Chapter 3015 - Requesting The Clan Chief Come Out Of Training

Chapter 3015 - Requesting The Clan Chief Come Out Of Training

“Little sister Lingxi, this is most definitely not my personal claim. Ruoshi and these two brothers are also capable of testifying for me. Our injuries are also capable of testifying for us,” Chu Zhiyuan explained.

“Impossible, it’s impossible for Chu Feng to do that sort of thing. You all are wrongly accusing him. You are jointly maligning him!” Chu Lingxi shouted frantically. Absolute anger was present in her voice.

She simply did not believe that Chu Feng would do such a thing. Instead, she was determined that it was Chu Zhiyuan and the others that were wrongly accusing Chu Feng.

"The truth is before your eyes, yet you still insist on denying it. Lingxi, are you simply causing trouble and being completely unreasonable," Chu Ruoshi lashed out at Chu Lingxi.

"The truth? Now that Chu Feng is not here, the four of you can say whatever you want. Is this what is meant by truth?" Chu Lingxi sneered. She simply did not believe in the words of Chu Ruoshi and the others.

"Regardless of whether or not you believe us, it is the truth," Chu Ruoshi said.

"Based on your characters, how could I trust you all?" Chu Lingxi sneered repeatedly.

Chu Ruoshi was not to be outdone either. She and Chu Lingxi began to argue with one another.

"Cough, cough, cough, cough..."

Suddenly, the two people of the younger generations whose bodies were seized by the two Supreme Elders started vomiting mouthfuls of blood.

Then, the two of them both looked to Chu Lingxi. They said, "Chu Lingxi, we know that even though we are of the same clan, we are inferior to even dogs and pigs in your eyes. As for our lives and deaths, you simply gave no concern for them either."

"However, the words of a man on his deathbed always comes from the heart. Our injuries are caused by Chu Feng. Our deaths are also caused by Chu Feng. There is no reason for us to lie about this matter."

After they finished saying those words, the two of them looked to everyone present. They said, "Lord Elders, brothers and sisters, although Chu Feng has suffered the consequences of his actions and lost his life in the Nine Moons Sacred Domain, we have yet to avenge our grievances."

"We must let everyone know exactly what sort of person Chu Feng was. We must let everyone know how despicable, shameless and selfish he was."

"Lord Elders, brothers and sisters, cough cough..."

" all must definitely uphold justice for us."

"Cough cough... ah... cough cough..."

After saying those words, the two of them started to cough violently and vomit blood nonstop. Not long afterward, their bodies turned stiff, and they lost all signs of life.

They had died. Actually, the two of them had long since died. The ones speaking the entire time were Chu Haoyan's grandfather and Chu Zhiyuan's grandfather, the two Supreme Elders.

After they finished saying those words, the two of them used special means to secretly leave the bodies of the two young men. After they left their bodies, the two men from the younger generation became completely dead.

"Chu Lingxi, did you see that?"

"The two of them are our relatives. They have died miserably by that Chu Feng's hands. Yet you still want to refute our claims against Chu Feng? Do you even have any conscience at all? Are you a clansman of our Chu Heavenly Clan?" Chu Ruoshi lashed out at Chu Lingxi while pointing at her.

"Lingxi, don't blame big brother for criticizing you, but you are truly bewitched by that Chu Feng. You are no longer capable of distinguishing black from white, right from wrong," Chu Zhiyuan said.

This bastard couple echoed one another. One played the good cop, and the other played the bad cop as the two of them jointly refuted Chu Lingxi.

With the situation being like that, many of the Chu Heavenly Clan's younger generations started feeling enormous grievance.

They had all considered the words of those two dead young men to be true. They all felt that there was no benefit for two people on their deathbed to lie for Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi.

Thus, they all felt what the two of them said to be the truth, that Chu Feng's true character was like how they’d described it.

This was especially true after those two people of the younger generation died. Their deaths triggered the crowd's hatred toward Chu Feng.

However, even now, Chu Lingxi was arguing for Chu Feng. Even though her own clansmen had died, there was no change to her expression at all. Naturally, the crowd would feel very displeased.

At that moment, the gazes with which the crowd looked to Chu Lingxi all changed. Deep resentment and grudge filled their eyes.

"Humph," faced with the crowd's resentment and grudge-filled eyes, Chu Lingxi felt them to be beneath contempt. It was as if she did not care about their opinions at all.

"I do not care what the four of you say, I will still not believe it. I only believe in what Chu Feng says."

"I will go and find Chu Feng right now. If he's alive, I need to see him. If he's dead, I need to see his corpse. I will definitely not allow you all to continue to tarnish him like this," after saying those words, Chu Lingxi really started rushing toward the Nine Moons Sacred Domain.

"Lingxi, don't act out on impulse," seeing this, the Chu Heavenly Clan's elders were greatly alarmed. They immediately stopped her.

"Release me! Release me! I am going back to find Chu Feng!" Chu Lingxi shouted and screamed in an almost frantic manner.

However, even with that being the case, the Chu Heavenly Clan's elders were still holding Chu Lingxi tightly and refusing to allow her to approach the Nine Moons Sacred Domain.

The time limit for the Nine Moons Sacred Domain was about to arrive. To enter it at such a time would simply be seeking one's death.

As Chu Lingxi continued to scream and curse frantically, the time limit for the Nine Moons Sacred Domain's disappearance started to approach.

During that period of time, the Chu Heavenly Clansmen that had entered the Nine Moons Sacred Domain to train began to come out in succession.

Those among them that wanted to know how it was for the people of the younger generation immediately arrived at the entrance of the Yin Yang Gate. Chu Xuanzhengfa was among them.

"You all said that Chu Feng wanted to hog the treasures for himself, and ended up being devoured by the treasures, losing his life in the Yin Yang Gate?"

"Impossible, that is absolutely impossible. Chu Zhiyuan, provide with me a proper and truthful explanation as to exactly what happened in there!" Upon finding out what happened, Chu Xuanzhengfa's expression changed greatly. Compared to Chu Lingxi, Chu Xuanzhengfa's reaction was even more emotional. He grabbed Chu Zhiyuan's lapel and lifted him up.

"Tell me, exactly what happened?! If you dare to utter the slightest lie, I will cripple you!" Chu Xuanzhengfa spoke with a threatening tone.

"Chu Xuanzhengfa, what are you doing?!" Right at that moment, two figures suddenly descended from the sky. They were Chu Haoyan's grandfather and Chu Zhiyuan's grandfather.

After leaving the two younger generation's bodies, the two of them immediately restored their own bodies and returned to the Yin Yang Gate's entrance.

The reason for that was because the two of them knew very well that Chu Xuanzhengfa, based on his personality, would definitely not believe Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi's claims. They knew that he would definitely make things difficult for them.

As for the two of them, they would naturally not allow such a thing to happen.

Upon arriving at this place, the two of them pretended to not know what had happened, and began to inquire of the crowd. Upon finding out what had happened from the crowd, the two of them immediately started to reprimand Chu Xuanzhengfa.

"Chu Xuanzhengfa, have you gone insane?"

"For the sake of his own benefits, that Chu Feng went so far as to kill his fellow clansmen. His crimes are simply unforgivable. His death is well-deserved."

"Yet you're actually shielding a person like that? Could it be that you're planning to betray our clan?" Chu Haoyan's grandfather said to Chu Xuanzhengfa.

"Betray our clan? What an enormous label you're putting on me."

"However, I know what sort of person Chu Feng is. He definitely would not do something like that. Unless I am to witness it myself, I will refuse to believe anyone regardless of what they say," Chu Xuanzhengfa declared.

"The evidence is before your eyes; you have no choice but to believe it," Chu Haoyan's grandfather said.

Right at this moment, Chu Zhiyuan's grandfather said, "Enough, there's no need to continue arguing. No matter how much you argue, it will not solve this matter. The way I see it, it is better that we request that Lord Clan Chief come out of his closed-door training and pass judgement on this matter."