Chapter 3026 - Definitely Save You All

Chapter 3026 - Definitely Save You All

“No, I will be returning with you to search for your family members.”

“However, I cannot save them immediately,” Chu Feng did not mention what his intentions were to Luo Dali.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had a very clear goal; he planned to infiltrate the Bandit Beasts’ hideout. However, it remained that Chu Feng did not know Luo Dali well. Thus, he could not reveal too much about his plan to him.

At that moment, the only thing Chu Feng wanted was for Luo Dali to help him conceal his strength. Only by doing so would he be able to infiltrate the Bandit Beasts’ hideout.

“Lord Benefactor, it’s alright. We are neither friends nor relatives. We are merely strangers that have encountered one another. I already cannot thank you enough for your willingness to help me.”

Luo Dali did not understand Chu Feng’s intention. However, upon hearing that Chu Feng was planning to help him, he felt relieved.

After that, Chu Feng chatted with Luo Dali and informed him that he was planning to conceal his strength. Chu Feng indicated that he was not planning to reveal his cultivation when they reached the place where his family members were captured. Furthermore, he would not save them right away.

“Lord Benefactor, please rest assured. I will definitely comply with all of your instructions. As long as you’re willing to save us, it is all good,” Luo Dali vowed.

“You have escaped from that place. When you return, you will inevitably be tortured. Take this medicinal pellet. Not only will it alleviate the pain, but it will also ensure that you don’t die,” Chu Feng handed Luo Dali a medicinal pellet.

“Very well. Thank you, Lord Benefactor,” Luo Dali was very obedient. He immediately swallowed the medicinal pellet.

“Now then, bring me there,” Chu Feng said.

“Very well,” Luo Dali nodded repeatedly.

Being guided by Luo Dali, Chu Feng began to walk deeper into the mountain. Soon, they found a group of Bandit Beasts.

There were around a thousand Bandit Beasts. However, they were not very strong. They seemed to all be only True Immortals.

Among them were even some younger Bandit Beasts that had not even reached the True Immortal realm, and were still only Martial Ancestors.

The strongest Bandit Beast among them was only a rank three True Immortal.

In the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, their strength could be considered to be extremely weak.

Apart from the thousand-plus Bandit Beasts, there were also several thousand human cultivators. Those people were all bound by the Bandit Beasts using special chains. Evidently, they had been captured by the Bandit Beasts.

To be captured by Bandit Beasts this weak illustrated how weak those humans were.

“Isn’t that the guy who escaped?”

“Why would he return by himself? What happened to those guys that went to pursue him?”

When Chu Feng and Luo Dali approached the Bandit Beasts, they immediately caught their attention. However, when the Bandit Beasts recognized Luo Dali, they were all astonished.

They had immediately discovered Luo Dali’s escape, and immediately dispatched Bandit Beasts to pursue him.

They felt that, with Luo Dali’s strength, he would definitely be killed by his pursuers.

However, Luo Dali had returned.

Yet, the Bandit Beasts that had gone after him were nowhere to be seen.

“Milords, Milord, I know my wrong now. I shouldn’t have attempted to escape. I want to be together with my family. Even if I am to be forced to work like an oxen or a horse, I would be more than willing. Milords, I beg of you, please spare my life. I will never dare to escape again, never dare to escape again.”

After being discovered by the Bandit Beasts, Luo Dali immediately knelt on the ground and began to kowtow to them.

For the sake of surviving, he was willing to renounce his dignity.

With how petty and low Luo Dali was acting, even the Bandit Beasts found it embarrassing to reprimand him.

“Who are they?” After the Bandit Beasts surrounded Luo Dali, Chu Feng and Chu Youyuan, they pointed to Chu Feng, and Chu Youyuan on Chu Feng’s back.

“Eh…” Luo Dali was startled. He was actually at a loss as to how to address Chu Feng. After all, in his heart, Chu Feng was his savior.

However, he also knew that Chu Feng was trying to infiltrate the Bandit Beasts’ camp. Thus, he was at a loss as to what to say, since he didn’t want to belittle Chu Feng.

“I… I… my uncle and I were gathering herbs on the mountain. We just so happened to run into him. He said that he knew where we could find herbs, and brought us here. Milords, where are the herbs?” Seeing that the Bandit Beasts were asking about their identity, Chu Feng decided to step forth and declare who he was.

Furthermore, when Chu Feng was saying those words, he was pretending to be a fool.

“Haha, so they’ve been deceived by you.”

“Boy, I really couldn’t tell that you’re actually a swindler.”

“Seeing that you’ve made amends for your mistake, I will spare your life. Scram.”

The Bandit Beasts all thought that Chu Feng was swindled by Luo Dali. Because of that, they were all feeling extremely joyous. They actually did not attempt to beat him up. They tied Chu Feng, Luo Dali and Chu Youyuan up and then pushed all of them toward the captured humans.

Luo Dali was naturally very obedient. However, Chu Feng, on the other hand, started to act up.

Since Chu Feng was planning to infiltrate the Bandit Beasts’ camp and had to put on a play, he decided he might as well make it more realistic.

Being tied up for no reason at all, even a fool would know that something was wrong.

Thus, Chu Feng began to shout violently. He was shouting that he had been deceived, that he had been swindled. He turned around and attempted to flee.

However, once he started acting up, the Bandit Beasts immediately turned their attention to him and started beating him up. They continued beating him for a long time before finally stopping.

As Chu Feng was protecting Chu Youyuan while he was beating “beaten up”, Chu Youyuan did not suffer any injuries. However, Chu Feng was badly beaten and left with a bloody nose, a swollen face and bruises all over.

Of course, with the strength of those Bandit Beasts, how could they possibly be capable of injuring Chu Feng. All of his injuries were deliberately made by himself.

After being beaten, Chu Feng was dragged over to Luo Dali and the others. They were then guarded by the Bandit Beasts like prisoners.

At that moment, Chu Feng noticed that several dozen people had gathered around Luo Dali. It would appear that they were his family.

Among them was a decent-looking woman. She sat beside Luo Dali. While they appeared to not be saying anything to one another, Chu Feng was able to tell that they should be communicating with one another through voice transmission.

That woman was Luo Dali’s younger sister. Her name was Luo Xiaofeng.

“Big brother, what are you doing? We made so much effort to screen your escape, why would you return by yourself. What happened to our reinforcements? You said you would go find reinforcements to save us.”

It turned out that Luo Xiaofeng was complaining.

Her reaction was understandable. They had truly put in a great amount of effort to cover Luo Dali’s escape. It had even cost the lives of two family members.

However, after Luo Dali successfully escaped, not only did he not bring back reinforcements, but he even returned and begged to be captured again.

It was not only Luo Xiaofeng who was unable to accept Luo Dali’s behavior; even Luo Dali’s parents and their other family members were all looking at him with complaints and grievance in their eyes.