Chapter 2923 - Precisely Bidding For Fun

Chapter 2923 - Precisely Bidding For Fun

"Madness, madness, this is absolute madness. A piece of scrap metal actually went for two hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones!"

"Young Master, you are still young. That is nothing more than a piece of scrap metal. Even if you are to purchase it, it will be useless."

At that moment, the auction hall burst into an uproar. Many people felt that Chu Feng had been scammed. However, Chu Feng ignored them completely.

At that moment, Chu Ruoshi asked curiously, "Young Master Chu Feng, could it be that you've managed to detect some unusual aspect regarding that bracelet?" 

"No, I haven't," Chu Feng shook his head.

"Then I'm confused. Since there's nothing unusual about it, why did you spend such a high price to purchase it?" Chu Ruoshi asked.

"An auction is a place to have fun, after all," Chu Feng said with a smile.

"Young Master Chu Feng is truly lavish. You're actually using that much money to have fun," Chu Ruoshi said with a faint smile on her face. She was unable to understand Chu Feng’s actions.

"I won some Immortal Martial Stones in Stone Gambling against others earlier. Thus, even if I am to win this bracelet, I will not have bid using my own money. Thus, I will not feel distressed by spending excessively," Chu Feng said.


Hearing those words, Jinshi Bo was so furious he nearly vomited blood.

'Motherfucker! Turns out, you're not feeling distressed because you weren't using your own money! Instead, you were using my money!'

"Oh? Young Master Chu Feng is proficient in Stone Gambling? May I know how much you've won?" Chu Ruoshi asked curiously.

"Ten million Immortal Martial Stones," Chu Feng said.


Chu Ruoshi was startled upon hearing those words. She was at a loss for words.

At that moment, the other people of the younger generation from the Chu Heavenly Clan started casting looks of disdain at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was even able to hear whispers. There were people declaring he was boasting excessively.

Likely, the reason why Chu Ruoshi had grown silent was most likely because she also felt that Chu Feng was boasting.

"That really happened. This old man can testify to it," right at that moment, Elder Xingyi spoke.

"I can also testify to it," Xia Yun'er added.

Once the two of them said those words, Chu Ruoshi's expression changed. Even the proud Chu Lingxi looked at Chu Feng with disbelief in her eyes.

Ten million Immortal Martial Stones. Even though they were the young masters and young misses of the Chu Heavenly Clan, ten million Immortal Martial Stones was still an enormous sum for them.

Chu Feng actually managed to win such an enormous sum through gambling?

"Who did you win against?" Chu Ruoshi asked.

Chu Feng did not answer her. Instead, he looked at Jinshi Bo with a smile on his face.

"So it was actually against Young Master Jinshi?" Chu Ruoshi was very intelligent. She immediately realized what had happened.

"Young Master Jinshi is truly lavish. You were actually willing to lose ten million Immortal Martial Stones through Stone Gambling. Could it be that the Goldenstone Upper Realm is not rich in Goldenstones, but rather Immortal Martial Stones?"

At that moment, many of the Chu Heavenly Clan's younger generation started to mock Jinshi Bo.

While Jinshi Bo felt extremely displeased because of this, he was unable to do anything other than smile awkwardly. Then, he took a fierce glare at Chu Feng.

As they chatted idly, the second item in the auction hall had been auctioned off. It was an ordinary Immortal Armament. In the end, it was auctioned for twelve thousand Immortal Martial Stones.

Thus, it was now onto the third item.

"The following treasure might not be of much use in terms of martial cultivation. However, if one is to gift it to one's sweetheart, one would definitely obtain her delight."

As Old Man Gui Chou spoke, the red cloth that covered the third tray flew off. The item on the tray revealed itself.

"Wow! What sort of flower is that? It's so beautiful."

Sure enough, after the item on the tray appeared, young women's cries of surprise immediately sounded from the auction hall.

In fact, even Chu Ruoshi, Xia Yun'er and Chu Lingxi, those Three Great Beauties, revealed a change in expression.

As they were all women, they would naturally be fond of flowers and the like.

And these flowers were indeed special. There were three such flowers on the tray.

The three flowers' branches and leaves were like crystals. Roaming through them was exotic light. A gaseous substance coiled above the flower bud. That gaseous substance had seven colors. It floated above the flower buds like a rainbow.

There were countless different rare and unusual flowers in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. However, there were no flowers like these.

Furthermore, those were most definitely not created through world spirit formations. Rather, they were natural, rare and unusual flowers.

It was precisely because of that that even Chu Lingxi, Chu Ruoshi and Xia Yun'er, these otherworldly beauties, were aroused by the flowers.

"Big sister Ruoshi, you are experienced and knowledgeable, have you seen this kind of flower before?" Xia Yun'er asked.

"Flowers like these are truly rare," Chu Ruoshi said.

"They're truly beautiful," Xia Yun'er said.

"While it is true that they're beautiful, they're three useless flowers. Yet their starting bid is thirty thousand Immortal Martial Stones. They are truly too expensive," Chu Ruoshi said.

It could be seen that Chu Ruoshi was also very fond of those flowers. However, she was a very pragmatic person. Thus, even though she was capable of affording thirty thousand Immortal Martial Stones, even though thirty thousand Immortal Martial Stones was nothing to her, she would still not use thirty thousand Immortal Martial Stones to purchase something useless.

Hearing what Chu Ruoshi said, Xia Yun'er and Chu Lingxi seemed to have also abandoned any intention of purchasing the flowers.

Seeing this, a thought came to Chu Feng’s mind. He moved his hand toward his Cosmos Sack.

The reason for that was because those strange yet beautiful flowers were actually something that Chu Feng had acquired from Exalted Archer’s Tomb.

Even Chu Feng had no idea what use those flowers possessed. All he knew was that they were strange-looking. Thus, he took out three of them and placed them in the auction to see if anyone would purchase them. He was also the one who had demanded that the starting bid be thirty thousand Immortal Martial Stones.

However, the number of flowers he had obtained from Exalted Archer’s Tomb was most definitely not limited to only those three.

Instead, he had obtained over a thousand such flowers.

All those strangely beautiful flowers were useless to Chu Feng. Since those three girls were fond of them, Chu Feng decided that he might as well give some to them as gifts.

“Since three young ladies are fond of them, I will give them to you all,” right at that moment, Jinshi Bo spoke. Immediately afterward, he said, “Thirty thousand Immortal Martial Stones, I’m buying those.”

“Someone is actually buying those flowers?!”

“It would appear that a lot of rich young masters have arrived today. Could it be a young master from the Chu Heavenly Clan?”

Once Jinshi Bo said those words, the crowd below immediately burst into an uproar.

Even though they were also able to tell that those flowers were very rare, they were still unable to comprehend someone spending thirty thousand Immortal Martial Stones to purchase three flowers.

Right at that moment, Jinshi Bo spoke loudly, “If the beauties are fond of them, then not to mention thirty thousand, even if it’s a million Immortal Martial Stones, it would still be worth it.” 

“Great! Young Hero, you possess a great positive outlook!” Once Jinshi Bo said those words, the crowd below immediately applauded his attitude.

Hearing the praises from the crowd, Jinshi Bo immediately revealed a proud look. He even deliberately took a glance at the Three Great Beauties.

However, right at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

“A hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones,” Chu Feng said.

Hearing those words, Jinshi Bo looked to Chu Feng with a furious expression on his face. He thought to himself, ‘You’re planning to fight over the girls with me?!’

Only Chu Feng knew that he was actually deliberately raising the price to make a profit off of Jinshi Bo.

After all, regardless of how much they sold for, it would all be his profit.