Chapter 3011 - Despicable And Shameless

Chapter 3011 - Despicable And Shameless

The surface of the Infernal Lake was still surging with waves. Its dangerousness was clear to everyone.

Not even the two Chu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders dared to approach the lake.

The clear spring water located nearby formed a clear-cut contrast against the dangerous Infernal Lake.

One was frightening, causing people to distance themselves.

The other was attractive, causing people to want to be engrossed in it.

However, no one would’ve imagined that the spring water that contained such concentrated natural energies was actually flowing from the bottom of the Infernal Lake.

Ever since Chu Feng and Chu Youyuan escaped into the Infernal Lake, Chu Zhiyuan had been training inside the spring.

During that period of time, he did not even open his eyes once.

He was extremely earnest in his training.

“I wonder how big brother Zhiyuan’s training is coming along,” Chu Ruoshi said.

“Rest assured. The natural energies and martial comprehension within that spring water possesses an immeasurable effect for True Immortals like yourselves.”

“The way I see it, Zhiyuan will definitely be able to break through to the Heavenly Immortal realm,” After saying those words, Chu Haoyan’s grandfather looked to Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather. He said, “Old guy, what say you?”

“My view is the same as yours,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said with a faint smile.

His grandson’s cultivation was going to increase. Furthermore, the increase in cultivation would be vast. As his grandfather, he would naturally be very happy.

However, right at that moment, Chu Zhiyuan, who had his eyes tightly closed and was immersed in training, suddenly opened his eyes. He looked to Chu Ruoshi and the others. He said, “Should I be given sufficient time, I will be able to break through to rank two Heavenly Immortal.”

It turned out that Chu Zhiyuan had heard the conversation between Chu Ruoshi and the others. That was why he deliberately opened his eyes to stop training. He wanted to inform them exactly how vast of a harvest he would obtain from the fountain spring.

“In that case, big brother Zhiyuan, how much of a harvest have you obtained now?” Chu Ruoshi asked excitedly.

“It’s already not an issue for me to break through to rank nine True Immortal now. As for the Heavenly Immortal realm, I am only a bit away from it,” Chu Zhiyuan had a proud and pleased expression on his face as he said those words.

“In that case, Zhiyuan, how long do you need to gain sufficient natural energies and comprehension to reach rank two Heavenly Immortal?” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather asked. After all, Chu Zhiyuan was his grandson, the person he had placed all of his hopes on.

“Grandfather, please rest assured. I will be able to gain sufficient martial comprehension to break through to rank two Heavenly Immortal before leaving the Nine Moons Sacred Domain,” Chu Zhiyuan said.

“Good, as expected of my grandson,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather was overjoyed.

“Grandfather, do not worry about me. Rank two Heavenly Immortal is within my grasp. Your grandson will definitely not let you down, definitely not disappoint all that you’ve invested in me,” Chu Zhiyuan said confidently.


However, right at that moment, the spring water that was originally flowing out actually started to decrease in intensity. Shortly after, no more water flowed out. Even the water within the spring started to flow down the previously flowing source-head.

At the same time, the dense natural energies also started to gradually dissipate.

“This… what is happening?!”

Everyone present was astonished by this.

Chu Zhiyuan started to panic. He hurriedly turned to ask his grandfather, “Why would the spring water disappear? Grandfather, exactly what is going on?”

“Zhiyuan, it would appear that this opportunity of yours ends here,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather was also feeling extremely unreconciled. However, he was also powerless to do anything.

“No, no, I still haven’t obtained enough comprehension. The current me is still a bit away from reaching the Heavenly Immortal realm.”

“Grandfather, you must think of something. Could you split through these rocks? After all, the spring water comes from deep underground. If you are able to split through these rocks all the way down, we will definitely be able to find the spring water again,” Chu Zhiyuan was extremely emotional, and began to panic.

He really did not wish to miss such an opportunity. After all, rank two Heavenly Immortal was already within his grasp. He was unable to accept missing out on this opportunity just like that.

“Zhiyuan, what sort of place do you consider this place to be? This is the Nine Moons Sacred Domain. How could we possibly split apart the rocks in this place? If we were able to so easily destroy the rocks, we would not be under the Nine Moons Sacred Domain’s confinements,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said.

“But… but…!!!” Feeling extremely helpless, a dejected expression covered Chu Zhiyuan’s face, and he let out an explosive sigh.

What was already within his grasp actually ended up escaping him just like that. How could he not feel unreconciled?

Chu Zhiyuan was already so furious without even knowing the reason why. If he were to know that the culprit behind all this was Chu Feng, Chu Zhiyuan might actually be irritated to death.

It was Chu Feng. Of course it was Chu Feng. It was Chu Feng who had severed the connection between the Infernal Spring and the cave. It was Chu Feng who had severed Chu Zhiyuan’s ability to continue absorbing natural energies and martial comprehension.

However, none of them knew about this. They all felt that it was the Nine Moons Sacred Domain playing a trick on Chu Zhiyuan.

“Zhiyuan, forget about it. This is fate,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather urged.

Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather was, after all, an Supreme Elder of the Chu Heavenly Clan, someone who had cultivated for many years. He was very experienced and knowledgeable. Even though this was also not something that he desired, he was very capable of adjusting his state of mind.

“Big brother Zhiyuan, didn’t you say that you’re only a bit away from reaching the Heavenly Immortal realm?”

“With your talent, this bit will definitely not stop you. Furthermore, as long as you reach the Heavenly Immortal Realm, Chu Qing will no longer be your match. At that time… you can seek out Chu Qing for revenge,” Chu Ruoshi also started to comfort Chu Zhiyuan.

However, no matter how many people tried to comfort him, Chu Zhiyuan was still feeling very dispirited, still feeling very displeased.

That was how human hearts were. Everyone is very greedy, and wants to obtain even more.

Originally, he was able to obtain even more. Yet, he was now no longer capable of doing so. Naturally, he would feel very disappointed, very frustrated and very angry.

“Let us think about what to do with Chu Feng right now. Should we silence everyone by killing all of the people of the younger generation in the Yin Yang Gate or…?” Chu Haoyan’s grandfather asked.

“If we are to kill all of them and leave only Haoyan, Ruoshi and Zhiyuan, it would instead be more suspicious. Moreover… do you dare to kill that girl Chu Lingxi?”

“If something is to happen to her, even if her father and grandfather don't look into it, her mother will definitely investigate this matter till the end. I believe neither you or I would want to provoke that crazy girl, right?” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said.

“Then what do you suggest we do?” Chu Haoyan’s grandfather asked.

“That’s very simple. Since Chu Feng and Chu Youyuan are already dead, the authority over this is already in our hands. Whatever we say will be the truth,” A despicable smile appeared on Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather’s aged face.

“Exactly how do you plan to take care of this?” Chu Haoyan’s grandfather questioned again.

“We shall frame him. We shall turn black to white and white to black.”

“We will push all of the fault onto that Chu Feng. We will say that Chu Feng tried to forcibly seize all of the natural energies here for himself, and injured us, Ruoshi and Zhiyuan.”

“Unfortunately for him, he was unable to control the overwhelming natural energies in the formation.”

“Thus, he ended up being engulfed by the lake, and lost his life to it,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said.

“Brilliant! Old guy, you’re truly brilliant!”

“Of course.”

At that moment, the two Supreme Elders looked at one another. Then, they both blossomed with smiles, and began to laugh.

Merely, both their smiles and their laughter were very despicable and shameless.