Chapter 3027 - Martial Cultivation Genius

Chapter 3027 - Martial Cultivation Genius

Luo Dali was someone who cared about his reputation. Being reprimanded by his family in such a manner caused him to feel grievance.

After a moment of hesitation, he said though voice transmission, “Little sister, you’re wrongly accusing me. I have brought back a helper. However, you must keep this a secret. You must not reveal this matter. Otherwise, if we end up pissing off my benefactor, all of us can forget about escaping alive.”

Luo Dali not only said those words very carefully, but he even used a tone filled with respect and reverence when he said the word ‘benefactor.’

Hearing those words, Luo Xiaofeng’s expression changed. Light blossomed in her previously complaint-filled eyes. Soon, she carefully asked, “Big brother, in that case, you’ve managed to successfully find help? In that case… where is that benefactor of yours?”

“There, that person is my benefactor,” Luo Dali secretly glanced to Chu Feng and Chu Youyuan, who were lying on the ground nearby.

“It’s that elderly man?” Luo Xiaofeng asked.

“No, it’s that youngster,” Luo Dali said.

“Big brother, look at the situation we’re in. How can you make this sort of joke at a time like this?” Hearing those words, the previously joyous expression on Luo Xiaofeng’s face was immediately replaced with an angry look.

The reason for that was because she felt that experts would generally be lofty and unyielding people. Unless they had no other alternative, experts would not allow themselves to be humiliated by others.

As for Chu Feng, not only was he very young, but he was also badly beaten just now. No matter how she looked at it, she did not feel Chu Feng to be a cultivation expert. She simply felt him to be a fool, a weakling.

“You must trust me. I am truly not deceiving you. However, that benefactor of mine said that his identity and cultivation cannot be exposed. Although I do not know what my benefactor wants to do, I feel that he must have something in mind. That is the reason why he deliberately allowed himself to be thrashed.”

“In short, you must also keep this matter confidential. You absolutely cannot let it be known,” Luo Dali said with a serious expression.

"Enough of your nonsense. If I had known you'd act like this, we wouldn't have had you escape. If we are to rely on you, our entire family will end up dying," Luo Xiaofeng took a fierce glance at Luo Dali. She was so angry her face turned red. Then, she took a glance at a man lying on the ground.

There were some grazes on that man's body. He appeared to be unconscious.

That said, whilst the man also had grazes on his face, they were unable to ruin his handsome features.

He was the sort of model beautiful man.

Seeing that man, Luo Xiaofeng revealed a rarely-seen gentle expression. Then, she said to Luo Dali, "It would appear that I can only rely on my big brother Jialuo."

"Xiaofeng, big brother is not deliberately criticizing you, but how could you still believe in the words of that pretty boy at a time like this? Quickly, wake up from this delusion. Consider it that big brother is begging you. Do not allow yourself to be deceived by him," at that moment, Luo Dali cast a gaze of disdain at the man.

In Luo Xiaofeng's eyes, that beautiful man was akin to a treasure.

However, in Luo Dali's eyes, he was completely worthless, akin to dogshit.

One could not blame Luo Dali for his reaction. After all, the beautiful man was simply too weak. He was actually not even a True Immortal; he was only a peak Martial Ancestor.

With that strength, how could he possibly save them?

"Big brother, why would you refuse to believe in big brother Jialuo like this? He is a martial cultivation genius. You too have witnessed the time of his excellence."

"The reason why his cultivation has not increased after all these years is because he has been training in a divine technique passed on by his ancestor. When he successfully masters that divine technique, his cultivation will advance by leaps and bounds."

"Furthermore, big brother Jialuo has said that he is already at the crucial moment to successfully mastering that divine technique. Soon, he will master that divine technique. At that time, his cultivation will advance by leaps and bounds, and he will be able to bring us away from here," Luo Xiaofeng said with a serious expression on her face.

"Whatever, do as you want," Luo Dali felt very helpless.

There was simply no need for his sister to inform him about the man. Luo Dali actually knew the man extremely well.

That man was called Xu Jialuo. He possessed an ordinary birth and an ordinary family.

As for their Luo Family, they were a great and rich family in their local territory.

As for that Xu Jialuo, he was someone who had seduced his sister Luo Xiaofeng with his handsome face.

Not only did Luo Xiaofeng pester him nonstop, and urg3 their parents to bring this Xu Jialuo into their home, but she even began to provide him with cultivation resources.

In the beginning, Xu Jialuo was quite hard-working. The speed at which his cultivation increased could even be said to be very fast. At one time, even Luo Dali thought highly of Xu Jialuo.

Furthermore, their Luo Family's Family Head, who was also Luo Dali's father, wanted to arrange a marriage between Xu Jialuo and Luo Xiaofeng. He wanted them to marry so as to tie this genius up with their Luo Family.

However, Xu Jialuo suddenly made a request, saying that their family possessed an ancestral teaching that he could not get married or have sexual intercourse before he mastered his inherited divine technique. Otherwise, he would not be able to train in the divine technique.

What Xu Jialuo said was not a random claim either. He actually took out a book, the so-called divine technique secret skill. Furthermore, he proclaimed that secret skill to be something handed down by their Xu Family's ancestor, that only the people of their Xu Family could comprehend.

Sure enough, the people of the Luo Family were unable to make sense of that secret skill. However, it did not seem to be ordinary. Thus, the people of their Luo Family ended up believing Xu Jialuo.

Moreover, the Luo Family's Family Head, Luo Dali's father, had determined Xu Jialuo to be a genius. Thus, not only did he agree to postpone the marriage between Xu Jialuo and Luo Xiaofeng, but he even started to provide as much assistance to Xu Jialuo as he could. He began to provide Xu Jialuo with all sorts of goods so that he could train in his so-called divine technique.

In the blink of an eye, Xu Jialuo had been training in that divine technique of his for over a hundred years.

In those hundred plus years, his cultivation did not increase at all. It remained at peak Martial Ancestor the entire time.

Although Xu Jialuo's cultivation did not increase at all, Xu Jialuo remained in their Luo Family and freeloaded over a hundred years of cultivation resources.

For the sake of nurturing Xu Jialuo, the Luo Family could have be said to have suffered disastrous losses. They had nearly exhausted half of all their family's wealth.

Thus, Luo Dali was determined that Xu Jialuo was a pretty boy who had deceived them for food, drink and cultivation resources.

However, he was the only person that was thinking like that His younger sister, his parents and even the other people of the Luo Family all firmly believed the divine technique Xu Jialuo was training in to be real.