Chapter 2878 - Entering The Inheritance Cave

Chapter 2878 - Entering The Inheritance Cave

Once Chu Feng said those words, everyone was astonished. He once again became the focus of the entire crowd.

"Yoh? In that case, you are also very proficient in observation techniques and unsealing techniques?"

"If that's the case, why don't we spar?" The red-haired woman said.

Even though she had conceded of her own accord earlier, it could be seen that she was actually unwilling to accept her loss.

Perhaps she was truly not proficient in offensive and defensive formations. Thus, when Chu Feng mentioned sparring in observation techniques and unsealing formations, she became particularly confident.


Right at that moment, a loud sound was heard. The Inheritance Cave had opened completely.

At that moment, that Nine Profound Sect's silver-haired old man said, "Little friend Chu Feng, miss Liangqiu, the Inheritance Cave is now open. If the two of you want to continue to spar with observation techniques and unsealing formations, why not enter the Inheritance Cave?"

"After all, if one wants to obtain benefits from the Inheritance Cave, one must first open the inheritance sites."

"As for the inheritance sites, one needs to utilize one's observation techniques and unsealing formations to open them. That would be the time when your abilities will be tested the most."

"Very well, let us compare inside," the red-haired woman said to Chu Feng.

"That's fine with me," Chu Feng smiled indifferently.

At that moment, Asura Zhao Kun's expression turned very ugly.

Originally, he was the representative of the Starfall Holy Land. However, this status had been swapped with Chu Feng now. This caused him to feel very displeased.

"Kun'er, bring this with you."

Right at that moment, Zhao Kuangfengyi handed a medicinal-pellet like item to Asura Zhao Kun.

That was most definitely not an ordinary medicinal pellet. Although that medicinal pellet was small, it was transparent and surging with light. It was like the medicinal pellet was a small-scale world in itself.

That medicinal pellet was a spirit formation.

"An observation formation?"

At that moment, the red-haired woman's expression changed. She said, "Wasn't it said that one would not be able to use that sort of spirit formation in the Inheritance Cave?"

What the red-haired woman said was the truth. The Inheritance Cave possessed a vast amount of restrictions. Not only were those older than a hundred years unable to enter it, but the spirit formations that others had prepared would also be unusable inside it.

All these years, for the sake of taking care of the Inheritance Cave's inheritance sites, the Starfall Holy Land and the Nine Profound Sect had attempted many things.

Among them included requesting expert world spiritists to set up spirit formations for the people of the younger generation to bring into the Inheritance Cave.

However, those spirit formations set up by powerful world spiritists were simply unusable inside the Inheritance Cave.

"Little friend, this spirit formation of mine is not one to help you all open inheritance sites. Instead, should you all activate this spirit formation of mine inside the inheritance cave, we, the people out here, will be able to see your circumstances inside. If you all are to encounter a difficult problem that you are unable to solve, this old man could give advice to you all from the outside."

As Zhao Kuangfengyi spoke, he opened his other hand. In his hand was another medicinal pellet-sized spirit formation. The spirit formation in his hand was evidently in resonance with the spirit formation he had given his grandson.

"That sort of spirit formation is also unusable. We have attempted using it before," an elder from the Nine Profound Sect said.

Zhao Kuangfengyi smiled lightly. He said, "This spirit formation is something that I have prepared especially for today. It is capable of avoiding the detection of certain restrictions. Thus, I dare to guarantee that it will definitely be effective."

"It's fine, just bring it in and give it a try. It would be great if it's effective. Even if it's not, there's no harm in trying," that Nine Profound Sect's silver-haired elder said.

"No," Zhao Kuangfengyi shook his head, "It will definitely be usable."

It could be seen that he was very confident.

Right at that moment, the blue-haired woman said, “Go on in. Don’t waste time. Wasn’t this Inheritance Cave only going to open for a limited amount of time?” She had grown impatient. Likely, her impatience was from the priggish attitude revealed by Zhao Kuangfengyi.

Zhao Kuangfengyi also noticed the impatience of the blue-haired woman. Thus, he said no more. After all, she was Grandmaster Liangqiu’s disciple. Even though she was only a member of the younger generation, Zhao Kuangfengyi was actually also afraid of her.

The reason for that was because Grandmaster Liangqiu was an existence that he could not afford to offend.

Not to mention him, not even the Starfall Holy Land dared to offend Grandmaster Liangqiu.

Who was Grandmaster Liangqiu? He was an existence capable of calling the wind and summoning the rain in the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

Afterwards, Asura Zhao Kun entered the Inheritance Cave with everyone else. He brought with him the spirit formation he had received from his grandfather. Chu Feng also entered the cave.

After passing through the entrance to the Inheritance Cave, Chu Feng was immediately astonished.

The reason for that was because that Inheritance Cave was very different from what Chu Feng had imagined it to be. He had originally thought it to be a mountain cave or an underground palace.

However, judging from things now, it was not as simple as that at all.

The reason for that was because the inside of the Inheritance Cave looked more like a world. Merely, in the vast space ten thousand meters above was not a blue sky and white clouds. Rather, it was covered with white rocks. That’s right, they were rocks. Those rocks filled the entire sky, and were moving about at a high altitude like clouds. It was a very strange and spectacular sight.

The ground below was also composed of white rocks. It was as if Chu Feng and the others had entered a world of rocks. Both the ground and the sky were composed of rocks.

Furthermore, this world was not small either. With a glance, Chu Feng was unable to see its boundaries.


Right at that moment, a brilliant light emerged. In an instant, a silvery-white body of light enveloped Chu Feng and the others like transparent glass.

It was Asura Zhao Kun. He had activated the spirit formation his grandfather had given him.

At the same moment when the body of light enveloped Chu Feng and the others, the spirit formation held by Zhao Kuangfengyi outside the Inheritance Cave started to shine brightly and tremble by itself.

Seeing that, Zhao Kuangfengyi hurriedly raised his arm and began to form hand seals single-handedly. He lightly shouted, “Formation, activate!”

Immediately, the spirit formation started to enlarge. It enlarged so much that it enveloped everyone within it.

Being inside that spirit formation, the crowd was not only capable of seeing the world inside the Inheritance Cave, but they were also able to see and hear Chu Feng and the others.

“Brother Zhao is truly worthy of being a grandmaster world spiritist. Your abilities are truly extraordinary.”

“Before this, we'd requested the assistance of many expert world spiritists to set up spirit formations. However, all of their spirit formations would end up being ineffective the moment they were brought into the Inheritance Cave.”

“Never would I ever have imagined that brother Zhao’s spirit formation would actually be capable of being activated in the Inheritance Cave. Amazing, truly amazing!”

At that moment, not to mention the elders from the Starfall Holy Land, even the Nine Profound Sect’s elders revealed joyous expressions on their faces.

It was not the first time for any of them to visit that place. However, it was the first time that they’d managed to see the situation inside the Inheritance Cave. As such, how could they not be excited?

“Didn’t I say it already? That this spirit formation of mine would definitely be effective.”

At that moment, Zhao Kuangfengyi grew even more pleased with himself.