Chapter 2924 - Angered To Vomiting Blood

Chapter 2924 - Angered To Vomiting Blood

After the anger disappeared from Jinshi Bo’s eyes, a willingness to battle actually emerged in its stead.

Then, he shouted, “Two hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones!”

After he finished saying those words, he even took a disdainful glance at Chu Feng. His gaze seemed to be stating that he would definitely win.

It would appear that he was truly considering Chu Feng his love rival. He felt that Chu Feng was trying to fight over Xia Yun’er, Chu Lingxi and Chu Ruoshi with him.

He had no idea that that simply wasn't Chu Feng’s intention at all. Chu Feng had no desire to become his love rival. Chu Feng’s intention was very simple. He merely wanted to defraud more money from Jinshi Bo.

Thus, after Jinshi Bo increased his bid, Chu Feng also spoke without the slightest hesitation, “Three hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones.”

“Four hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones,” Jinshi Bo was not to be outdone. He immediately raised his bid again.

“Five hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones.”

“Six hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones.”

“Seven hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones.”

“Eight hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones.”

“Nine hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones.”

When Chu Feng increased the price to nine hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones, the crowd present were no longer capable of sitting still.

‘What the hell is this? Those two people are simply not considering Immortal Martial Stones as currency!’

‘Nine hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones, that would be ninety ordinary Immortal Armaments!’

‘To purchase three completely useless flowers with ninety Immortal Armaments, have their heads been kicked by donkeys?!’

Chu Feng was naturally not doing this because he was foolish. Rather, he wanted to increase the price.

Merely, Jinshi Bo was no longer as spirited and calm as he was before.

It had already reached nine hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones. He was afraid that Chu Feng would continue to increase the price should he continue bidding. Furthermore, Chu Feng had such a relaxed and confident expression on his face. Seeing that, Jinshi Bo was panicking.

The reason for that was because Jinshi Bo did not know exactly what sort of price the flowers would reach should he continue his bidding war against Chu Feng. Even if he ended up being able to successfully purchase the three flowers, he would definitely suffer disastrously.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing? Those are flowers that girls like. Why would you, a grown man, spend money so foolishly to purchase something like that?” Even Chu Lingxi was unable to continue watching the bidding, and began to question Chu Feng.

“Who wouldn’t be fond of appreciating beautiful things? Of course, I am buying them not because I want to collect them. Rather, it’s because I want to gift them to Miss Lingxi, Miss Ruoshi and Miss Xia,” Chu Feng said.

“In that case, you are truly generous,” Chu Lingxi smiled sweetly.

Although she said those words in a slightly sarcastic manner, her smile was very sweet. It could be seen that Chu Feng’s words had managed to successfully obtain her favor.

Seeing this, that Jinshi Bo’s face immediately turned green with anger. Disregarding all consequences, he shouted, “Two million Immortal Martial Stones!!!”

“Two million Immortal Martial Stones?!”

The crowd present were all astonished by Jinshi Bo’s words. Even Old Man Gui Chou revealed an expression of shock.

He asked, “Young Master, are you truly planning to purchase these flowers with two million Immortal Martial Stones?”

“There’s no need for your superfluous words. This prince has said two million Immortal Martial Stones. Thus, it’s two million Immortal Martial Stones,” Jinshi Bo said as he patted his chest.

“Then… is there anyone else that’s going to place a higher bid?” Old Man Gui Chou asked.

When Old Man Gui Chou said those words, Jinshi Bo subconsciously looked to Chu Feng.

He was afraid, afraid that Chu Feng would continue bidding. One should know that two million Immortal Martial Stones was an enormous sum for him too. If the price were to increase any more, he would likely not be able to continue bidding.

After all, this price was truly too grand if it was only to obtain the smiles of beauties.

However, Chu Feng did not continue to bid.

Jinshi Bo had already hesitated when Chu Feng increased the price to nine hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones.

If it wasn’t for Chu Lingxi’s sweet smile, Jinshi Bo might not even have continued to bid.

With the situation being like this, Chu Feng would naturally not continue with the bidding war. Two million Immortal Martial Stones had already surpassed Chu Feng’s expectations. After all, those were only three completely useless flowers.

“Very well. Since no one else is bidding, these three exotic flowers have been won by that young master,” Old Man Gui Chou said.

Although Old Man Gui Chou did not mention Jinshi Bo by name, he evidently knew that it was Jinshi Bo who had won these flowers.

After successfully winning the three exotic flowers, Jinshi Bo was extremely proud of himself. He looked to Chu Feng with a provocative gaze. His gaze seemed to be saying, ‘Fight with me? You’re still too soft.’

Then, he looked to Chu Lingxi, Chu Ruoshi and Xia Yun’er. He said, “Miss Xia, Miss Ruoshi, Miss Lingxi, this is but a small thought from me. When the exotic flowers arrive later, you all must definitely accept them.”

“Three people, each will only obtain a single flower. What would that amount to? It would be better if you were to give me ten flowers instead,” Chu Lingxi said.

“Miss Lingxi, you can’t blame me for this. After all, there are only three such flowers in this auction.”

“If there were enough, not to mention thirty flowers, I would win as many flowers as there were to bid.”

After saying those words, Jinshi Bo looked to Chu Feng with contempt again. He said, “I, Jinshi Bo, am not stingy, unlike a certain someone.”

“Didn’t he say that he will gift the three misses flowers? If one is to not dare to even fart once the price gets high, how could one be sincere at all?”

“I, Chu Feng, said that I will gift them flowers, so I will definitely gift them,” Chu Feng said.

“What a joke! What are you supposed to use to gift?” Jinshi Bo said mockingly.

Chu Feng did not answer Jinshi Bo. Instead, he smiled faintly. Then, Chu Feng’s hand streaked across his Cosmos Sack. Immediately, thirty exotic flowers floated out from his Cosmos Sack.

“Those are… the exotic flowers?!”

Seeing the thirty exotic flowers floating before Chu Feng, the crowd’s gazes all turned to him.


As for Jinshi Bo, he was completely dumbfounded. He was evidently unable to understand how Chu Feng was able to obtain so many exotic flowers.

“For the three misses.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he waved his arm, and the exotic flowers gathered into bunches of ten. Then, they flew toward Chu Ruoshi, Chu Lingxi and Xia Yun’er respectively.

“This many exotic flowers? Chu Feng, where did you obtain them?” Chu Lingxi asked with incomparable curiosity.

Compared to receiving Chu Feng’s gift, she was evidently more curious about where Chu Feng had obtained those exotic flowers.

Actually, a lot of the people present were curious too. Even people from the older generation like Elder Xingyi also looked to Chu Feng with interest in their eyes. They were all waiting for Chu Feng to give them an answer.

“I obtained these exotic flowers from a remnant. Truth be told, the three that were being auctioned earlier were also mine,” Chu Feng said.

“They’re yours? If they’re yours, why did you start a bidding war?” Chu Lingxi blinked her bright, intelligent and large eyes. She was looking at Chu Feng with an incomparably naive gaze.

“I had placed those three flowers to auction because I wanted to see if there was anyone that would want to purchase them. Never did I expect for there to actually be someone that wanted to purchase them. It was a rare opportunity to encounter such a spendthrift and foolish individual. Naturally, I would have to seize the opportunity,” As Chu Feng said those words, he looked to Jinshi Bo.

It was as if he were deliberately reminding Jinshi Bo that the spendthrift and foolish individual he was talking about was him.


At that moment, Jinshi Bo’s complexion turned ashen. He was so furious that he was speechless.

It was only at that moment that he realized he had been defrauded by Chu Feng.

He had already lost ten million Immortal Martial Stones to Chu Feng in the Stone Gambling Hall, and wasted another ten million purchasing that failure of a Black Crystal Stone.

And now, he was once again swindled of two million Immortal Martial Stones by Chu Feng.

“Oh, that’s right. Prince Jinshi, didn’t you declare earlier that you would buy them if there were more of such flowers?”

“I just so happen to have more with me.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he took out thirty more exotic flowers.

Then, he said to Jinshi Bo, “I don’t need two million Immortal Martial Stones. Thirty thousand Immortal Martial Stones would do for these thirty exotic flowers.”

“You!!!” Hearing those words, Jinshi Bo’s expression started to twist so much that it became scary-looking. His appearance seemed to be capable of eating someone alive.

However, in the next moment, Jinshi Bo’s expression suddenly changed. Then, he opened his mouth and let out a ‘puu!’, and vomited a large mouthful of blood.

Jinshi Bo was actually angered to the point of vomiting blood by Chu Feng.

However, his reaction was understandable. Regardless of who it might be, they would definitely find it unbearable should they be the one swindled by Chu Feng like that.

“Chu Feng, you got me! We shall wait and see!”

Jinshi Bo wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth and glared fiercely at Chu Feng. Then, he waved his sleeve, turned around and began to leave.

He was actually angered to a state of leaving by Chu Feng.

That said, he had no choice but to leave. He had been for played a fool by Chu Feng before the Three Great Beauties. Furthermore, he was so enraged that he actually ended up vomiting blood. It was truly humiliating.

He simply had no face to continue staying there.