Chapter 3059 - Seriously Injured

Chapter 3059 - Seriously Injured

"What’s going on here? Who injured you all?" Berserker Li asked.

"Lord Berserker, there is a brat in the Upper Realm Gate. He was already inside by the time we entered the Upper Realm Gate."

"That man is extremely tyrannical. Not only was he destroying the Upper Realm Gate's main core, but he also created a line that he refused to allow us to pass. As long as we crossed that line, he would attack us."

"Our injuries were all caused by him," Li Youbin said.

"You're saying that you all were beaten back by a person of the younger generation from the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm?" Berserker Li asked.

"Eh..." Li Youbin and the others did not know how to answer that question.

That said, even if they were unwilling to answer, the people from the Li Heavenly Clan still knew what had happened.

Currently, only the people of the younger generation within a hundred years of age could enter the Upper Realm. Thus, apart from a person of the younger generation from the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, there could be no other person that could defeat and beat back Li Youbin and the others.

"Truly useless, you all actually failed to even take care of a person of the younger generation from the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. You all have truly disgraced our Li Heavenly Clan," Berserker Li was feeling extremely displeased.

"Lord Berserker, that brat is no ordinary person of the younger generation. Not only is he a rank four Heavenly Immortal, but he has even trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique," Li Youbin had no choice but to tell the truth.

"Rank four Heavenly Immortal, Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique?"

Hearing those words, the expressions of everyone present changed. Even Berserker Li revealed a pensive and complicated look.

"Since when did the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm have such a powerful person of the younger generation?"

"Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, could he be a clansman of the Chu Heavenly Clan? But... I've never heard of such a powerful person from the younger generation in the Chu Heavenly Clan."

Soon, the elders of the Li Heavenly Clan began to look to one another, seemingly seeking an answer to their question. However, no one present knew the answer.

Right at that moment, Li Tianyou clasped his hand and said to Berserker Li, "Lord Berserker, let Tianyou enter the Upper Realm Gate. Regardless of who that person might be, Tianyou will be able to take care of him."

“Go ahead. You must absolutely prevent the destruction of the Upper Realm Gate’s main formation,” Berserker Li said.

“Lord Berserker, please rest assured. Tianyou will definitely not disappoint you,” after saying those words, Li Tianyou stood up, soared into the sky and flew toward the Upper Realm Gate.

He knew that this was a rare opportunity he must grasp. If he was able to grasp this opportunity, he could very possibly change the status he held in Berserker Li’s heart.

Only by becoming valued by Berserker Li would he have a chance to defeat the sisters Li Ruochu and Li Yue’er.

“Little brother Tianyou, be careful. Your opponent is someone trained in the legendary Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique,” Li Youbin warned Li Tianyou when he passed by him. Furthermore, he said those words through a voice transmission.

However, Li Tianyou reacted in a very disapproving manner upon hearing those words. He said, “Big brother Youbin, you should not think everyone to be as incompetent as yourself. To be defeated by a member of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s younger generation, a thing so disgraceful, is impossible to occur to me, Li Tianyou.”

Compared to Li Youbin’s voice transmission, Li Tianyou’s words were spoken very loudly. Everyone present was capable of hearing his words.

Hearing those words, Li Youbin’s expression turned ugly.

Originally, his relationship with the brothers Li Anzhi and Li Tianyou was very good.

His relationship with them only soured because he tried to befriend Li Ruochu after she returned.

That said, whilst it was true that their relationship had soured, what Li Tianyou said at that moment, to everyone present, was truly excessive.

After all, their relationship was so good in the past. For Li Tianyou to insult Li Youbin like that was indeed inappropriate.

However, not only did Li Tianyou not feel what he did to be inappropriate, but he even had a satisfied expression on his face after saying those words. Then, his body shifted, and he flew into the Upper Realm Gate.

Even though Li Tianyou had entered the Upper Realm Gate, the Li Heavenly Clansmen gathered below the Upper Realm Gate all had very stern expressions on their faces.

“Lord Berserker, who do you think that person of the younger generation that defeated Youbin and the others to be?” That old lady who was also an Supreme Elder asked Berserker Li.

“He’s most likely not someone from the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm,” Berserker Li said.

Hearing those words, many people nodded. They all approved of Berserker Li’s opinion.

“Lord Berserker, although that brat did not explicitly state that he was someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan, he seemed to have implied through his words that he was someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan,” Li Youbin said.

“He’s someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan?”

“Are you certain of that?” That old lady asked.

“Milady, while I do not dare to be certain of my claim, that is indeed what he was implying,” Li Youbin said.

“But… how could such a powerful person of the younger generation suddenly emerge from the Chu Heavenly Clan?”

“That is simply something that we’ve never heard of before. Could it be… the Chu Heavenly Clan deliberately concealed such a genius, and was secretly nurturing him?”

“If that were truly the case, then that Chu Heavenly Clan is truly a scheming bunch.”

“It would appear that we cannot underestimate the Chu Heavenly Clan too much.”

The Li Heavenly Clan’s elders were all unable to contain themselves, and burst into an uproar.

The reason for that was because such news was most definitely not good news.

At that moment, they all began to ponder exactly who that Chu Heavenly Clan’s genius was.

They even began to have a whole new opinion of the Chu Heavenly Clan that they’d previously looked down on.

They suddenly felt that the Chu Heavenly Clan didn’t seem as simple as they’d imagined them to be.


Right at that moment, a scream was heard from the direction of the Upper Realm Gate.

Looking toward the sound, a figure was seen flying out. It was Li Tianyou, who had just entered the Upper Realm Gate.

Merely, Li Tianyou no longer had the graceful demeanor he had had when he first entered the Upper Realm Gate. Not only were his clothes completely tattered, but he was also covered in blood. He was seriously injured, even more seriously injured than Li Youbin.

“This… even Tianyou has been defeated?”

Seeing this scene, the Li Heavenly Clan’s elders all revealed an uneasy expression.

Although Li Tianyou was not the strongest person of their Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generation, he was extremely talented.

With a cultivation of rank four Heavenly Immortal, he was practically unmatched.

However, he was actually defeated. This meant that the person inside the Upper Realm Gate possessed both talent and strength that surpassed Li Tianyou.