Chapter 3020 - Swallowing Anger

Chapter 3020 - Swallowing Anger

“Although it might be unimaginable, it would appear that the Infernal Ghost really did save us,” Chu Youyuan said.

At that moment, Chu Feng started to feel very grateful. Although the situation at hand was not very optimistic, they had at least escaped a calamity.

Although the Infernal Ghost appeared to be a brat that understood nothing, he was not simple at all. At the very least, he knew that Chu Feng was in danger, and ripped open a spatial crack to allow Chu Feng and Chu Youyuan to leave the Nine Moons Sacred Domain that would soon be engulfed by danger.

“Heaven, heaven never bars one’s way. You are a person possessing great luck. I believe you will definitely encounter a spatial crack. Should that happen, it would do for us to capture that opportunity.”

“That said, you can leave the matter of the spatial crack to me. As for you, do not waste your time. Even in here, you’ll be able to make a breakthrough in your cultivation,” Chu Youyuan said.

“I can make a breakthrough in my cultivation in here? Will my Divine Tribulation lightning be able to reach this place?” Chu Feng looked into the void with a yearning expression on his face.

He had cultivated for many years, but had never made a breakthrough in the void. He actually quite wanted to experience this sensation.

“It is said that it’s possible. Earlier, you were interrupted by the formation of the Infernal Ghost. Thus, you should not have arrived at the cultivation limit that you can breakthrough to, right?” Chu Youyuan asked.

“Indeed, I have not yet reached my limit,” Chu Feng said.

“Then what are you still waiting for?” Chu Youyuan said with a smile on his face.

“Very well. This junior will continue on with his breakthrough,” Chu Feng smiled lightly, and then began to make breakthroughs again.

Not long after Chu Feng started attempting to make another breakthrough, lightning filled the space above his head.

Perhaps because he was located in the vast starry sky, the lightning that filled the sky felt extremely close. It was the first time Chu Feng was witnessing the Divine Tribulation lightning at such a close distance.

Most importantly, even though Chu Feng was clearly rapidly traveling through the spatial tunnel, the Divine Tribulation lightning remained above Chu Feng. The Divine Tribulation lightning was also moving with Chu Feng.


Soon, the Divine Tribulation lightning struck. Due to the fact that the lightning was very close, it arrived at Chu Feng practically instantly. The lightning actually managed to enter the spatial tunnel.

Furthermore, it began to unleash uninterrupted attacks at Chu Feng.

The Divine Tribulation lightning this time around was particularly powerful. The reason for that was because it was no longer a breakthrough in the True Immortal realm.

As long as Chu Feng succeeded, his cultivation would reach the Heavenly Immortal realm, a whole new realm of cultivation. Chu Feng would obtain the power that True Immortal-level experts would forever be unable to obtain.

Thus, even though the Divine Tribulation lightning was extremely painful, so painful that Chu Feng started gnashing his teeth, so painful that his face became twisted, Chu Feng was feeling overjoyed in his heart.

Finally, the lightning dissipated. Chu Feng had successfully endured the Divine Tribulation, and transformed his aura from that of the True Immortal realm to the Heavenly Immortal realm.

Although there was only a fine distinction between rank nine True Immortal and rank one Heavenly Immortal, Chu Feng was able to tell that his power was truly not something that True Immortals could compare against.

Even someone like Eggy with such overwhelming heaven-defying battle power, someone who was practically unmatched among True Immortals, Chu Feng would have absolute confidence of victory in a match against her.

Chu Feng was definitely not blindly confident. Instead, he was confident because of the power of the Heavenly Immortal realm.

That said, even though Chu Feng had reached the Heavenly Immortal realm, he still did not stop. He closed his eyes and began to attempt to make a breakthrough again.

Soon, Chu Feng brought forth the Divine Tribulation’s lightning again.

Seeing this, Chu Youyuan revealed a joyous expression. He knew that Chu Feng, with his comprehension ability, would definitely obtain an enormous profit from the Infernal Spring. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have caused an abnormal sign to emerge in the Infernal Spring.

Because of that, Chu Feng’s cultivation would definitely not stop at rank nine True Immortal.

As for rank one Heavenly Immortal, that would definitely not be Chu Feng’s destination either.

Chu Youyuan was looking forward to seeing exactly what level Chu Feng’s cultivation would reach.


Lightning was surging in the sky.

Unfortunately, the people of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, the Chu Heavenly Clansmen standing at the Nine Moons Sacred Domain, were unable to witness this sight.

At the location of the Nine Moons Sacred Domain, the sky and the ground were still as tranquil as ever.

However, the crowd’s hearts were unable to remain calm.

“Why is there no sign of activity anymore? Why isn’t Chu Feng coming out? Father, why isn’t Chu Feng coming out?” After waiting for a long time and not seeing Chu Feng, Chu Lingxi became restless again.

She was practically certain that Chu Feng didn’t die, and was trapped in the Nine Moons Sacred Domain.

As for Chu Xuanzhengfa, he also did not know how to answer Chu Lingxi.

Like Chu Lingxi, he too was worried for Chu Feng.

“It would appear that even the heavens do not plan to let Chu Feng get away with his crimes,” right at that moment, a mocking voice was heard. It was Chu Haoyan’s grandfather.

Seeing that Chu Feng was unable to escape from the Nine Moons Sacred Domain, Chu Haoyan’s grandfather deliberately arrived beside Chu Xuanzhengfa to mock him.

“If the heavens have eyes, Chu Feng will definitely live,” Chu Xuanzhengfa said.

“Is that so?”

“Heh…” Chu Haoyan’s grandfather sneered. Then, he said, “Even if he is able to come out alive, our Chu Heavenly Clan will definitely not let him get away.”

“I only fear that you will not be able to continue to smile so confidently when Chu Feng really appears before you,” Chu Xuanzhengfa said.

“Oh?” Hearing those words, Chu Haoyan’s grandfather revealed a strange smile. Then, using a voice transmission, he said to Chu Xuanzhengfa, “You’ve guessed right, Chu Feng’s death was indeed caused by us. He had discovered a treasure in the Yin Yang Gate. However, he was unable to obtain anything. Not only that, but he was also forced into the death lake by us.”

“However, even if you know about all this, so what? Not only is Chu Feng dead, but his reputation will also be completely ruined. He will be disdained.”

“As for you, you will not be able to change anything.”

“You…!” Hearing those words, Chu Xuanzhengfa revealed a furious expression.

He was truly unable to tolerate a Chu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder actually capable of being this shameless.

“What’s this? You want to fight against this old man? You should judge your own strength first.”

“You should go and train for several thousand more years before seeking this old man out again. Of course, that’s only if this old man is still alive. Hahahaha…” Chu Haoyan’s grandfather let out an incomparably wild laugh. Even though he had already left, his laughter was still resonating.

This caused Chu Xuanzhengfa to become incomparably furious. However, he was powerless to do anything.

After all, he was no match for Chu Haoyan’s grandfather. Furthermore, being unable to find Chu Feng, he would have no evidence to prove that Chu Zhiyuan and the others had conspired against Chu Feng.

He had no choice but to swallow his anger.

At the same time, Chu Xuanzhengfa began to pray that Chu Feng would be able to return alive.

The reason for that was because only by Chu Feng returning alive would he be able to gain justice for himself.