Chapter 3008 - Frightening Child’s Laughter

Chapter 3008 - Frightening Child’s Laughter

"Perhaps," Chu Feng shook his head helplessly.

Even he himself felt that he might be seeing hallucinations.


However, right at that moment, a hand suddenly appeared. That hand firmly hit Chu Feng's head.

That hit was very painful. Even Chu Feng started to grimace.

However, Chu Feng immediately reacted upon being hit. His body shifted forward, rapidly distancing himself from the place where he had previously stood. At the same time, he turned around to look behind him.

However, he discovered that there was nothing behind him at all.

Not only was he unable to see anything, but he was unable to sense anything either.

However, when his head was hit earlier, Chu Feng had clearly felt the aura of a living being behind him.

Moreover, even if he had sensed wrong, the pain on the back of his head was definitely real.

Furthermore, with Chu Feng's cultivation, even if he were hit, he shouldn't be feeling such intense pain. Unless... the hit ended up injuring his soul.

"Exactly who is it? Show yourself!" Chu Feng shouted once more.

"Heeheehee..." After Chu Feng said those words, laughter sounded from behind him.

This time around, Chu Feng was able to clearly hear the laughter. It was a child's laughter.

However, when Chu Feng turned around, he was unable to see anything. Furthermore, he was unable to sense anything either.

However, Chu Feng had clearly felt the someone's aura when that laughter rang out.

"Crap! There's a monster in this lake," Even Her Lady Queen became nervous.

She was not afraid for herself; she was only worried for Chu Feng.

Her Lady Queen was unable to feel what Chu Feng sensed. However, she had clearly heard the laughter.

Although it was a child's laughter, it was very strange. One would feel uncomfortable upon hearing it.

Because of that, Her Lady Queen felt it was most definitely not a normal child. The reason for that was because that laughter was too frightening. Such frightening laughter likely meant that the source of the laughter was a monster.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng felt pain on the back of his head again. He felt as if he had been ferociously attacked by a powerful iron hammer.

“Bastard, if you have the ability, then reveal yourself!” Chu Feng shouted angrily.

Chu Feng felt as if he were being played for a fool. Such a feeling was extremely displeasing.

Most importantly, apart from the frightening child-like laughter, Chu Feng simply had no idea who it was that was attacking him. This meant that his attacker possessed strength surpassing his own.

At that moment, his attacker was only toying with him. However, if his attacker decided to kill him, wouldn’t Chu Feng really end up dying here?

“Chu Feng, do not infuriate it,” Right at that moment, a weak voice was suddenly heard.

Although that voice was coming through as a voice transmission, Chu Feng was able to immediately tell that it was Chu Youyuan’s voice.

“Lord Youyuan, how is the condition of your injury?” Chu Feng revealed a joyous expression.

Even though he was confronting a crisis, Lord Youyuan’s awakening still caused Chu Feng to feel very joyous. Furthermore, judging from Lord Youyuan’s words, it seemed that he knew who that unknown fellow was.

“Chu Feng, do not worry, this old man’s injuries are not serious. That said, you are encountering an enormous opportunity right now,” Lord Youyuan said.

“An enormous opportunity? Lord Youyuan, could you be referring to that unknown fellow?” Chu Feng asked.

Chu Feng was asking through a voice transmission. He did not wish for the conversation between Lord Youyuan and him to be heard by that fellow. Likely, this was also what Lord Youyuan wished. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have spoken to Chu Feng through a voice transmission from the very start.

“That little fellow is called the Infernal Ghost,” Lord Youyuan said.

“The Infernal Ghost?” Chu Feng revealed a surprised expression.

“I cannot provide you with a detailed explanation right now. The reason for that is because the chance of encountering the Infernal Ghost at the vast lake-bottom is extremely low.”

“Since you’ve encountered it right now, you must definitely grasp this opportunity. You cannot infuriate it. You must play with it. As long as it is happy with you, it will bring you to the Infernal Spring.

“The spring you saw earlier inside that cave, that spring of powerful and concentrated natural energies, is actually from the Infernal Spring. Only the Infernal Ghost knows where that Infernal Spring is located.”

“Thus, as long as you properly please it, it will bring you to the Infernal Spring. At the Infernal Spring, you will be able to enjoy natural powers many times more concentrated than that of the spring in the cave,” Chu Youyuan said.

“All I have to do is to play with it? But… how do I play with it? That little brat only knows how to hit me, I couldn’t possibly allow it to hit me continuously until it’s satisfied, right?” Chu Feng asked with a frown.

Even during the time when he was talking with Chu Youyuan, that Infernal Ghost was still hitting Chu Feng’s head nonstop. Furthermore, that fellow was a determined fellow. He was hitting the same spot nonstop.

At present, not only was there a red and bloody bump on the back of Chu Feng’s head, but Chu Feng was also feeling his head buzzing, as that Infernal Ghost was capable of injuring his soul directly.

“Under the Infernal Lake, the Infernal Ghost.”

“The spring water’s source, the Infernal Ghost.”

“Find the Spring Mirror and shine on the Ghost.”

“The Ghost shall then follow the one’s mandate.”

“This old man obtained those four sentences from the Nine Moons Sacred Domain’s oracle. Contained within them was a way to appease the Infernal Ghost.”

“This old man felt that the Spring Mirror would be crucial to appeasing the Infernal Ghost. Merely, I have no idea what the Spring Mirror is. However, that Spring Mirror is definitely in the Infernal Lake,” Lord Youyuan said.

“Spring Mirror?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression changed. Then, seemingly as if recalling something, Chu feng immediately took out a leaf from his Cosmos Sack.

That leaf should be some sort of plant leaf. However, it was special in the fact that it was not only emitting a faint amount of natural energies, but it was also silver in color.

“Is that something from this lake?” Lord Youyuan’s expression immediately changed upon seeing the leaf in Chu Feng’s hand.

“Senior, this is indeed something from this lake. Earlier, while searching for the way out, I discovered this leaf. I felt that this leaf was extraordinary, and thus decided to put it away.”


“Brat, you’re doing it again?”

Before Chu Feng could finish his words, he let out an exclamation of pain. It was the Infernal Ghost. It had ruthlessly attacked the back of Chu Feng’s head while he was unprepared.