Chapter 3012 - Frightening Mother

Chapter 3012 - Frightening Mother

“Since we’ve decided, let’s leave this place. After all, apart from the spring water, there are no other treasures here.”

“And now, as that spring water is gone, there is no reason for us to stay here,” Chu Haoyan’s grandfather said.

“Wait,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said. Then, he waved his sleeve and drew a map in midair.

“That is… the route here?” Chu Ruoshi asked in astonishment.

“Ruoshi, your eyesight’s pretty good. Indeed, this is the route here. Speaking of it, it is all thanks to that brat Chu Feng that we were able to reach this place.”

“However, without him, you all likely would not know how to return, no?” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather asked.

“Now that you mention it,” Both Chu Zhiyuuan and Chu Ruoshi shook their heads and revealed ashamed expressions on their faces.

They knew very well that not even Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather knew how to reach this place.

Chu Feng was the only one who was capable of finding it.

Even the map that Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather took out was only something that he had secretly recorded on the way here.

Although it was a very easy task, Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi had neglected it.

That was the reason why they felt ashamed.

After all, if Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather hadn’t recorded the route, they would not know how to return, and would likely be trapped here.

The reason for that was because the journey here was truly rugged; it was simply an enormous maze.

At the same time, they were unable to keep themselves from gasping in admiration. Sure enough, the older ginger was more pungent. With someone like Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather accompanying them, it truly gave them a sense of security.

“Zhiyuan, remember it.”

“Although you’re unable to break through to rank two Heavenly Immortal this time around, you will, with your talent, soon be able to break through to rank one Heavenly Immortal.”

“The Heavenly Beloved Martial Competition will be the best time for you to prove yourself.”

“Thus, it is time for you to reveal your edge,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said to Chu Zhiyuan.

His intention was very clear. He wanted Chu Zhiyuan to lead those people of the younger generation out of the cave.

After all, in the hearts of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations, Chu Zhiyuan was merely a useless pretty boy.

If Chu Zhiyuan was able to successfully lead them out of the cave and save their lives, then his status in their hearts would naturally increase by a lot.

“I understand, grandfather,” Chu Zhiyuan was, after all, also a genius of excellent talent. Thus, he memorized the map, the route out of the cave, with a single glance.

Then, Chu Zhiyuan and the others left.

For the sake of framing Chu Feng, they had decided to put on a very real disguise, and riddled themselves with bruises and scars on the way out.

This was especially true for the two Supreme Elders. The two of them made themselves appear so seriously injured that they were on the verge of death. With this, it would serve as a major advantage for them.

Firstly, those two people of the younger generation had already died. As for the two Supreme Elders, it would be impossible for them to continuing using their bodies as their own forever.

Thus, as long as they were seriously injured as they left , they would be in danger of dying at any moment.

After they helped testify for Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi that it was Chu Feng that had attacked them, the two of them could then “die”.

With that, they would not only frame Chu Feng with their deaths, but the two Supreme Elders would also be able to get away with killing the two people from the younger generation.

It was simply a perfect plan.

However, they did not anticipate that all of the people from the younger generation had left, leaving only a single person remaining in the cave. As for that person, she was Chu Lingxi.

Chu Lingxi had fallen to the ground, and was unconscious.

Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi walked toward Chu Lingxi to inspect her. They discovered that there were no injuries on Chu Lingxi. However, her aura was very weak; she was simply on the brink of death. It was her soul that was seriously injured.

However, even if it was a serious injury to her soul, it should’ve injured her physical body too. Yet, Chu Lingxi’s body was completely uninjured. It was only her soul that was injured; her body was completely unscathed.

In short, her injury was very strange.

“Grandfather, what is going on?” Chu Zhiyuan asked in a puzzled manner.

“It’s the Yin Yang Fate Pearl.”

“Chu Lingxi fused her Yin Yang Fate Pearl with Chu Feng’s. When they entered the Yin Yang Gate, their fates were bound with one another,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said.

“In that case, it would mean that Chu Feng…” Chu Zhiyuan revealed a joyous expression.

“Chu Feng has naturally died. He entered that lake, and so was definitely killed. Furthermore, Chu Lingxi’s condition further verifies Chu Feng’s death,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said.

“Since that’s the case, let us ignore this Chu Lingxi and let her die. We will even be able to put the blame of Chu Lingxi’s death on Chu Feng’s head as well,” Chu Zhiyuan said with a sneer.

Although Chu Feng had died, Chu Lingxi also possessed great talent that must not be looked down upon. In Chu Zhiyuan’s eyes, Chu Lingxi was a great threat too. He longed for her to die too.

“No, that wouldn’t do. Chu Lingxi absolutely must not die,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said.

“Grandfather, why is that?” Chu Zhiyuan was very puzzled by his grandfather’s obstruction.

“Zhiyuan, you do not know how crazy of a girl Chu Lingxi’s mother is.”

“Should Chu Lingxi die, her mother will definitely not be willing to leave the matter at that. She will end up creating a major commotion,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said.

“But, since it’s Chu Feng who caused her death, this should be unrelated to us,” Chu Zhiyuan said.

“But Chu Feng has died. She will not be able to cause trouble for someone that’s already dead. Thus, she will cause trouble for those that are alive. At that time, both you and I, in fact, not even the entire Chu Heavenly Clan, would be able to escape her.”

“She will definitely not disregard how Chu Lingxi died. She will demand that the Chu Heavenly Clan provide her with an explanation. As for that explanation, it is something that we cannot afford to give,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said.

“Zhiyuan, you should listen to your grandfather. Chu Lingxi absolutely must not die. Otherwise… you will definitely regret it.”

“You will regret letting Chu Lingxi die,” At that moment, even Chu Haoyan’s grandfather started to urge against letting Chu Lingxi die.

Hearing those words, Chu Zhiyuan was unable to contain himself from swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

He was scared. Although he had never met Chu Lingxi’s mother before, he was able to tell from his grandfather’s nervous reaction that Chu Lingxi’s mother was a very dangerous person.

Otherwise, how could his grandfather, an Supreme Elder of the Chu Heavenly Clan, one of the strongest people in the Chu Heavenly Clan apart from their clan chief, be scared?

That said, Chu Zhiyuan also became curious as to exactly what sort of existence Chu Lingxi’s mother was.

After all, Chu Lingxi’s mother was only a member of the younger generation before his grandfather.

Curious, Chu Zhiyuan asked, “Grandfather, exactly what sort of person is Chu Lingxi’s mother? What sort of strength does she possess?”

“Zhiyuan, who is the strongest in our clan?” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather asked.

“That would naturally be Lord Clan Chief,” Chu Zhiyuan said.

“Chu Lingxi’s mother is the strongest person in their clan,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said.

“She… she’s actually that powerful?” Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi were both very shocked upon hearing those words.

Although they’d already guessed Chu Lingxi’s mother to be very powerful, they did not imagine her to be that powerful.

The strongest in their clan, wouldn’t that mean that Chu Lingxi’s mother would be capable of contending against their Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief?

At that moment, they seemed to finally realize why the two Supreme Elders would be so afraid of Chu Lingxi’s mother.

“Chu Lingxi’s mother is definitely not as simple as being only powerful. That girl is also vicious and merciless. For the sake of obtaining her goal, she would not shrink from any crime, and use means both fair and foul.”

“Let’s say it like this: that girl is simply the most crazy, most frightening girl I’ve ever seen,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said.

When Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said those words, Chu Haoyan’s grandfather also nodded.

At that moment, the expression of fear on Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi’s faces reached an extreme level.

Then, without saying a word, the two of them crouched down and began to put forth all of their strength to treat Chu Lingxi’s injury.

They had decided to keep Chu Lingxi alive no matter what.

The reason for that was because they did not wish to confront Chu Lingxi’s frightening mother.