returned to his body. He had returned to the appearance that he had before.

Even though he had won this battle, the gaze that he looked to Chu Feng with contained traces of respect.

“Lord Clan Chief, how are we to deal with this man?” Seeing that the battle had ended, the Half Martial Emperor-level experts were finally daring enough to walk over and surround the unconscious Chu Feng.

“His battle power is extremely powerful, even more powerful than my own. Furthermore, he possesses five secret skills, as well as a special power. We absolutely cannot kill him like this. It would be too much of a waste.”

“Throw him into the Poison Refinement Formation. As long as we refine him, he will be of enormous assistance to my cultivation,” Du Wanwu said.

“But Lord Clan Chief, he is from the Holy Land of Martialism. It might be possible that he’s from the Three Palaces. Shouldn’t you question him about where he is from, as well as his purpose in coming to this place?” One of the old men asked.

“If it’s a fortune, it will not be a calamity. If it is a calamity, one will not be able to avoid it. What must come will eventually come. We will not be able to avoid it. Do as I say,” Du Wanwu said. He appeared to be very calm and confident. Even though he was very young, he possessed the prestige of a great clan chief.

“Yes,” That Half Martial Emperor did not dare to hesitate. He immediately dragged the unconsciousness Chu Feng into the cave.

At this moment, Du Wanwu stood with his hands behind his back and looked to the sealed horizon and the Poison Mist Formation that was still active up ahead and muttered, “The power of the Poison Mist Formation has not weakened. Could it be that the Holy Land of Martialism’s Three Palaces truly possess a method to break through the Poison Mist Formation?”

“Impossible. After all, even we cannot do anything to that Poison Mist Formation.”

“In that case, the cause will be him,” Speaking till this point, Du Wanwu turned his gaze to the cave and muttered, “Chu Feng, exactly how did you manage to pass through the Poison Mist Formation without dying?”

“I think this secret is definitely within your body. After I refine you, I will obtain all of the answers.”

Chu Feng was brought into the depths of the cave and thrown into a formation called the Poison Refinement Formation.

As its name implied, the Poison Refinement Formation was capable of refining anything, whether humans or items, cast into it.

As for Du Wanwu, he was capable of training with the energy refined by the Poison Refinement Formation. This was what he meant by making Chu Feng’s power his own.

After throwing Chu Feng into the Poison Refinement Formation, that Half Martial Emperor took a glance at the Poison Refinement Formation’s refinement energy starting to slowly assail and refine Chu Feng’s body without any reaction from Chu Feng. Only then did that Half Martial Emperor feel at ease.

However, after a day, after two days, after three days and, in a blink of an eye, after ten days passed...

Chu Feng, other than his skin, which had been corroded by the Poison Refinement Formation, had no change at all. It was as if the Poison Refinement Formation was completely useless against him.

One must know that if it was an ordinary person that had been thrown into the Poison Refinement Formation, they would have been completely refined and died within a day’s time.

In this sort of situation, that old Half Martial Emperor who was in charge of guarding Chu Feng became more and more uneasy. Feeling helpless, he went to find their Lord Clan Chief.

However, after Du Wanwu defeated Chu Feng, he had entered closed-door training, and this old Half Martial Emperor was only able to find the person in charge of matters in the clan, Elder Xiuyuan, the rank four Half Martial Emperor who had questioned Chu Feng back then, the strongest person in the Du Clan after Du Wanwu.

“There’s no need to make a fuss about nothing. That Chu Feng’s talent is outstanding. He is no ordinary person. Thus, it is also normal that he is difficult to refine,” Elder Xiuyuan said.

Seeing that Elder Xiuyuan had put it like that, the old Half Martial Emperor in charge of guarding Chu Feng said no more and returned to continue guarding Chu Feng.

However, after this, ten more days had passed. After twenty entire days had passed, Chu Feng, other than his skin being corroded, was completely unharmed like before.

With the way things were, even Elder Xiuyuan started to panic. He led the numerous elders and arrived at the Poison Refinement Formation together to carefully inspect Chu Feng.

“That child is truly extraordinary. He has been in the Poison Refinement Formation and refined by that poison for so long. Yet, he is still alive. He truly is the first person in the entire history of the Poison Refinement Formation who has managed to do so,” Elder Xiuyuan looked to Chu Feng who was in the poison formation. At this time, Chu Feng’s breathing was very normal. As such, Elder Xiuyuan exclaimed in shock.

“Elder Xiuyuan, what do we do? We cannot ignore that child. If we have no other choice, we must go and bring Lord Clan Chief out and have him kill that child to prevent future troubles,” Someone suggested.

“I’m afraid we cannot do that. Last time when that child came to cause havoc at our cave mansion, it was when Lord Clan Chief was in closed-door training. Originally, Lord Clan Chief had been hopeful to break through to rank five Half Martial Emperor. However, due to us forcibly disturbing his closed-door training to bring him out, we caused Lord Clan Chief to be unable to reach his breakthrough.”

“This time around, we absolutely cannot disturb Lord Clan Chief. After all, Lord Clan Chief is the future hope of our clan.”

“Besides, this Poison Refinement Formation is only useful, only capable of being used by Lord Clan Chief for cultivation by refining living things.”

“If we are to kill him, it would be too much of a waste. I believe that even Lord Clan Chief would not agree to it. After all, Lord Clan Chief very much wanted to use this Chu Feng’s power to increase his cultivation,” Elder Xiuyuan said.

“What do we do then? Are we to ignore him?” Everyone asked together.

“I believe there’s no harm to it. After all, this Poison Refinement Formation was personally set up by our Ancestor. Regardless of how heaven-defying that Chu Feng might be, he will definitely die. Sooner or later, he will be refined,” Elder Xiuyuan said.

“But, that Poison Mist Formation was also set up by our Ancestor. Yet, didn’t that Chu Feng manage to pass through it and enter this place unscathed? As matters stand, we must admit that that child’s resistance to poison is extremely strong. It is as if he possesses a body that is completely immune to poisons,” someone said worriedly.