Chapter 2962 - Gazes Of Fear

Chapter 2962 - Gazes Of Fear

“The Sacred Domain Selection?”

“Senior, is the Nine Moons Sacred Domain soon to open?” Chu Feng asked.

“It would appear that Xingde and Xingren have mentioned it to you already,” Chu Xuanzhengfa said.

“The two seniors have indeed mentioned that the Nine Moons Sacred Domain was soon to open to this junior before. However, this junior has no idea exactly how the selection will be made.”

Chu Feng was able to guess that the so-called Sacred Domain Selection must be a sort of exam to determine who would enter the Nine Moons Sacred Domain. Only by passing the examination would one receive an opportunity to enter the Nine Moons Sacred Domain to train.

However, Chu Feng did not know the exact details regarding the test. After all, different tests possessed different criterion.

“The Sacred Domain Selection is set up for the people of the younger generations. For someone like you, it would be very easy to pass. It would merely be a formality.”

“I have already obtained the opportunity to participate in the Sacred Domain Selection for you.”

“Merely, as your injuries were too serious, and you’ve been unconscious for too long, and the Sacred Domain Selection is going to happen today, I had originally thought that you’d end up missing this opportunity.”

“Fortunately, you woke up right on time, and you're even recovered completely on top of that. It would appear that it is truly the will of the heavens.”

“Even the heavens want you to participate in the training in the Nine Moons Sacred Domain this time around.”

Chu Xuanzhengfa was very happy. As he spoke, he took out a title plate and handed it to Chu Feng.

Written on the title plate were the words ‘Sacred Domain Selection.’

“Lil’ brother Chu Feng, congratulations.”

Seeing that title plate, Chu Yue immediately congratulated Chu Feng.

At the moment when she congratulated Chu Feng, she glanced at the qualification title plate that Chu Xuanzhengfa handed to Chu Feng. An inevitably envious look appeared in her eyes. Her envious expression was very obvious.

From her expression, Chu Feng was able to imagine that, while only the people that passed the test were allowed to enter the Nine Moons Sacred Domain to train, it seemed that even obtaining the qualifications to participate in the selection was not that easy. At the very least, Chu Yue was not qualified.

That said, Chu Yue’s cultivation was not that weak either. Although she was only a rank three True Immortal, her cultivation was still pretty decent among the people of the younger generations.

Even with her cultivation, Chu Yue did not obtain the qualifications to participate in the selection. From this, one could imagine how rigorous it was to be qualified to participate in the selection.

“Chu Yue, you and your mother have worked hard at taking care of Chu Feng these past couple days.”

“Thus, I have also obtained a title plate for you,” as Chu Xuanzhengfa spoke, he took out another title plate and handed it to Chu Yue.

“Thank you, Lord Vice Hall Master!” Chu Yue was pleased beyond expectation upon seeing that title plate. She hurriedly knelt on the ground to respectfully kowtow to Chu Xuanzhengfa.

“Alas, quickly get up. This is what you deserve. You don’t have to be so courteous toward me.”

Chu Xuanzhengfa personally helped Chu Yue up, and then placed the title plate in her palm.

“Chu Yue, while your talent is inferior to Chu Feng’s, it’s not weak either. As long as you take on this Sacred Domain Selection earnestly, you will have a chance to pass,” Chu Xuanzhengfa added.

“This Chu Yue will definitely not let Lord Vice Hall Master down,” Chu Yue said.

Then, Chu Xuanzhengfa began to introduce the middle-aged woman to Chu Feng.

Sure enough, it was as Chu Feng had guessed. The middle-aged woman was indeed Chu Yue’s mother.

Furthermore, Chu Yue’s mother was indeed a member of the Law Enforcement Hall. It had been her and Chu Yue that had been taking care of Chu Feng while he was unconscious.

One thing worthy of mentioning was that Chu Feng seemed to be able to tell from the conversation that Chu Yue’s father seemed to have died already. At present, only Chu Yue and her mother were alive.

Chu Feng knew how precious one’s relatives were. As Chu Feng had a good impression of Chu Yue to begin with, he inevitably felt sympathetic toward her upon finding out her history.

After a simple introduction, Chu Xuanzhengfa brought Chu Feng to the location of the Sacred Domain Selection.

The location where the Sacred Domain Selection was being held was a palace hall that only the people of the younger generation were allowed to enter.

When Chu Feng and Chu Yue entered the palace hall, Chu Feng immediately recognized some familiar faces. Chu Ruoshi, Chu Lingxi and Chu Huanyu, those geniuses of the Chu Heavenly Clan, were all present.

Apart from Chu Ruoshi, Chu Lingxi and Chu Huanyu, there were also other people that Chu Feng had seen before but whose names he did not know.

There was also a person there that Chu Feng had never seen before. However, he was not weak. That person possessed the same cultivation as Chu Huanyu. He was a rank seven True Immortal.

Likely, he was the other genius of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s current younger generation, Chu Haoyan.

Apart from those people, Chu Feng also noticed there were a total of ninety-eight people of the younger generation present in the palace hall, excluding him and Chu Yue. Including the two of them, there were a total of a hundred people.

Likely, the amount of people that were allowed to participate in the Sacred Domain Selection this time around was only a hundred.

With how prosperous the Chu Heavenly Clan was, they possessed numerous people of the younger generation. With only a hundred spots, it was no wonder that the qualification to participate in the Sacred Domain Selection was so difficult to obtain.

“Look! That’s Chu Feng!”

“He actually woke up!!!”

“Heavens, even after being struck by that sort of lightning, he’s actually fine?!”

At the moment when Chu Feng walked in, the people present immediately noticed him.

At that moment, cries of alarm began to sound nonstop.

When the crowd saw Chu Feng, they all, to a greater or lesser degree, revealed complicated expressions.

At least seventy percent of the people present had personally witnessed Chu Feng ascending the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps, awakening the legendary tenth step and ultimately bringing forth the Nine-colored Divine Lightning.

Thus, in their eyes, Chu Feng had not only returned to the Chu Heavenly Clan, but with his performance, it would not be excessive at all to say that he was the member of the younger generation with the greatest potential.

That was the reason why they were looking at Chu Feng with such complicated expressions on their faces. This was especially true for those people that disliked Chu Feng. At that moment, they were feeling a slight amount of fear toward him.