Chapter 2886 - Ridiculing Gazes

Chapter 2886 - Ridiculing Gazes

“Your Heaven’s Eyes are about to awaken? Are you serious?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“Mn, I’m serious,” Chu Feng said with certainty.

Hearing those words, Her Lady Queen became extremely excited. She was simply even happier than Chu Feng.

What were the Heaven’s Eyes? Her Lady Queen knew the best what sort of ability it was. After all… it was an ability taught to Chu Feng by Her Lady Queen.

Heaven’s Eyes was a detection ability, a Pulse Searching Method.

If one mastered the Heaven’s Eyes, there was simply no need for one to use one’s spirit power to examine anything. Merely by looking at it, one would be able to see all that one’s spirit power could detect.

Upon mastery of the Heaven’s Eyes, one would be able to see through walls and discover clues that others could not.

Tombs, remnants and other places of concealment would all reveal their mysteries.

What Heaven’s Eyes was capable of detecting were the mysteries that were being leaked. Mysteries that normal people could not see.

However, the power of the Heaven’s Eyes was most definitely not limited to only that.

If one were to master the Heaven’s Eyes to the later stages, the Heaven’s Eyes could become an offensive ability capable of massive destruction. With a single glance, one would be able to level mountains and dry up lakes.

If one were to obtain complete mastery over the Heaven’s Eyes, one could see through another’s heart and soul. One would be able to detect the nature of another, detect whether they were good or evil with but a single glance. One would also be able to subdue another with a single glance, making them vow loyalty and devotion to oneself.

Chu Feng had been training in the Pulse Searching Method for many years.

As Chu Feng gathered more experience, and as his world spirit techniques progressed, Chu Feng had been advancing in the Pulse Searching Method’s cultivation of brain and heart the entire time.

However, Chu Feng had not been able to make much progress in the most important aspect of the Pulse Searching Method, the cultivation of the eyes.

Not to mention seeing through a person’s nature or using it as an offensive tool, Chu Feng had not even managed to gain peak mastery over its most basic observation ability.

However, Chu Feng could not be blamed for this. After all, the Heaven’s Eyes was very difficult to master to begin with.

However, if Chu Feng was truly able to advance his Heaven’s Eyes this time around, it would definitely not be as simple as being an increase in the ability of his Heaven’s Eyes.

Should Chu Feng encounter remnants or tombs, he would be able to detect them. At that time, he would be able to gain great profits.

“Chu Feng, are you certain? It really is about to awaken?” Her Lady Queen asked again.

“Actually, it cannot be considered to be an awakening. I merely feel that my Heaven’s Eyes are about to enter a whole new level.”

“That said, I also do not know exactly what will happen. I will only know after attempting it,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng did not lie. He was also not completely certain. After all, it was merely a feeling.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s fighting spirit was completely unleashed after being stimulated by Liangqiu Hongyue. Not only was his body burning with fighting spirit, but his eyes were also feeling very hot.

Perhaps it was because he was stimulated by his longing for victory, but Chu Feng truly felt that his Heaven’s Eyes were about to change.

Merely, Chu Feng was uncertain as to whether or not he would succeed.

He would have to see whether his Heaven’s Eyes would actually reach a breakthrough in his following confrontation against Liangqiu Hongyue.

“If that’s the case, then continue your competition with her. Who cares if she wins or not, as long as your Heaven’s Eyes are able to awaken, we will have made an enormous profit,” Her Lady Queen said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng started smiling. He was feeling happy from the bottom of his heart. The concern Her Lady Queen held for him caused him to truly feel warm.

“Milady Queen, you don’t have to worry about me. I am able to handle things on my side. I am more worried about you, how’s the situation on your side?” Chu Feng asked.

Eggy was currently inside the first Inheritance Site.

Perhaps because the Inheritance Site contained some sort of special power, but Her Lady Queen was able to share Chu Feng’s vision and hearing even though she was not in Chu Feng’s body at the moment.

Thus, Her Lady Queen was aware of everything that Chu Feng had experienced. In fact, she could even continue to communicate with Chu Feng.

However, as for Chu Feng, he was simply unable to see Her Lady Queen or sense where she was. He could only converse with her.

Thus, Chu Feng was very curious as to the circumstances Her Lady Queen was in.

“What’s happening on my side is a complete secret. This Queen will not tell you. You merely need to concern yourself with what’s happening on your side.”

Her Lady Queen refused to tell Chu Feng anything.

“If that guy dares bully you, make sure to tell me. Even if he only damages a strand of your hair, I will still take his life,” Chu Feng said.

Even though Chu Feng was confident in Her Lady Queen, he was still worried about her safety. At this moment, Her Lady Queen was inside the Inheritance Site by herself. She was together with all those other world spirits. Chu Feng was actually very worried about her.

“You do not have to worry about my side. Everything is within this Queen’s control,” Her Lady Queen spoke confidently.

“Chu Feng, you’ve been quiet the entire time, are you not planning to continue?”

“Even if you’re not planning to continue, you should at least admit defeat, no? Do not waste everyone’s time, okay?”

Right at that moment, Liangqiu Hongyue’s voice was heard.

This time around, Liangqiu Hongyue’s tone was much more cutting.

It would appear that her continued victories had greatly increased her confidence. At this moment, she was completely revealing her arrogance.

Had it been an ordinary person, they would definitely surrender to Liangqiu Hongyue. Even if they were unreconciled in their heart, they would not dare to defy her with words.

However, Chu Feng was not an ordinary person. He was someone who would return both the kindness and malice of others two-fold.

Liangqiu Hongyue had only defeated Chu Feng a few times. Yet her attitude had immediately changed to one of such haughtiness. She had even lost her etiquette. Naturally, Chu Feng would not submit to someone like her.

Thus, Chu Feng cast his consciousness back into his body. With a smile on his face, he looked to Liangqiu Hongyue, “Firstly, there is no reason for me to not continue. I have come here because I was entrusted by miss Xia to unlock the Inheritance Sites.”

“Next, there are a total of nine Inheritance Sites here. You’ve only managed to unlock three of them. You have yet to actually win against me. As such, why should I admit defeat?”

Once Chu Feng said those words, not to mention Liangqiu Hongyue, the entire crowd present were surprised.

Chu Feng had already been defeated three times in succession. Furthermore, his every defeat was settled firmly by Liangqiu Hongyue. There was simply no chance for him to defeat her.

The strength of the two of them had been completely revealed. In terms of observation techniques, Chu Feng was clearly inferior to Liangqiu Hongyue.

However, even in this sort of circumstance, Chu Feng actually continued to say this sort of thing. Inevitably, the crowd felt his behavior to be unruly.

“Chu Feng, I’d urge you to give up.”

“Why must you insist on continuing even though you know that you’re no match for your opponent? Is this not making a disgrace out of oneself?”

Right at that moment, Asura Zhao Kun stood up and began to lecture Chu Feng with an extremely mocking tone.

Although the others did not say anything after Asura Zhao Kun said those words, their reactions showed that they agreed with his remarks.

This was especially true for the Nine Profound Sect disciples. They were sneering and casting ridiculing gazes at Chu Feng.