Chapter 2919 - The Future Is Long

Chapter 2919 - The Future Is Long

“How could this be?!”

At that moment, Song Yunfei and Jinshi Bo simply did not dare to believe their eyes.

Through their observation methods, both of them thought the Black Crystal Stone Chu Feng had selected was an ordinary one.

However, not long after that Black Crystal Stone was cut, it immediately revealed an enormous piece of golden-bright Immortal Martial Stone.

As the grey-haired old man continued to brandish his fluent swordplay, the Black Crystal Stone was soon completely cut apart.

At that moment, what appeared before the crowd was still a giant boulder. Merely, that giant boulder was no longer a Black Crystal Stone. Rather, it was an Immortal Martial Stone.

“Am I seeing things? Such an enormous Immortal Martial Stone was actually within that boulder?”

“This is simply enormous. Never have I ever seen such an enormous Immortal Martial Stone before.”

“If such an enormous Immortal Martial Stone were to be cut into standard-sized pieces, it should be enough for ten million Immortal Martial Stones.”

“Ten million Immortal Martial Stones? Are you blind, or unable to count?”

“Such an enormous Immortal Martial Stone could be cut into at least twelve million standard-sized Immortal Martial Stones.”

“Twelve million Immortal Martial Stones? Heavens, this is simply too unimaginable!”

At that moment, cries of alarm began to be heard repeatedly. Even the elders present were exclaiming in admiration. As for those ordinary gamblers, there was no need to mention what sort of expression they had at that moment.

The reason for that was because the Immortal Martial Stone Chu Feng’s Black Crystal Stone was able to produce was simply too enormous.

“Young Master Chu Feng, you are truly amazing. You actually managed to select such a quality Immortal Martial Stone,” at that moment, Xia Yun’er was extremely excited. She actually walked over to Chu Feng.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you are truly a well-disguised expert. It is no wonder that you dared to gamble with ten million Immortal Martial Stones. It would appear that you had already held certainty of victory,” even Elder Xingyi walked up to congratulate Chu Feng.

Actually, there were a lot of people congratulating Chu Feng at that moment.

When that Immortal Martial Stone was revealed before them, many people present felt that Chu Feng had won the gamble.

Even that grey-haired old man was thinking this way.

He had been there for so long, yet never had he ever witnessed such an enormous Immortal Martial Stone.

That Immortal Martial Stone was simply the king among all the stones in the Stone Gambling Hall.

That’s right, it was the King Among Stones.

There would always be a King Among Stones within every Stone Gambling Hall.

The King Among Stones would be the stone of the greatest quality, containing the greatest amount of Immortal Martial Stones within it.

At that moment, Chu Feng had opened the King Among Stones before all those people.

At that moment, the crowd were all endlessly excited. Even that grey-haired old man had an excited expression on his face. When even he was reacting like that, one could very well imagine what the bystanders’ reactions would be.

At that moment, the entire crowd was bursting with excitement.

“My Black Crystal Stone still hasn’t been cut yet. How can you all determine that he has already won?” At that moment, Jinshi Bo spoke in a very displeased manner.

Once he said those words, the crowd that was originally bursting with excitement immediately grew quiet.

That’s right, even though the Black Crystal Stone Chu Feng had chosen was of extraordinary quality, the Black Crystal Stone Jinshi Bo had selected was most definitely extraordinary too.

It might even be possible for it to contain a greater amount of Immortal Martial Stones than Chu Feng’s.

After all, that was the largest and the most expensive Black Crystal Stone on the third floor.

It might be possible that that Black Crystal Stone was the King Among Stones instead.

“Little friend, please don’t be anxious. This old man will help you cut it right away.”

As the grey-haired old man said those words, he soared into the sky and arrived above that enormous Black Crystal Stone.


A black ray of light flashed. The blade held by the grey-haired old man actually extended until it was a thousand meters long.

Immediately afterward, blade rays began to fall like rain. They were dancing frantically around the Black Crystal Stone.

However, as the Black Crystal Stone continued to be cut apart, Jinshi Bo and that Goldenstone Royal Clan’s Supreme Elder both became dumbfounded.

A large amount of Black Crystal Stone was being cut away before their eyes. However, they still saw no trace of Immortal Martial Stone.

Finally, the Immortal Martial Stone appeared. However, that Immortal Martial Stone was so very small.

If it were to be cut down to ordinary-sized Immortal Martial Stones, it would only be able to be cut into a maximum of ten thousand pieces.

However, Jinshi Bo had spent a total of ten million Immortal Martial Stones to purchase it.

In other words, he had wasted nine million nine hundred and ninety thousand Immortal Martial Stones on it.

On top of that, he also lost to Chu Feng in the gamble.

Thus, at that moment, Jinshi Bo had suffered a loss of nineteen million nine hundred and ninety thousand Immortal Martial Stones.

Miserable. It was truly a miserable loss.

This was most definitely the most miserable loss in Stone Gambling that all of the people present had ever witnessed.

At that moment, even the gamblers started to look at Jinshi Bo with sympathetic expressions in their eyes.

Nineteen million nine hundred and ninety thousand Immortal Martial Stones, that was most definitely an enormous sum, even to Jinshi Bo. This was most definitely akin to cutting apart his flesh and drinking his blood.

“You all! You all! You all are simply scamming me!!!”

Suddenly, a furious shout was heard. It was Jinshi Bo.

He pointed to the grey-haired old man and loudly shouted, “Such an expensive Black Crystal Stone only managed to produce such a tiny bit of Immortal Martial Stone. Is this how your Ghost Sect Hall scams people?!”

Hearing those words, the grey-haired old man narrowed his brows. Then he said, “Little friend, you should also be someone who frequently engages in Stone Gambling. The reason why Stone Gambling is known as Stone Gambling is because there is no such thing as a certainty of winning. That is the reason why it is known as Stone Gambling.”

Right after the grey-haired old man said those words, Chu Feng’s voice also sounded, “What’s this? Are you planning to act like a sore loser now?”

“Sore loser? How could I, the grand prince of the Goldenstone Royal Clan, be a sore loser? Humph, take it. Consider it my gift.”

Jinshi Bo waved his sleeve, and the ten million Immortal martial Stones flew over to Chu Feng. Then, he turned around to leave. He was actually not even planning to take the Immortal Martial Stone he had just opened.

However, right at that moment, Chu Feng said, “Wait a moment.”

“What else do you want?” Jinshi Bo asked.

“Your name is Jinshi Bo, right?” Chu Feng asked.

“What about it?” Jinshi Bo asked.

“I’ll remember your name. After all, you are the person who lost ten million Immortal Martial Stones to me,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile on his face.


Once Chu Feng said those words, Jinshi Bo immediately clenched his fists tightly. The powerful strength of him clenching his fists caused the surrounding space to shatter.

His anger was visible to the naked eye.

However, he did not explode with rage. Instead, he stared at Chu Feng with an extremely fierce gaze. While gnashing his teeth, he said, “I know you are called Chu Feng. Don’t be too proud of yourself. The future is long, just you wait.”

After leaving those words, Jinshi Bo left.