Chapter 3014 - Forming An Abnormal Sign Through Cultivation

Chapter 3014 - Forming An Abnormal Sign Through Cultivation

Although skeptical, the crowd continued to follow Chu Zhiyuan for the sake of an opportunity to live.

As for Chu Feng, they had completely forgotten about him. Not only did they believe that he had died, but they also felt that he deserved to die.

However, they had no idea that while they were leaving the cave empty-handed, while they were preparing to leave the Nine Moons Sacred Domain, Chu Feng was training at the bottom of the Infernal Lake inside the cave.

Chu Feng was currently sitting cross-legged in the Infernal Lake’s Infernal Spring, training wholeheartedly.

He was enjoying the greatest treasure in the Nine Moons Sacred Domain’s Yin Yang Gate all by himself.

As for Chu Youyuan, he was standing outside the Infernal Spring with his hands behind his back.

Although Chu Youyuan was standing in the Infernal Lake, he was unaffected by its frightening lake water.

The reason for that was because lightning had surrounded Chu Youyuan’s body. It was protecting him from the lake water.

It turned out that it was not only Chu Feng who was capable of emitting lightning to protect himself, Chu Youyuan was also capable of it.

It seemed that those possessing Heavenly Lightning Bloodlines were all capable of it.

Although he was outside of the Infernal Spring, Chu Youyuan was staring at the spring the entire time.

The reason for that was because the spring water now was already different from before.

The spring water was no longer as tranquil as before; it was actually boiling over, just like the water of the Infernal Lake.

The change to the Infernal Spring occurred not long after Chu Feng entered it to train.

Furthermore, the longer Chu Feng stayed inside, the more obvious the change to the Infernal Spring became.

Chu Youyuan determined that all of this was related to Chu Feng.


Suddenly, the surging spring water turned into an enormous vortex. With Chu Feng at the center, the vortex started to spin. It was extremely imposing, extremely spectacular.

Most importantly, natural energies visible to the naked eye were flowing into Chu Feng’s body unceasingly.


With the situation being like that, even the sleeping Infernal Ghost was roused.

However, after the Infernal Ghost woke up, he did not make a ruckus like before. Instead, he started to blink his large crimson eyes and began to attentively watch the scene before him. Even the Infernal Ghost’s attention was captured by the scene before him.

“He actually brought forth such an abnormal sign through training in the Infernal Spring?” Chu Youyuan revealed a pleasantly surprised expression. He was only able to calm himself after a long while passed.

With admiration, he gasped, “Chu Feng, this old man is truly looking forward to what sort of harvest you’ll be able to obtain from this training.”

Meanwhile, Chu Zhiyuan and the other people of the younger generation were all hastening along their journey.

At the beginning, the crowd were very skeptical of Chu Zhiyuan. However, as they continued to travel, the crowd noticed the same scenery that they’d witnessed on their way in. Thus, they became increasingly more confident in Chu Zhiyuan.

As for Chu Zhiyuan, he possessed a complete map of the route. Thus, he would naturally not fail in guiding the crowd. Thus, in the end, he naturally brought the crowd back to the Yin Yang Gate’s entrance successfully.

At that moment, the people of the younger generation that did not know the truth started to burst into excitement.

They began to praise and thank Chu Zhiyuan nonstop.

Their reactions were understandable too. After all, Chu Zhiyuan had done the equivalent of saving their lives by bringing them .

After that, they walked out of the Yin Yang Gate and left the Nine Moons Sacred Domain.

When they walked out, the elders guarding the entrance hurriedly rushed toward them.

“What is with you all? What happened?”

The elders guarding the entrance were extremely nervous. Not only were the two younger generations whose bodies were seized by the two Supreme Elders seriously injured and on the brink of death, but even Chu Ruoshi, Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Lingxi were seriously injured.

They were all people of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations that could not be allowed to suffer any mishaps.

This was especially true for Chu Lingxi; she was actually unconscious at that moment. With this, how could the elders not worry?


Right at that moment, a soft groan was heard. Then, Chu Lingxi, who had been unconscious for a long time, actually regained consciousness.

“Wha… what happened to me?”

“Who attacked me?”

Chu Lingxi massaged her aching head. She felt the pain to her soul. Confused as to what had happened, she became extremely angry.

“Lingxi, someone attacked you?” The elders asked nervously.

Chu Lingxi was the most important young miss of their Chu Heavenly Clan. Even they did not dare to neglect her.

“I suddenly felt a massive pain in my head for no reason. Then, I fainted. If I wasn’t sneak attacked, what else could it be?” Chu Lingxi said in a very angry manner.

“Who is it? Who attacked you?” The elders asked.

“I’ve said that I’ve been sneak attacked. If I knew who attacked me, would I call it a sneak attack?” Chu Lingxi grew even more furious. Even when faced with those elders, her attitude was still very rude and unreasonable. It would appear that suddenly losing consciousness and then waking up to finding herself seriously injured had truly angered the young miss.

Right at that moment, Chu Zhiyuan suddenly said, “It was Chu Feng.”

“Chu Feng?” The elders were very surprised. Then, they all asked, “You said it was Chu Feng who sneak attacked Lingxi?”

“That’s right, it was Chu Feng,” Chu Zhiyuan said.

“You’re bullshitting me! How could Chu Feng attack me?!” Chu Lingxi felt extremely unhappy upon hearing those words. She pointed at Chu Zhiyuan and cursed loudly at him.

“Where’s Chu Feng? Where’s Chu Feng? Where did Chu Feng go?”

“Didn’t you all enter together? Why would you all be here with Chu Feng nowhere to be seen? Where did you all hide Chu Feng?” Upon discovering that Chu Feng was not present, Chu Lingxi grew even more emotional.

Right at this moment, Chu Ruoshi explained, “Lingxi, whilst it is true that Chu Feng would not be able to injure you, the Yin Yang Fate Pearl was capable of injuring you. It was the Yin Yang Fate Pearl that caused you to lose consciousness and become seriously injured. No one sneak attacked you.”

“The Yin Yang Fate Pearl?” Chu Lingxi was startled upon hearing those words. Then, the anger on her face turned into great concern.

“Why would my Yin Yang Fate Pearl harm me? Where is Chu Feng? Where did Chu Feng go? What did you all do to him?” Chu Lingxi asked. She subconsciously felt that something had happened to Chu Feng, and that what had happened to Chu Feng was most definitely related to Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi.

“Ruoshi, exactly what is happening?” At that moment, the confused elders were unable to keep themselves from asking about what happened.

“Lord Elders, it is better that I explain to you all what happened,” Chu Zhiyuan spoke again.

Once Chu Zhiyuan spoke, the elders started to frown. Even though Chu Zhiyuan was the grandson of an Supreme Elder, not even those elders liked Chu Zhiyuan because of how much of a disappointment he was.

Thus, they had wanted Chu Ruoshi to explain what had happened. However, as what had happened was of great concern to them, and they wanted to know the truth, they did not demand too much, and decided to allow Chu Zhiyuan to explain.

Afterwards, Chu Zhiyuan began to inform the elders about the event of Chu Feng leading them to find the treasures, as well as the lie that they’d prepared.

“That’s impossible! It’s impossible for Chu Feng to do that sort of thing! You all are most definitely plotting against Chu Feng! You all have most definitely done something to Chu Feng, and are planning to frame him!” After hearing what Chu Zhiyuan said, Chu Lingxi exploded with anger.