Chapter 2961 - The Sacred Domain Selection

Chapter 2961 - The Sacred Domain Selection

First Slash, Heavenly Lightning Appearance.

Second Slash, Heavenly Lightning Transformation.

Third Slash, Heavenly Lightning Fusion.

Fourth Slash, Demonic Lightning Conversion.

Fifth Slash, Demonic Lightning Movement.

Sixth Slash, Chaotic Heavenly Dome.

Seventh Slash, Divine Demonic Conversion.

Eighth Slash, Divine Demonic Dance.

Ninth Slash, Living Beings Extermination.

These are the Heavenly Lightning Nine Slashes.

The Heavenly Lightning Nine Slashes possessed a very special learning method. Chu Feng had to use a special method to draw forth the lightnings within his bloodline. In other words, he must draw forth the power of the Heavenly Lightning within him.

To draw forth the lightning from his bloodline and use the power of the lightning beasts, that was most definitely not a simple task.

Merely the first slash was so difficult to train that it gave Chu Feng a headache.

That said, even with this being the case, Chu Feng was still delighted.

Perhaps because the Heavenly Lightning Nine Slashes had assimilated into his body, assimilated into his soul, Chu Feng was able to tell how powerful the Heavenly Lightning Nine Slashes was even though he had not mastered it.

Merely the first slash possessed a heaven-defying might capable of surmounting a level of cultivation. It was capable of killing someone with a level of cultivation higher than the user.

Although Her Lady Queen was capable of sharing Chu Feng’s sight and hearing, she was unable to see what was in Chu Feng’s mind.

Seeing Chu Feng acting all distracted, she was unable to contain herself and asked, “Chu Feng, why are you acting so absent-mindedly?”

“Milady Queen, I’ve… profited from a disaster again.”

Enormously overjoyed, Chu Feng began to tell Her Lady Queen about the Heavenly Lightning Nine Slashes.

“Such a thing actually happened? It turned out that you didn’t receive a heavenly tribulation after ascending to the tenth step. Instead, you received benefits.”

“Haha, this is truly great. If the people from the Chu Heavenly Clan were to find out about this matter, they’d end up dying from excessive anger,” upon finding out about this news, Her Lady Queen felt even happier than Chu Feng.

“They absolutely cannot learn about this matter. Although Senior Zhengfa treats me very well, it’s still unclear as to exactly what sort of attitude the Chu Heavenly Clan has toward me. If they are to know that I possess a technique related to our Heavenly Bloodline within my body, who knows if they might try to strip it from me,” Chu Feng said.

“Of course, how could you possibly let them know about this? That said, it’s only now that you’re not letting them know. You will have to tell them about this in the future, you must tell them about it.”

“When your strength reaches a level where you do not have to fear the Chu Heavenly Clan anymore, you should unleash the Heavenly Lightning Nine Slashes and have them witness the ability that you possess, have them see that it’s something that they will not be able to obtain in their lifetime.”

The corners of Her Lady Queen’s face were raised into a smile. It was as if she were already seeing the astonishment and remorse that would appear on the faces of the people from the Chu Heavenly Clan in the future.

“Haha, sure, I’ll do as my Eggy suggests,” Chu Feng was also very happy.

Chu Feng felt that his body was practically fine now. On top of that, he had obtained such a powerful technique. With this, how could he not be overjoyed?

The only pity was that Chu Feng was simply incapable of learning the Heavenly Lightning Nine Slashes at present. Chu Feng felt that he would have to be at least a Martial Immortal in order to begin learning the Heavenly Lightning Nine Slashes.

However, not only was the current Chu Feng not a Martial Immortal, but he was even quite some distance away from even becoming a Heavenly Immortal. Thus, he would still have to wait patiently before he could attempt to learn the Heavenly Lightning Nine Slashes.

That said, the Heavenly Lightning Nine Slashes became a motivation for Chu Feng to increase his cultivation.

“Chu Feng, you’ve awoken?”

Right at that moment, the door to Chu Feng’s room suddenly opened. Upon opening, Chu Xuanzhengfa immediately rushed in.

Following behind him were Chu Xingde, Chu Xingren, Chu Yue and a middle-aged woman.

That middle-aged woman’s appearance resembled Chu Yue. Thus, Chu Feng felt that that middle-aged woman should be Chu Yue’s mother.

To Chu Feng’s surprise, on Chu Yue’s mother’s waist was the title plate of the Law Enforcement Hall. Chu Yue’s mother was actually a member of the Law Enforcement Hall.

Actually, this was understandable. Chu Xuanzhengfa knew that there were many people in the Chu Heavenly Clan that wanted to bring harm to Chu Feng. Thus, he would naturally have to choose people that he trusted to take care of him.

Since Chu Yue’s mother was a member of the Law Enforcement Hall, that would mean that she was Chu Xuanzhengfa’s trusted aide. That was likely the reason why Chu Yue was chosen to look after Chu Feng.

However, that was not the most important aspect. Most importantly, apart from Chu Xuanzhengfa, Chu Xingdi and Chu Xingren, Chu Yue’s mother also had a worried expression on her face when she walked in.

This meant that Chu Yue’s mother was also worried for Chu Feng.

After Chu Xuanzhengfa and the others entered, Chu Feng hurriedly got up from his bed and clasped his fist at Chu Xuanzhengfa and the others. He said, “Senior Zhengfa, I am truly sorry. I have worried you.”

“Alas, Chu Feng, what are you doing? You’ve only just awoken, you should continue to properly rest,” Chu Xuanzhengfa forcibly pushed Chu Feng back onto the bed.

“Senior Zhengfa, I am fine now. You do not have to worry about me,” Chu Feng said.

“You’re fine now? You’re saying that you’ve completely recovered?” Chu Xuanzhengfa felt very surprised.

It was not only him. Chu Xingde, Chu Xingren and Chu Yue’s mother were also surprised.

Their surprise was understandable. After all, they had all personally witnessed how serious Chu Feng’s injuries were. Thus, they would naturally feel surprised after hearing Chu Feng say that he was fine.

“I am indeed fine,” Chu Feng said.

“Milord, the doctors are here,” right at that moment, a shout sounded from outside.

“Have the doctors come in,” Chu Xuanzhengfa said.

Afterward, two old men dressed in identical outfits walked in.

On their gowns were four characters. They read: ‘Chu Heavenly Clan Doctor.’

These so-called doctors were actually world spiritists. The two world spiritists that entered were both pretty powerful. The reason why they were called doctors was because they specialized in medical treatment techniques.

Perhaps they might not be very powerful in terms of setting up slaughtering formations or defensive formations; however, they were most definitely top-rated world spiritists in terms of giving medical treatment and saving people.

After the two doctors entered, they both activated their special observation methods to diagnose Chu Feng’s condition.

After that, the two doctors revealed joyous looks on their faces and looked to Chu Xuanzhengfa at the same time, “Milord, Chu Feng is completely healed.”

“Really?” Chu Xuanzhengfa was still somewhat incapable of believing this to be true.

“Absolutely certain,” the two doctors said in unison.

“He’s actually really healed,” after verifying it, Chu Xuanzhengfa looked to Chu Feng. His expression became complicated.

“Lord Vice Hall Master, since Chu Feng has recovered completely, can we have him participate in the Nine Moons Sacred Domain Selection?” Chu Xingde said.

“Right, the Nine Moons Sacred Domain Selection.”

Chu Xuanzhengfa came to a sudden realization after hearing those words. Then he looked to Chu Feng and said in a very excited manner, “Chu Feng, I’m afraid that you will not be able to rest. The reason for that is because you must participate in this selection.”