Chapter 3009 - Infernal Ghost

Chapter 3009 - Infernal Ghost

That Infernal Ghost had struck Chu Feng’s sore spot again.

However, this time around, Chu Feng immediately turned around. Although he was still unable to see the Infernal Ghost, Chu Feng held the leaf in his hand and began to run it across the air in front of him.

The leaf did not emit any sort of light. However, when the leaf swept through one location, a figure appeared.

It was a little boy. That little boy was only a meter tall, and seemed to be around three years old. He was not wearing anything at all. As for his skin, it was actually fiery red.

No, it was not only his skin, even his eyes were red. In fact, even his teeth, fingernails and hair were red.

Practically his entire body was red.

That said, although that boy was fiery red all over, he did not give Chu Feng a fearful sensation.

On the contrary, the boy had quite an adorable look.

It was a very pretty little boy.

“That leaf is the Spring Mirror? That’s too much of a coincidence. No, that’s definitely not a coincidence. It’s destiny, truly destiny.”

“Chu Feng… you are truly an extremely fortunate person, like your father and grandfather.”

After Chu Feng revealed the Infernal Ghost by illuminating it with the leaf in his hand, even Lord Youyuan was unable to contain his excitement.

He had truly never expected a random leaf Chu Feng picked up to be the Spring Mirror. That was not an ordinary coincidence. Instead, it was truly destiny. Only those with great fortune would be able to encounter such an opportunity. For people like them, even if they did not possess talent, they would still be able to attain greatness just through the opportunities they would encounter.


Right at that moment, that Infernal Ghost suddenly started laughing.

His laughter was still very frightening. However, his smile was very innocent. Like an actual child, he was showing a brilliant smile.

“Come catch me, fool,” then, that Infernal Ghost actually spoke. Not only that, but he also turned around and started running.

His speed was extremely fast. Chu Feng had to try very hard in order to keep up with him. While chasing after him, Chu Feng continued to shine the Spring Mirror on the Infernal Ghost.

“Fool, fool, giant fool. Come and catch me. Come and catch me,” the Infernal Ghost was cheering excitedly the entire time. While running, he would turn around and make all sorts of faces at Chu Feng.

When Chu Feng started falling behind, he would even stop and wait for Chu Feng to catch up.

It could be seen that he was very happy, truly very happy.

He felt that Chu Feng was playing with him. He was enjoying the process thoroughly.

At the beginning, it was quite exhausting for Chu Feng to chase after that little fellow. It was not only an issue of speed. Most importantly, he would have to look through the leaf in his hand in order to chase after that little fellow.

As for the little fellow, he was so fast that Chu Feng would lose track of him should he be inattentive for the slightest moment. Should that happen, he would have to search for him again.

However, Chu Feng soon discovered the trick to finding the little fellow’s tracks. Thus, chasing after him gradually became more effortless.

“Lord Youyuan, how did you discover the information concerning this Infernal Ghost?”

As chasing after the Infernal Ghost was no longer very exhausting, Chu Feng finally had the energy to ask Chu Youyuan about the Infernal Ghost. He wanted to dispel the puzzle in his heart.

“This old man has guarded the Nine Moons Sacred Domain for so long, I’ve naturally seen scenes that others have not, and know things that others do not.”

“One day, an earthen wall suddenly appeared on the vast plain that the Nine Moons Sacred Domain is located in. That earthen wall was very worn out. However, written on the wall was the word ‘oracle.’”

“At that time, this old man felt that earthen wall to be an extraordinary item. Thus, I began to carefully examine it. Upon examining it, I managed to gain quite a harvest. At the very least, I now understand a lot about the Yin Yang Gate.”

“Of course, what this old man deciphered was only a small portion of that oracle. The Nine Moons Sacred Domain is definitely not limited to only the Yin Yang Gate,” Chu Youyuan said.

“In that case, Lord Youyuan, do you know about the origin of this Infernal Lake and that Infernal Ghost?” Chu Feng asked.

“This old man actually does know about it,” afterwards, Chu Youyuan began to tell Chu Feng about the Infernal Ghost.

It turned out that the Infernal Ghost originated from the Ancient Era.

There was a couple in the Ancient Era. That couple were both cultivation experts. They were famed throughout an entire Starfield.

The couple were childhood sweethearts that ended up being with one another for their entire lives.

However, as the two of them were both wholeheartedly pursuing the path of martial cultivation, they did not express their feelings for one another the entire time.

It was only when the two of them reached over ten thousand years of age that they realized each other’s importance, and finally married one another.

After the two of them married, their pursuit for martial cultivation grew weaker and weaker. On the other hand, their feelings for one another grew stronger and stronger.

Because of that, the couple decided to withdraw from the world of martial cultivation, the world where people fought for fame and profit. They planned to return to the mountains and live their lives in seclusion.

Although the couple were very old at that time, they were still vigorous. Not long after they retreated to the mountains to live in seclusion, they ended up having a child.

With that, the two formerly all-powerful experts ended up living lives similar to those of ordinary people. However, to them, that was the happiest period of their lives.

To be able to live such a life, the couple were unwilling to exchange it for further cultivation, no matter how strong.

Unfortunately, the heavens refused to comply with their wishes.

During the third birthday of their child, their enemies arrived at their door.

Although the couple had retreated to the mountains, they remained very powerful, as they’d cultivated for many years.

Although their enemies came in great numbers, they were no match for the couple.

However, their enemies were despicable and shameless people. They lured the couple away from their homes and captured their child.

Using their child as a threat, their enemies demanded that the couple kill one another.

The couple knew that even if they were to kill one another, their enemies, based on how despicable they were, would definitely not spare their child.

Thus, with their lives as the price, the couple unleashed an enormous slaughtering formation.

Flames soared into the sky as spring water burst forth.

The two incompatible powers of fire and water not only fused with one another, but they also turned into an extremely powerful slaughtering power.

Screams were heard nonstop.

Under the attack of the fire and water, practically all living things in the surrounding billion mile radius were killed.

There was only one exception -- the couple’s child.

It turned out that the couple already expected their enemies to seek them out one day. Because of that, they'd meticulously created that grand formation, the Grand Infernal Lake Formation.

The father was the fire, whereas the mother was the water. The fire would slaughter everything, whereas the water would contain their martial comprehensions.

Inside the Infernal Lake, all but their own child would die.

As for their child, he would gain eternal life in the Infernal Lake.

Unfortunately, the Ancient Era was too long in the past. No one now knew the couple’s name, or their child’s name.

They could only name that child according to the Infernal Lake. That’s why that child was called the Infernal Ghost.