Chapter 2903 - Goldenstone Royal Clan

Chapter 2903 - Goldenstone Royal Clan

“Grandfather, what are you…”

Zhao Kun grew even more confused upon hearing what his grandfather said.

However, before Zhao Kun could finish, Zhao Kuangfengyi’s expression suddenly changed. He grabbed Zhao Kun’s lapel and lifted him up. With a nervous expression on his face, he shouted, “Grandfather is not joking with you! Kun’er, you must remember my words at all costs! In the future, if you are to encounter Chu Feng, it would be best for you to avoid him!”

“If you really cannot avoid him, then you must welcome him with a smiling face. You absolutely cannot make an enemy of him. Do you hear me?!”

At that moment, Zhao Kun was completely dumbfounded. He swallowed the words that he wanted to say and nodded silently.

Even though he still had no idea why his grandfather was acting like this, he was truly frightened by his grandfather’s reaction. After all, it was the first time he had ever seen his grandfather acting like this.

His grandfather that had always been fearless was actually revealing an expression of fear in his eyes.

Who was he afraid of?

It would naturally be Chu Feng.

Then, Zhao Kun recalled the strangely attentive behavior that Elder Tuoba and the Nine Profound Sect’s silver-haired old man displayed toward Chu Feng. With this, Zhao Kun seemed to have realized something.

“Grandfather, exactly what happened? Could it be that someone stood up for Chu Feng?” In the end, Zhao Kun asked his grandfather the question he had in his heart.

“Mn,” Zhao Kuangfengyi nodded.

“Who was it to be able to make you react like this?” Zhao Kun asked.

He wanted to know exactly what sort of existence was capable of scaring his grandfather, the Starfall Holy Land’s Supreme Elder and that Nine Profound Sect’s silver-haired old man to such a state.

“An Exalted-level expert,”


Hearing those words, Zhao Kun’s expression changed enormously. There was already no need to know exactly who that person was. Merely the fact that that person was an Exalted-level expert was sufficient.

The reason for that was because that person was certainly someone they could not afford to provoke. Not to mention them, it was likely no one in the entire Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm was willing to provoke an Exalted-level expert.

Even though the people from the Starfall Holy Land and the Nine Profound Sect had left, Elder Xingyi and Xia Yun’er remained. The two of them had stayed because they planned to accompany Chu Feng to the Ghost Sect Hall.

On the way there, the gaze that Xia Yun’er looked to Chu Feng with turned extremely complicated. Likely, she was secretly communicating with Elder Xingyi, and had already found out about what had happened.

“Senior, exactly what happened? Is it possible for you to inform me about it?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

Chu Feng knew that something must’ve happened while he was in the Inheritance Cave. As the main person involved in this matter, he would naturally not want to be left in the dark.

After Chu Feng said those words, Elder Xingyi revealed a surprised expression. He asked, “Little friend Chu Feng, you really have no idea what happened?”

“This junior truly has no idea,” Chu Feng said.

Seeing that Chu Feng didn’t seem to be lying, Elder Xingyi told Chu Feng what had happened.

Of course, Elder Xingyi did not mention that their Starfall Holy Land and the Nine Profound Sect were planning to take care of Chu Feng. After all, as Elder Xingyi was a member of the Starfall Holy Land, he must protect their image.

“Sure enough, I knew those people wouldn’t treat you so well for no reason. Turns out that they were threatened,” after hearing about the matter, Her Lady Queen spoke mockingly.

Even though Elder Xingyi did not mention the Starfall Holy Land wanting to take care of Chu Feng, Her Lady Queen and Chu Feng were both able to guess that the Starfall Holy Land, the Nine Profound Sect and even Zhao Kuangfengyi must have been planning to take care of him.

Otherwise, why would that old lady appear to threaten them?

However, at that moment, what Chu Feng was most curious about was exactly who that old lady was, and why she had helped him.

Chu Feng had no memory of befriending such an old lady before.

That said, not to mention Chu Feng, even Elder Xingyi and the others had no idea exactly who that old lady was.

While the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm only had a few Exalted-level experts, all of those Exalted-level experts were men; not a single one of them was an old lady.





Right at the moment when the three of them were traveling, thunderous sounds exploded from behind the three of them.

Upon listening closer, however, they could tell that it was not thunder. Instead, they were drum beats. Someone was beating drums. However, those drums were truly loud.

Chu Feng used his Heaven’s Eyes to look toward the direction where the drum beats were sounding from. Elder Xingyi and Xia Yun’er also looked toward the same direction as Chu Feng.

The three of them all saw a vast expanse of golden mist. The mist covered the sky and hid the earth as it floated in midair. The speed of the mist was extremely fast. Those drum beats were sounding from within the mist.

That mist was very amazing. It actually possessed the ability to block off one’s vision. Even using special abilities, one would still not be able to see through the mist. If it wasn’t created using treasures, then the mist must be the ability of a martial cultivation expert. Thus, not even Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes were capable of seeing what was inside the mist.

Although Chu Feng was unable to see through the mist, he was able to see a vast amount of banners gradually emerging from the golden mist.

Those banners were also golden. On them were green characters. They displayed the words: Goldenstone Royal Clan.

“The people from the Goldenstone Royal Clan actually came here?” Elder Xingyi blurted out.

The golden mist was extremely fast. It was actually faster than even Elder Xingyi’s speed. Soon, it disappeared from Chu Feng and the others’ field of view. The direction the golden mist left toward just so happened to be the direction Chu Feng and the others were traveling in.

“Goldenstone Royal Clan? Who are they?” Chu Feng asked.

“There is a small Upper Realm in the Ancestral Martial Starfield. All of the lands and mountains of that Upper Realm contain a kind of ore. That ore resembles gold very much. However, it is different to some extent. Because of that, that Upper Realm was called the Goldenstone Upper Realm.”

“Ever since the Ancient Era, the Goldenstone Upper Realm has been controlled by a special race. They resemble humans, yet are not humans. They resemble monstrous beasts, yet are not monstrous beasts. They are the Goldenstone Royal Clan,” Elder Xingyi said.

“They’re actually the overlord of an Upper Realm? No wonder they’re so impressively powerful. Merely, they seem to also be heading toward the Ghost Sect Hall. Could it be that they possess some sort of relationship with the Ghost Sect Hall?” Chu Feng asked,

“No, they do not seem to have any sort of relationship with the Ghost Sect Hall. However, they should be proceeding toward the Ghost Sect Hall. It would appear that the Ghost Sect Hall’s auction this time possesses some sort of treasure that has caught their interest,” Elder Xingyi said.