Chapter 3019 - Spatial Crack

Chapter 3019 - Spatial Crack

“He’s actually really alive. Exactly what is happening?” Even though Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather appeared to be very calm, he also felt apprehensive.

It remained that Chu Youyuan was not an ordinary Chu Heavenly Clansman. He was the only person tasked with guarding the Nine Moons Sacred Domain.

No one knew the secrets of the Nine Moons Sacred Domain better than him.

Because of that, Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather was actually also very worried that Chu Youyuan would have a way to escape from the Nine Moons Sacred Domain. Should that happen, they would end up confronting one another, and be forced into a passive state.

Even if the culprits ultimately ended up being indistinguishable, and the issue concluded abruptly, the fact that the demon-level genius Chu Feng was still alive would be extremely detrimental to his grandson.

Furthermore, should Chu Feng hold a grudge, it would not only be his grandson that would suffer, even he himself would suffer once Chu Feng matured.

With the situation being like that, Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather could only pray in his heart. He prayed that Chu Youyuan did not know how to escape from the Nine Moons Sacred Domain. He prayed for Chu Feng and Chu Youyuan to die in the Nine Moons Sacred Domain.


However, right at that moment, lightning once again appeared in the sky above the Nine Moons Sacred Domain. Furthermore, the lightning this time around was even stronger than the previous one.

“You’re kidding… could this be… a continuous breakthrough?!”

“Chu Feng is making continuous breakthroughs?!”

The crowd present were endlessly astonished. The powerful Divine Tribulation lightning had appeared once again. This could only mean one thing -- Chu Feng had withstood the Divine Tribulation lightning from before, and successfully made a breakthrough in his cultivation.

At that moment, the Divine Tribulation lightning in the sky was caused by Chu Feng’s second breakthrough attempt.

Sure enough, the lightning in the sky soon gathered and struck straight down. Once again, it disappeared the instant it touched the ground.

However, after a short moment, thunder once again started sounding. Dazzling light once again illuminated the earth.

Lightning once again filled the sky. The lightning this time around was even more imposing than the last.

“Another breakthrough?!”

The crowd were completely stunned. They had witnessed two consecutive breakthroughs before, but three consecutive breakthroughs was simply too rare.

Fortunately, after the third gathering of lightning struck down, the sky finally calmed down.

After the sky calmed down, the prairie also became serene again.

“Three successive breakthroughs, even if they’re all a success, the current Chu Feng should only be a rank nine True Immortal.”

“Thus, Zhiyuan, you do not need to panic. Even if that Chu Feng is able to escape from the Nine Moons Sacred Domain alive, he will only be a rank nine True Immortal. It is impossible for him to defeat you, who will become a Heavenly Immortal,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said to Chu Zhiyuan.

“Mn,” Chu Zhiyuan nodded firmly.

Chu Zhiyuan was actually very worried that Chu Feng had encountered an even greater opportunity than him, and received even better treasures than him.

As such, he was very worried that Chu Feng would continue to make successive breakthroughs. However, after Chu Feng stopped his breakthroughs, his suspended heart also eased greatly.

Even if Chu Feng really managed to be enormously lucky and return from the Nine Moons Sacred Domain alive, he would not be able to do anything to him with the cultivation of a rank nine True Immortal.

Even if Chu Feng didn’t die, he, Chu Zhiyuan, would still shake the world in the upcoming Heavenly Beloved Martial Competition. He would seize the title of the strongest younger generation in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

That said, Chu Zhiyuan had no idea that the reason Chu Feng did not continue to make breakthroughs was not because he had not gained sufficient martial comprehension to reach the next breakthrough junction. Rather, it was because Chu Feng had encountered some issues.

Chu Feng was still in the Infernal Spring. However, Chu Feng had now stood up, and was looking around cautiously. Even Chu Youyuan was standing beside Chu Feng.

An enormous change had occurred to the Infernal Spring. The vortex formed by the spring water was now extremely powerful. It was so powerful that neither Chu Feng nor Chu Youyuan were able to get out.

In fact, even the surrounding space started to appear illusory.

“Lord Youyuan, what is happening?” Chu Feng asked.

“Look at the Infernal Ghost,” Chu Youyuan said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng turned his gaze to the Infernal Ghost.

It was only at that moment that he noticed that the Infernal Ghost was emitting a strange light from his entire body. That light was currently revolving around his body.

That light simply resembled a formation. The spinning pace and speed were simply one with the Infernal Lake.

“It’s caused by him!” Chu Feng came to a sudden realization.

“Little guy, what are you doing?!” Chu Feng asked loudly.

However, no matter how Chu Feng asked it, the Infernal Ghost did not say a word. It was as if he could not hear Chu Feng. 

“Damn it, exactly what is going on with this little guy?” Chu Feng was panicky. The reason for that was because he was able to feel the power of the Infernal Spring growing stronger and stronger, more and more powerful.

“The situation seems to be bad. Chu Feng, follow me closely,” Chu Youyuan arrived before Chu Feng and grabbed Chu Feng’s wrist.

Chu Youyuan unleashed his rank two Exalted power. He wanted to stabilize himself in the vortex.

However, as the power of the vortex increased, not even Chu Youyuan was able to stand firm. He began to spin with the vortex.

In the beginning, the spinning was very slow, but gradually, it started to go out of control.

The spinning speed became extremely fast. The power of the vortex was too strong. It was most definitely not as simple as merely spinning Chu Feng and Chu Youyuan, as even Chu Feng’s awareness had turned fuzzy.

When Chu Feng’s awareness returned, when he was finally no longer spinning in the vortex, Chu Feng was surprised to discover he had arrived in the starry sky.

Even in the vast starry sky, Chu Youyuan was still grabbing tightly onto his wrist. That said, the two of them did not regain their freedom. Instead, they were drifting blindly in the starry sky, following a formless power.

“Chu Feng, are you alright?” After regaining consciousness, Chu Youyuan immediately cast a concerned gaze toward Chu Feng. He was very worried about Chu Feng’s safety.

“Senior, I am fine. Merely… where are we?” Chu Feng asked.

“I truly never expected that Infernal Ghost to possess such an enormous amount of power. He was actually able to rip apart space itself. Right now, we should have entered a spatial crack, and are traveling through a spatial tunnel,” Chu Youyuan said.

“A spatial tunnel?” Chu Feng felt very surprised. He had no idea what a spatial tunnel was.

“A spatial tunnel is a sort of formless power. As things are now, we are unable to oppose this power, and can only drift in this void. Although we are able to clearly see the situation in our surroundings, people will not be able to see us or feel our aura if they are to pass by us,” Chu Youyuan said.

“In other words, we’re trapped here?” Chu Feng asked.

“That is the case,” Chu Youyuan said.

“In that case, how do we escape from this place?” Chu Feng asked.

“There is nothing we can do. The only way to escape would be to encounter a spatial crack, and escape through it. There is no other alternative apart from that.”

“According to legend, many powerful martial cultivators have accidentally fallen into spatial tunnels, and ended up being trapped their entire life until their death due to old age,” Chu Youyuan said.

“There’s actually such a place? We’re too unfortunate,” Chu Feng said.

“No, this is not necessarily a bad thing. No matter what, we are still alive right now. However, if we continued to stay in the Nine Moons Sacred Domain, we would undoubtedly have died,” Chu Youyuan said.

“In that case, that little guy deliberately saved us?” Chu Feng’s expression changed. He suddenly realized the disturbance caused by the Infernal Ghost was not to harm them, but rather to save them.