Chapter 3040 - Utmost Exalted Wrist Protector?

Chapter 3040 - Utmost Exalted Wrist Protector?

"That's simply too powerful! He actually managed to swat such a frightening monster to death from afar with an effortless wave of his hand?!"

"Heavens, a power that strong is simply capable of causing utter destruction to the world. Could he be an Exalted?"

After that enormous monster died, the crowd regained their freedom. However, no one attempted to leave. Instead, they were still standing there. That said, the expressions with which they looked to Chu Youyuan had completely changed.

It was only at that moment that they truly realized how powerful Chu Youyuan was.

It turned out that the frail-looking old man who would sway even when walking was not simply a Dragon Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist. He was also an Exalted-level martial cultivator.

The Exalted realm was the highest level of cultivation in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

The shock of an Exalted realm cultivator was far more astonishing than a Dragon Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist.

Thus, when the crowd realized that Chu Youyuan was very possibly an Exalted-level expert, the crowd all began to look at him with even greater reverence in their eyes.

"Chu Feng, go on ahead. However, you must also be careful. If something's amiss, leave immediately," Chu Youyuan said to Chu Feng.

"This junior understands," Chu Feng clasped his fist at Chu Youyuan. Then, his body shifted as he turned into a flash of light and bore into the body of that huge monster.

That giant monster's body was filled with green blood. Not only was it very filthy, but the blood was also emitting an unbearable stench. It was extremely disgusting.

Fortunately, Chu Feng was a world spiritist. After Chu Feng covered his body with a spirit formation, not only was he untainted by the blood, but he also isolated the disgusting smell.

After entering the monster's body, Chu Feng moved directly toward the monster's abdomen. The reason for that was because Chu Feng's perception informed him that the treasures should be hidden inside that giant monster's abdomen.

However, upon reaching the monster's abdomen, Chu Feng discovered that there were many unborn monstrous beasts inside it. Most importantly, even though those monstrous beasts were still connected to a placenta, they possessed a certain amount of cultivation already.

Those monstrous beasts were the Bandit Beasts.

"It turns out the Bandit Beasts are born from this monster."

"No, the so-called Bandit Beasts are merely puppets, this monster's puppets. So this monster is the main cause of all the disasters," Seeing the tens of thousands of Bandit Beast spawn inside the monster, Chu Feng gasped in admiration.

"No wonder the Bandit Beasts live in a hideout, a lair. This Queen was pondering earlier why a group of monstrous beasts would not live in a cave, but a lair instead."

"It turns out that the true owner of this lair is a giant disgusting bug."

"It is no wonder that rank three Heavenly Immortal Bandit Beast would make that sort of arrogant declaration before its death. It turned out that it's because he knew that their Bandit Beast race would never go extinct. After all, as long as that giant bug remained alive, their Bandit Beast race would reemerge."

"Haha, I truly never expected that the reason why the Bandit Beasts were able to continue to live ‘til this day is because there was a giant bug that would continue to breed them," After carefully thinking about things, Her Lady Queen actually started to laugh. She found it very funny, because that rank three Heavenly Immortal Bandit Beast must've never imagined that their queen mother would die too.

The Bandit Beasts that had continued to exist for many years had died by Chu Feng and Chu Youyuan's hands.

"Eggy, that should be it," Suddenly, Chu Feng pointed to a circle of light ahead.

That circle of light was located in the center of the giant monster's abdomen. It was about ten meters in size, and oval in shape. While it looked like an item, it was actually a spirit formation gate.


As Chu Feng spoke, his body shifted, and he went through the gate. The next moment, Chu Feng discovered that he had entered an isolated space.

That place was extremely large. It was capable of containing several hundred thousand people.

However, there was not a lot of space for one to move around in that space. The reason for that was because that place was packed full.

That place was covered in all sorts of treasures.

There were materials for concocting medicines, materials for refining weapons, treasures that one could wear, and treasures that were purely for decorational purposes.

In short, there were all kinds of dazzling treasures there.

It was truly a wonder as to how many people the Bandit Beasts had killed over the years to gather all those treasures.

From a rough estimation, Chu Feng determined that there were over five thousand Immortal Armaments there. As for Incomplete Immortal Armaments, there were over a hundred thousand of them.

Although the great majority of the weapons were of only average quality, it was still an astonishing amount.

After all, when there were this many Immortal Armaments already, the amount of other treasures were even greater.

Unfortunately, while there were a lot of treasures gathered there, very few among them were high quality treasures.

In other words, of the numerous treasures there, only very few among them could be of use to Chu Feng.

Although they numbered extremely few, there were still treasures there that were of use to Chu Feng. At the very least, there was a bracelet there that caught Chu Feng's eyes.

The treasures in there were all casually thrown together. Even those better quality Immortal Armaments were thrown into a pile.

There was only a single treasure that was not thrown into a pile with the other treasures. It was a bracelet.

That bracelet was placed in the center of the entire treasury, and on top of a crystal stand.

Seemingly for the sake of revealing how precious it was, even the other treasures were kept very far away from it.

That said, whilst the bracelet was treated like a great treasure, it did not resemble any sort of precious treasure.

It resembled a copper bracelet. The only distinguishing aspect regarding it was that it was covered with rune-like symbols.

If one were to glance at the symbols, one would not notice anything unusual. However, should one inspect the symbols carefully, one would feel a sort of sensation, an ancient feeling.

“Utmost Exalted Wrist Protector?”

“But… why would it be a bracelet?” Her Lady Queen was very surprised upon seeing the bracelet.

She felt that the only item there that was capable of receiving such treatment should be the Utmost Exalted Wrist Protector. But… that was clearly a bracelet.

“Perhaps the rumors and the truth are different. However, that must be it. There’s no mistake,” As Chu Feng spoke, he picked up the bracelet from the crystal stand. Then, he wore it on his right wrist.

Upon putting the bracelet on his wrist, Chu Feng felt an enormous power flowing into his body. That power soon started to assimilate into his soul.

The next moment, the runes on the bracelet started to emit a blue radiance. However, the light soon disappeared, and the special feeling Chu Feng felt also disappeared.

“Is that it? Is it really the Utmost Exalted Wrist Protector?” Her Lady Queen was still skeptical.