Chapter 2904 - Immortal Archery Bow

Chapter 2904 - Immortal Archery Bow

Hearing what Elder Xingyi said, Chu Feng’s expression changed. He began to have a pensive expression.

It would appear that the Ghost Sect Hall’s Grand Auction Assembly was much more magnificent than he’d imagined. It should be hosting a lot of treasures. Otherwise, it would be impossible for the overlord of the Goldenstone Upper Realm to be moved.

Originally, Chu Feng had only planned to sell that secret skill. However, he now started to look forward to the Ghost Sect Hall’s Grand Auction Assembly.

After traveling some more, Chu Feng, Xia Yun’er and Elder Xingyi finally arrived at the Ghost Sect Hall.

Perhaps because the Grand Auction Assembly was about to begin, the Ghost Sect Hall was extremely lively. Furthermore, a lot of people that had arrived possessed extraordinary statuses.

With the situation being like that, it was likely that one would not even be able to enter the Ghost Sect Hall unless one possessed a certain amount of status or possessed an invitation.

That said, things were different for Chu Feng, Xia Yun’er and Elder Xingyi. After they arrived in the Ghost Sect Hall, there was simply no need for Chu Feng to take out the title plate given to him by Old Man Gui Chou. After all, with the status of Elder Xingyi, they would be treated like honored guests as long as he arrived.

That being said, after Old Man Gui Chou came to find out that Chu Feng had arrived at their Ghost Sect Hall, he immediately came to greet him himself.

Furthermore, it was not only Old Man Gui Chou. Accompanying him was another grand character.

That person was two meters tall and extremely robust. He resembled a standing bison.

Furthermore, he had a very unique appearance. He was pitch-black from head to toe. His skin was as dark as ink.

That being said, it was strange, as he was wearing an outfit different from the others of the Ghost Sect Hall. He was wearing a white gown.

The reason he was wearing a white gown instead of a black gown might be because he was pitch-black to begin with. If he were to wear a black gown with his pitch-black skin, others might not be able to see him clearly.

That said, as he was so black to begin with, he appeared even blacker paired with his white gown. Not only was he pitch-black, but he was also very ugly. His ugliness was not the sort to make one disgusted. Rather, it more resembled a beast-like appearance. To put it simply, he appeared somewhat malevolent. Even though he was clearly a human, his appearance resembled that of a wild beast.

That said, while he was ugly, his aura was very strong. After he appeared, even the surrounding air started to change. The aura of a ruler was currently being emitted from his body.

Powerful, extremely powerful, simply too powerful. Even Elder Xingyi appeared much weaker before him.

As for that man, he was the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master.

Most importantly, the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master had not come to meet Elder Xingyi. He had come especially to meet Chu Feng.

In fact, he even brought Chu Feng to a palace so as to personally receive Chu Feng alone.

Elder Xingyi and Xia Yun’er, even with their status, were given the cold shoulder by him.

“Little friend Chu Feng, this is a little sign of goodwill from me. I hope you do not think it to be too little.” From across the table, the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master pushed a Cosmos Sack toward Chu Feng.

“Senior Hall Master, this junior cannot accept this. I have come to auction my item. How could I accept your gift before I've even auctioned anything?” Chu Feng did not accept the Cosmos Sack. He repeatedly waved his hand to reveal his refusal.

“It’s merely a small meeting gift. It is nothing precious. If you are to refuse to accept it, it would mean that you’re thinking that it is insufficient.”

“Gui Chou, go and retrieve some more,” the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master said to Old Man Gui Chou behind him.

“Yes,” Old Man Gui Chou answered respectfully. Then, he immediately turned around and planned to retrieve more gifts.

“Senior Gui Chou, please wait,” seeing this, Chu Feng hurriedly spoke to stop Old Man Gui Chou.

Then, he turned to the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master, “Senior, this junior is most definitely not thinking that the gift is insufficient. Merely…”

“If you refuse to accept it, it would mean that you think that it’s not enough,” the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master spoke with a faint smile on his face.

He had no intention of threatening Chu Feng. He was speaking as if he were joking. However, Chu Feng was able to tell that his attitude was extremely firm.

This placed Chu Feng in a very difficult situation.

Seeing the difficult expression on Chu Feng’s face, Old Man Gui Chou also smiled. He said, “Little friend Chu Feng, our Lord Hall Master truly wants to befriend you. You should just accept it. Otherwise, I will really have to go and retrieve some more.”

Chu Feng sighed. “Since that’s the case, this junior will be impolite then,” in the end, Chu Feng accepted the Cosmos Sack.

After receiving the Cosmos Sack, Chu Feng discovered that there was only one sort of item in the Cosmos Sack -- Immortal Martial Stone.

Chu Feng had heard what Immortal Martial Stone was from Elder Xingyi on their way here.

Immortal Martial Stone was a sort of extremely precious ore. Not only did it contain a dense amount of martial power, but it also contained spirit power. In fact, it was even capable of being used to refine weapons. It was an extremely precious sort of treasure.

These Immortal Martial Stones were all the same size. Their weight was also all the same. They were all about as big as a fingernail. They were round and golden. However, they were sparkling and translucent like jade.

Because of their value, the items being auctioned in the Ghost Sect Hall’s Grand Auction Assembly would all be measured with Immortal Martial Stones.

In fact, Immortal Martial Stones served as a currency for the entire Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, and even the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield.

As for Immortal Martial Stones, they themselves were of considerable value.

Elder Xingyi said that an ordinary Immortal Armament could be purchased with ten thousand Immortal Martial Stones.

The value of Immortal Martial Stones was truly extraordinary. And now, there were a total of a hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones in the Cosmos Sack the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master had given Chu Feng. In other words, the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master had given Chu Feng the equivalent of ten Immortal Armaments.

Although ten Immortal Armaments was nothing to the current Chu Feng, it could not be denied that Immortal Armaments were very precious.

Chu Feng was truly overwhelmed by how the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master presented him such a precious gift on their first meeting. In fact, he was even somewhat terrified.

After all, one should not be rewarded if it was not deserved.

“Senior, this is simply too precious. Could it be… that you have something that you want this Chu Feng’s assistance with?” Chu Feng asked.

“Little friend Chu Feng, do not overthink things. Gui Chou already said it earlier. There is nothing that I want from you. This is merely my sincerity in befriending you.”

“Furthermore, there are some treasures in the Grand Auction Assembly this time around. If you are to like them, you can bid for them directly. That is the reason why I prepared this meeting gift for you,” the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master said.

“Senior, in that case, what sort of treasures will be in the Grand Auction Assembly this time around?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

Chu Feng had been curious about the Ghost Sect Hall the entire time. The reason for that was because the map from the Ginseng King of Evil that Chu Bore obtained was something he had purchased from the Ghost Sect Hall.

Although Chu Bore said that the person that sold him the map was not someone from the Ghost Sect Hall, but rather a mysterious person he had never seen before, it was still very possible that it was the Ghost Sect Hall that had provided him with the channel.

Because of this, Chu Feng felt that the Ghost Sect Hall must possess some sort of special channel to obtain these bizarre treasures.

“Logically, I should not provide this sort of information to others. However, since it is little friend Chu Feng who asked, this old man cannot be secretive. As such, I will make an exception this once.”

“I will not mention the other things being auctioned. However, there are a total of two truly valuable items being auctioned this time around.”

Afterward, the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master actually really ended up telling Chu Feng about the two extremely precious items present in the auction this time around.

One of them was an extremely superb quality Immortal Armament called Nine Phoenix Immortal Edge.

Reportedly, the Nine Phoenix Immortal Edge was made from nine phoenix feathers. As for phoenixes, they were legendary Divine Beasts. Although it was only nine phoenix feathers, that Immortal Armament possessed extremely powerful might.

Furthermore, the Nine Phoenix Immortal Edge was actually created by the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s strongest world spiritist, Grandmaster Liangqiu. Thus, the Nine Phoenix Immortal Edge possessed both an optimal quality and reputation among Immortal Armaments.

That being said, regardless of how high quality that Nine Phoenix Immortal Edge might be, Chu Feng felt that its quality would, at the very most, only be on par with the Immortal Archery Bow Chu Feng had obtained from Exalted Archer’s Tomb.

Chu Feng felt that it was definitely impossible for the Nine Phoenix Immortal Edge to surpass the Immortal Archery Bow.

As for that Immortal Archery Bow, it would naturally be that best quality Immortal Armament Chu Feng obtained from Exalted Archer’s Tomb, the bow that Exalted Archer used when he was alive.