Chapter 3039 - Swat To Death

Chapter 3039 - Swat To Death

What was happening greatly frightened the people present.

Seeing that the situation had taken a turn for the worse, there were people that immediately turned around and began to flee. They felt that Chu Feng had provoked some sort of frightening creature.

That said, there were still a lot of people that decided to stay. They were still looking in Chu Feng’s direction.

They were the courageous ones. They all wanted to know exactly what sort of being was crawling out from the deep abyss.

There were also people that felt that the monster that would appear was Chu Feng’s purpose for being there.

Before the crowd’s focused gazes, a huge monster finally crawled out from the abyss, roaring the entire time.

Its entire body was dark red. Its appearance resembled an octopus. Its entire body was covered with tentacles, over ten thousand tentacles. Each one of those tentacles was over a hundred meters long.

That said, when compared to its body, those tentacles were still too short. The reason for that was because the body of that monster was over ten thousand meters long.

That monster was simply a giant red mountain emerging from the abyss.

That monster was truly enormous. It was so large that the crowd were all shaken by its size.

Even though there were a lot of people there, they were truly like ants when compared to that huge monster.

Furthermore, what caused the crowd to feel the most uneasy was not the size of that huge monster, but rather its appearance, and the aura it emitted.

The outward appearance of the huge monster was simply too frightening. Not only that, but it was also extremely disgusting. It seemed to not possess any bones, and resembled an enormous piece of flesh with countless tentacles growing out of it that were slowly crawling out from the abyss.

Apart from the countless tentacles, that enormous flesh was also covered with numerous eyes. It was extremely disgusting.

However, such an enormously disgusting creature was emitting an aura that was much more powerful than Chu Feng’s aura.

“Martial Immortal, that monster’s aura is that of a Martial Immortal!”

“Heavens! That’s actually a Martial Immortal-level creature! Everyone, run away!!!”

That place was, after all, the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. Although the people there were quite weak, there were still experienced and knowledgeable individuals among them that had seen Martial Immortals before.

From the aura emitted by that giant monster, someone determined that it was a frightening creature with the cultivation of a Martial Immortal.

Once that person made such a declaration, the crowd started to panic even more.

What caused them to panic the most was that they discovered that, by the time they discovered how bad of a situation they were in and decided to escape, they were surprised to discover that they were no longer able to flee.

The reason for that was because that enormous monster had unleashed its oppressive might, covering the entire hideout. Currently, everyone was restricted by its oppressive might and unable to move at all, much less flee.

“Impudent humans! Instead of being this emperor’s servants obediently, you all dared to disturb this emperor’s rest. You all are truly seeking death.”

Suddenly, that enormous monster started to speak. Its voice was very deep and powerful. It resembled a loud bell.

That said, its voice was also very strange and frightening. Merely by hearing that voice, the crowd started to tremble with fear.

That creature was truly a monster, truly a demon. No ordinary monstrous beast would let out such a frightening voice.

“It would appear that the treasury has revealed itself. Chu Feng, this old man will help you open the entrance to the treasury. You go in and check things out,” Right at that moment, Chu Youyuan spoke.

After that monster appeared, practically everyone present was deeply frightened by it.

Only Chu Feng and Chu Youyuan had joyous expressions on their faces.

“What did you say?!” Hearing what Chu Youyuan said, that giant monster turned its countless eyes toward Chu Youyuan and let out a voice filled with anger and killing intent.

Chu Youyuan’s words had provoked that monster.

“This old man will open a hole in your body,” Chu Youyuan said.

“Impudent! A mere Exalted-cloak World Spiritist dares think that he could contend against this emperor?!”

“This emperor will have you realize how small and powerless you are before me!”

That giant monster’s voice was filled with arrogance. It was as if it were truly an emperor standing high and above, overlooking the people below.

Furthermore, that giant monster was most definitely not boasting.

After it said those words, its body started to change. At the same time, the entire hideout was enveloped by its killing intent. The enormous aura emitted by that giant monster caused everyone to feel fatal danger to their lives. It was as if that monster was capable of shattering heaven and earth and killing all of them with a single thought.

At that moment, the people that did not know exactly how powerful Chu Youyuan was began to curse out at him in their hearts. ‘What the hell is wrong with that old man?! Why the fuck is he provoking that monster?! Look at this, not only is he now going to die, but we’re going to die too!’

However, at that moment, Chu Youyuan let out a faint smile. Then, he extended his palm. Like a blade aimed at that giant monster, his palm gently sliced through the air before him.


The next moment, green blood erupted like magma. An opening was forcibly sliced open on that monster’s body.


The monster let out a miserable shriek. Its enormous body began to roll around on the ground. Even the earth was trembling violently. It was like an earthquake.


The crowd were all stunned upon seeing that scene. This was especially true for those that had cursed Chu Youyuan in their hearts. They were completely fear-stricken.

Even though he was facing such a monster, that old man did not even use any weapons, and merely waved his hand to leave behind such a shocking wound on that monster.

Was he still human?


At that moment, the monster also realized that the situation was bad. It let out a roar, flipped over and began to flee toward the deep abyss.

“Since I’ve caught you, how could I allow you to continue to harm the human world? Today, you shall die here,” As Chu Youyuan spoke, he aimed his palm downward and gently swatted the air before him.


Once his palm strike landed, heaven and earth immediately started to shake violently. Formless power gave rise to an enormous commotion. It was as if the entire region was going to collapse.

Following a loud explosion, the enormous body of that giant monster changed shape. Green blood splattered everywhere.

The earth beneath its body had instantly caved in, turning into an enormous crater.

At that moment, the enormous monster lying in the deep crater went motionless. It was actually swatted to death by that effortless palm strike from Chu Youyuan.