Chapter 2887 - Reverse The Losing Battle

Chapter 2887 - Reverse The Losing Battle

“If I don’t continue, are you perhaps going to continue on my behalf?” Chu Feng asked Asura Zhao Kun.

“Me, continue?” Asura Zhao Kun chuckled. He spread open his hands and said, “My apologies, I possess the self-awareness to know that I am no match for Miss Liangqiu. As such, I would naturally not make a disgrace of myself.”

“In that case, did the Starfall Holy Land request your presence so that you could display how self-aware you are, or did they request your presence to help them decipher the Inheritance Sites?”

“We’ve only just entered the Inheritance Cave. Of the nine Inheritance Sites, only four have been unlocked so far. Yet you’ve already given up? Are you worthy of the expectations that the Starfall Holy Land’s elders placed on you?”

“Are you worthy of the expectations your grandfather has placed on you?”

“Are you worthy of the expectations that the Starfall Holy Land’s disciples here have placed on you?”

“Are you worthy of the expectations of Miss Xia?”

Chu Feng asked with a loud voice. His every question was louder than the last.


Once Chu Feng said those words, Asura Zhao Kun’s previously smilingly face immediately became dark and ugly.

In fact, it was not only Asura Zhao Kun’s expression that changed. The Starfall Holy Land’s disciples and Xia Yun’er’s expressions also changed.

It was only at that moment that they realized that Asura Zhao Kun’s standpoint was abnormal. He was clearly someone who they had invited to assist them. How could he so easily abandon his position, and even start speaking for their opponents? In that case, what use was there in inviting him?

Thinking of this, Xia Yun’er and the other two Starfall Holy Land’s male disciples all cast dissatisfied gazes toward Asura Zhao Kun.

“That is not my intention at all, I merely…”

After sensing Xia Yun’er’s gaze, Asura Zhao Kun immediately turned red. He did not care about what the other two Starfall Holy Land’s male disciples thought. However, it was impossible for him to not care about what Xia Yun’er thought of him.

Thus, he hurriedly spoke and tried to explain himself.

However, before he could even finish, Chu Feng interrupted, “The path of martial cultivation is a path in defiance of the natural order. That is the essence of martial cultivators. It is also the essence of world spiritists.”

“Yet you, you do not possess this essence. Not only do you not possess the spirit to go against the natural order, you do not even possess the spirit to honor your contractual obligations.”

"To say it unpleasantly, you are unable to even determine your current standpoint. It is clearly the Starfall Holy Land that has invited you here, yet you decided to circle around the Starfall Holy Land's opponents like a dog, barking in their support. You are simply boosting the morale of others while reducing your own."

"Your name should not be Asura Zhao Kun. Instead, you should change your name to Coward Zhao Kun."

"The reason for that is because you are not qualified to use the word Asura."

"Also, I ask you to stop bringing insult upon the reputation of Asura World Spiritsts."


Hearing till this point, Asura Zhao Kun, who was originally trying to provide an explanation to Xia Yun'er, immediately revealed a furious look.

Chu Feng's words were not a mere mockery. Rather, they were a personal attack toward his character.

However, before Asura Zhao Kun could even finish his words, Chu Feng interrupted him once again.

"Oh, that's right. Just because it's something that you're incapable of accomplishing doesn't mean that it's impossible for me too."

"As fellow Asura World Spiritists, I, Chu Feng, will have you realize what the word ‘disparity’ means today."

Hearing till this point, Asura Zhao Kun became so furious that his face turned white. He was gnashing his teeth so hard, he simply wanted to eat Chu Feng alive.

"Good. Very good. Go on then, go on and continue then."

"Today, I, Asura Zhao Kun, shall see exactly how you will display the disparity in strength between you and I. I shall see how you will prove the reputation of Asura World Spiritists, how you will honor your contractual obligations and reveal the spirit and essence of martial cultivators."

"Most of all, I want to see exactly how you are going to defeat Miss Liangqiu," Asura Zhao Kun said.

"And if I am to defeat her?" Chu Feng asked.

"Defeat her? Do you really think that you are capable of winning?"

"Very well. If you are to truly win against her, I will change my name. From henceforth, I will no longer be named Asura Zhao Kun. Instead, I will be Coward Zhao Kun. Would that suit you?" Asura Zhao Kun asked loudly with rage fuming between gritted teeth.

"Of course. Merely... does your word count?" Chu Feng asked.

"Of course my word counts," Asura Zhao Kun vowed.

"That would be for the best," Chu Feng nodded his head in satisfaction.

"However, what will you do if you are to lose?" Asura Zhao Kun asked.

Chu Feng lightly smiled at Asura Zhao Kun's question. Then, he spread open his palms and shrugged his shoulder, "If I am to lose, then I will have lost. What else? I never once declared that I would definitely win."


Hearing those words, Asura Zhao Kun was so furious he nearly vomited his heart, liver, spleen and lungs.

What the hell was this? If Chu Feng won, he would have to change his name to Coward Zhao Kun.

Yet, if Chu Feng lost, Chu Feng would not have to suffer at all. He would only profit, and not suffer.

Wouldn't this mean that he, Asura Zhao Kun, would be the one to suffer enormously?

"What about me? It was you who insisted on saying that I was going to lose and declared that you would change your name should I win."

"It was not me who forced you to say all that."

"Remember, a promise must be kept. You must do as promised," Chu Feng said to Asura Zhao Kun.

Seeing the beaming smile on Chu Feng's face, Asura Zhao Kun felt even more furious.

It was only at that moment that he realized Chu Feng was actually such a treacherous, despicable, cunning and shameless bastard.

Most importantly, Chu Feng's every word made sense. There was simply no way for him to refute him.

He had no choice but to suffer this grievance without being able to do anything about it.

Right at that moment, Liangqiu Hongyue, who had kept quiet the entire time, suddenly asked, "Chu Feng, in this case, you're really planning to continue?"

"Naturally," Chu Feng said.

"Very well, I, Liangqiu Hongyue, will accompany you till the end. I will have you lose completely," Liangqiu Hongyue said.

It could be seen that Chu Feng's spirit of refusal to admit defeat had not only infuriated Asura Zhao Kun, it had also infuriated Liangqiu Hongyue.

"Let us begin then."

Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, together with Liangqiu Hongyue, he arrived before the fifth Inheritance Site.

Then, Chu Feng and Liangqiu Hongyue began to use their respective observation techniques to decipher the spinning wheel on the fifth Inheritance Site.

Liangqiu Hongyue's observation technique was as powerful as before. Perhaps because she wanted Chu Feng to lose thoroughly, but her fighting spirit was extremely high right now, and she was also extra serious.

As for Chu Feng, his Heaven's Eyes were also the same as before.

Thus, the crowd felt that there was no change to Chu Feng at all. They felt that this confrontation was still hopeless.

Being certain that there was no way for Chu Feng to win, the Nine Profound Sect's disciples even had an appearance of waiting to see Chu Feng's crushing defeat.

Of course, Asura Zhao Kun was even worse compared to the Nine Profound Sect's disciples. In terms of wanting Chu Feng to lose the most, it would be none other than Asura Zhao Kun.

At the moment when practically everyone was thinking that Chu Feng would lose, Chu Feng knew that his eyes were currently surging with heat. It was as if some sort of power was about to awaken. Chu Feng's desire to win was forcing him to awaken this power.

At that moment, the two disciples from the Starfall Holy Land secretly walked behind Xia Yun'er and asked her through voice transmissions, "Junior sister, do you think Chu Feng will be able to win?"

"Don't you all already have an answer in your hearts?" Xia Yun'er said.

Hearing those words, those two disciples sighed.

Indeed, they already had an answer in their hearts.

The reason for that was because the two of them were not hopeful for Chu Feng from the bottoms of their hearts.

However, as disciples from the Starfall Holy Land, they still hoped that Chu Feng would win.

After all, should Chu Feng win, they would be able to enter the Inheritance Site and receive the benefits.

Otherwise, wouldn't they have come in vain?

This was not only a confrontation between Chu Feng and Liangqiu Hongyue, it was also a battle of honor between their Starfall Holy Land and the Nine Profound Sect.

After seeing how Asura Zhao Kun had not only renounced attempting to decipher the Inheritance Sites but also started to insult Chu Feng for the sake of flattering Liangqiu Hongyue, they started to disapprove of Asura Zhao Kun even more.

Thus, Chu Feng was their only hope. Even though they knew that Chu Feng would not be able to win, they hoped for a miracle to happen.

However, after hearing what Xia Yun'er said, the final hope in their heart had been shattered.

Only Xia Yun'er continued to use her beautiful eyes to stare at Chu Feng.

In her heart, she said, "Chu Feng, exactly how are you going to reverse this losing battle?"