Chapter 3060 - First Battle: Defeat

Chapter 3060 - First Battle: Defeat

“Little brother Tianyou, are you alright?”

Li Youbin was the one who caught Li Tianyou. Seeing how seriously injured Li Tianyou was, the anger in Li Youbin’s heart had already disappeared, and was replaced with deep concern.

The reason for that was because their relationship was extremely good in the past, and he had truly considered Li Tianyou his younger brother.

“Scram. Enough of your crocodile tears,” however, Li Tianyou did not appreciate Li Youbin’s concern at all. Instead, he forcibly pushed Li Youbin aside.

Li Tianyou then turned around, looked to the Upper Realm Gate and spoke fiercely, “You remember this! Regardless of who you might be, my big brother will definitely avenge me!”

After Li Tianyou said those words, the Li Heavenly Clansmen’s expressions turned even more complicated.

Evidently, Li Tianyou also did not manage to scout out his opponent’s identity.


Right at that moment, the previously rotating Upper Realm Gate seemed to have stopped.

If one were to pay close attention, one would notice that the Upper Realm Gate did not stop spinning.

However, its rotation speed had become extremely slow. It was so slow that if one did not look at it carefully, its movement would be unnoticeable.

“The Upper Realm Gate’s main formation has been destroyed. The Upper Realm Gate’s opening speed has decreased.”

“We’ve actually lost in the first confrontation against the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm?”

At that moment, the Li Heavenly Clan’s elders all looked to the slowly rotating Upper Realm Gate with greatly upset hearts.

“Useless!” Berserker Li snorted coldly. Then, with a wave of his sleeve, he disappeared.

Although he had disappeared, his anger was still present in the air..

While the elders were still fine, Li Tianyou, Li Youbin and the other seven members of the younger generation there felt enormous pressure.

After all, they were the cause of their defeat in the first battle against the Chu Heavenly Clan.

As such, how could they not feel enormous pressure?


At the moment when the people from the Li Heavenly Clan were feeling extremely dispirited, Chu Youyuan was overjoyed.

“Success! Chu Feng succeeded! Mingchao, Xunyi, do you see that? The opening speed of that Upper Realm Gate has slowed down.”

“Chu Feng has succeeded. He had successfully destroyed that Upper Realm Gate’s main formation.”

Chu Youyuan was simply wild with joy. He who had always kept his calm was actually unable to contain the feeling of joy in his heart.

“That boy Chu Feng has never let anyone down,” Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi also had proud and pleased expressions on their faces.

Although there was an enormous difference in age between them, the two of them considered Chu Feng their own younger brother.

Thus, even though they were not members of the Chu Heavenly Clan, and the continued existence of the Chu Heavenly Clan was not much of their concern, the joy that was present on their faces was not at all inferior to Chu Youyuan’s.

The reason for that was because they felt proud of Chu Feng.

“Lord Youyuan, I’ve succeeded.”

Right at that moment, Chu Feng flew out of the Upper Realm Gate and arrived before Chu Youyuan.

“Chu Feng, how was it? Did everything go smoothly?”

“Did you encounter the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations?” Chu Youyuan asked with great concern.

Even though Chu Feng was completely unscathed, Chu Youyuan still wanted to know exactly what had happened inside.

Chu Feng did not try to conceal anything, and told Chu Youyuan about everything that had happened inside.

“Chu Feng, although you’ve defeated nine of the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations, you must still not let your guard down.”

“The Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations are definitely not as simple as you imagine them to be. Right now… although the Li Heavenly Clan’s experts are unable to pass through the Upper Realm Gate and enter our Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, their younger generations are capable of it.”

“The way I see it, they will definitely not tolerate their defeat. They could come and seek trouble for you at any time.”

“If the ones that come are truly the Li Heavenly Clan’s peak geniuses, then we of the older generation would find it unsuitable to do anything.”

“Firstly, our status would not allow us to bully the young. Furthermore, if we really end up killing the Li Heavenly Clan’s peak geniuses, even without this Upper Realm Gate, the Li Heavenly Clan would still dispatch their army through the vast starry sky, come to our Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm and seek revenge for their geniuses.”

“Thus, you must prepare yourself to take them on,” Chu Youyuan spoke to Chu Feng in a very serious manner.

His intention was very clear. The Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations would not give up with just this. Furthermore, as it would be a battle among the people of the younger generation, Chu Youyuan would not involve himself in it. As such, Chu Feng must handle the matter himself.

“Lord Youyuan, please rest assured. The current me is no longer the me from back then.”

“I was already lenient with them during our encounter. If those fellows from the Li Heavenly Clan dare to seek out trouble, I, Chu Feng, will accompany them,” as Chu Feng spoke, he took out the Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet.

At that moment, the Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet had still not opened. As such, Chu Feng was unable to ascertain whether the Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet was that legendary Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet.

However, the Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet was no longer the same as before. It no longer looked like junk.

A layer of light had appeared on the bracelet. That light was slowly rotating around the bracelet. If one were to look clearly, one would see that the light was actually covered in strange runes and symbols. The runes and symbols were shining like stars. The ray of light that surrounded the bracelet simply resembled a river of stars.

“Is that the Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet you bought from the Grand Auction Assembly? Martial comprehension actually appeared on it?”

“Could it be… you actually really managed to purchase a treasure; that bracelet was actually really the legendary Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet?”

“Oh how enormous of a fortune would this be?”

Chu Youyuan revealed an astonished expression as he saw the bracelet in Chu Feng’s hand.

“Right now, I still cannot be certain if this is the legendary Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet.”

“However, after I entered the Elf Clan’s Sacred Ground, this Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet started to change. When I entered that abyss, it started to absorb a formless power. That is why it appears like this right now.”

“Unfortunately, there’s a frightening existence inside that abyss. As such, I do not dare to enter deeper into the abyss. Otherwise… the change to this bracelet would definitely not be limited to this,” Chu Feng said.

“It’s not of concern. This change is already extremely good. At the very least, it proved it to be an actual treasure.”

“Furthermore, while the martial comprehension in the bracelet is not very strong, It should still be helpful for the current you,” Chu Youyuan said.