Chapter 2918 - Mountain-size Stone

Chapter 2918 - Mountain-size Stone

"Cut that one," Jinshi Bo said.

" Prince Jinshi actually chose the largest Black Crystal Stone here?"

The crowd were all surprised upon hearing those words. Afterwards, they became excited.

The most eye-catching Black Crystal Stone on the third floor was none other than the Black Crystal Stone Jinshi Bo had selected.

That was understandable. After all, that Black Crystal Stone was something that even those who did not know how to examine Black Crystal Stones could tell to be extraordinary.

Merely, that Black Crystal Stone did not have a marked price. Thus, no one knew how expensive that Black Crystal Stone was.

That said, that Black Crystal Stone's price was undoubtedly extremely expensive. Its price was most definitely sky-high.

"Little friend, that Black Crystal Stone is priced at ten million Immortal Martial Stones. Are you sure you wish to open it?" The Ghost Sect Hall's grey-haired old man asked.

"It's actually ten million Immortal Martial Stones?! Sure enough, that's a sky-high price!"

The crowd all gasped with astonishment.

Although that Black Crystal Stone was enormous, so enormous that it reached above the clouds, that did not mean that it contained a lot of Immortal Martial Stones. It might even be possible that it would only contain a slight amount of Immortal Martial Stones. After all, no one could be certain about it.

Thus, ten million Immortal Martial Stones to cut it open was truly a sky-high price.

The great majority of people would not pay such a price to open a single Black Crystal Stone.

"I said to cut it, did you not understand me?" As Jinshi Bo spoke, he waved the Cosmos Sack in his hand again.

At that moment, another ten million Immortal Martial Stones flew out of the Cosmos Sack and toward the grey-haired old man.


At that moment, many people were unable to contain themselves from sucking in a mouthful of cold air. Even Chu Feng's expression had changed somewhat.

In the blink of an eye, that Jinshi Bo had taken out twenty million Immortal Martial Stones. Was the Goldenstone Royal Clan truly rich, or was it that this Jinshi Bo was a prodigal son, extremely good at squandering money?

Regardless, the twenty million Immortal Martial Stones had completely broadened the horizons of the crowd.

This was truly an enormous sum of wealth. Jinshi Bo was truly the prince of an Upper Realm's overlord.

"If you're certain, this old man will begin cutting it."

At that moment, even the grey-haired old man who had always had a cold and indifferent expression on his face started grinning from ear to ear.

Indeed, that Black Crystal Stone was extraordinary. However, as it cost ten million Immortal Martial Stones, practically no one would purchase it.

Originally, that grey-haired old man had thought that Black Crystal Stone would remain the most valuable treasure there, forever unsold.

Yet, someone was actually planning to purchase it at that moment. How could the grey-haired old man not be delighted?

That was ten million Immortal Martial Stones. Even for their Ghost Sect Hall, that was an enormous sum, an enormous revenue.

"I've already handed you the Immortal Martial Stones, why are you still asking?" Jinshi Bo appeared very annoyed by the grey-haired old man's continued questioning.

At that moment, that Goldenstone Royal Clan's Supreme Elder was unable to contain himself. He said, "Lil’ Bo, it's truly too expensive. You must reconsider it."

That rank eight Martial Immortal peak expert, that extraordinary existence that had trained for over ten thousand years, was actually covered in sweat.

It would appear that Jinshi Bo's squanderous behaviour was putting quite a bit of pressure on the Supreme Elder.

"Rest assured, you should know my eyesight well enough. I do not dare to guarantee anything else. However, in terms of Stone Gambling, I will absolutely not lose. I’m definitely going to get that fool's ten million Immortal Martial Stones," Jinshi Bo said to that Supreme Elder.

Even though Jinshi Bo said those words, that Supreme Elder's eyes were still filled with concern.

That said, after he thought about Jinshi Bo's skill in Stone Gambling, that Supreme Elder felt a bit relieved.

The reason for that was because Jinshi Bo had been taught by a Stone Gambling expert. Thus, Jinshi Bo was indeed extremely powerful in terms of Stone Gambling.

So far, he had never misjudged a Black Crystal Stone. When gambling against others, he had never once lost.

"Little friend Chu Feng, in that case, what about you? Which one do you want to choose?" The grey-haired old man turned to ask Chu Feng.

He was once again warning Chu Feng. He was warning Chu Feng that he must definitely make his selection properly.

While Jinshi Bo had spent a great amount of wealth to purchase that Black Crystal Stone, that Black Crystal Stone was indeed exceptional.

If Chu Feng did not select an even higher quality Black Crystal Stone, he would likely end up losing.

If he were to lose, he would end up losing ten million Immortal Martial Stones.

"That one will do," Chu Feng pointed to a Black Crystal Stone nearby.

"That one?!"

After looking toward the direction Chu Feng pointed to, not only were the others surprised, even that grey-haired old man was surprised.

The Black Crystal Stone Chu Feng had selected was actually also extremely extraordinary.

That Black Crystal Stone was a hundred meters tall. It was like a small mountain standing there.

As for its price, it too was extraordinary. One would have to pay eight hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones to cut it.

However, when compared to the Black Crystal Stone Jinshi Bo had selected, there was an enormous disparity between them.

"Little friend Chu Feng, are you certain?" The grey-haired old man asked.

"I am," Chu Feng nodded.

"Little friend Chu Feng, the Black Crystal Stone Prince Jinshi has selected is the largest one here. By comparison, isn't that Black Crystal Stone you selected a bit too small?"

At that moment, even Elder Xingyi was unable to contain himself from advising Chu Feng against it.

"Young Master Chu Feng, this is no time to fool around. You should consider things carefully. You mustn't lose ten million Immortal Martial Stones because of a moment of carelessness."

Even Xia Yun'er started to urge Chu Feng to reconsider through a voice transmission.

In fact, there were a great amount of people urging Chu Feng to reconsider. Merely, the great majority of them were all doing so through voice transmission.

However, Chu Feng remained unmoved by the crowd’s urging that he reconsider. He had made his decision.

Chu Feng was most definitely not choosing that Black Crystal Stone because of his willfulness.

When Chu Feng first arrived on the third floor, he indeed did not possess any certainty in the precision of his observations.

In fact, he had lost to Song Yunfei because of his own misjudgement.

However, while Song Yunfei and that Jinshi Bo were gambling with one another, Chu Feng had been observing them with his Heaven's Eyes.

Chu Feng's every observation afterward had been correct. As matters stood, Chu Feng was certain that the Black Crystal Stone he had selected should be the one with the highest quality on the entire third floor.

Right at that moment, Jinshi Bo loudly shouted in a very annoyed manner. "Why the heck are you all still urging him against it?! He has already made his decision, yet you all are still asking him about it! Could it be that you all don’t want him to lose?!"

"If you don't want him to lose, why don't you all gamble with me instead of him?!"

In this sort of situation, how could anyone still dare to say anything? After all, if they still attempted to urge Chu Feng against it, it would indeed be unfair.

Thus, even though that grey-haired old man was extremely unwilling, he still had no choice but to start cutting the Black Crystal Stones.

That said, the grey-haired old man did not cut both Black Crystal Stones simultaneously. The reason for that was because those two Black Crystal Stones were simply too huge.

Thus, he first chose to cut the one that was closer to him, the Black Crystal Stone Chu Feng had selected.

However, once he began cutting it, the grey-haired old man was immediately overjoyed.

It was not only him. The expressions of many of the people present also changed.