Chapter 2877 - How To Conclude

Chapter 2877 - How To Conclude

At that moment, the surroundings turned absolutely silent once again.

The people from the younger generation were all stunned. They simply did not dare to believe what they had just witnessed.

Even the experts from the older generation revealed surprise in their eyes to a greater or lesser degree.

“Grandfather, did that Chu Feng cheat?”

Asura Zhao Kun turned his gaze to his grandfather and asked through a voice transmission.

Asura Zhao Kun felt his own world spirit techniques to be extremely powerful among Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritists.

As for that blue-haired woman who had managed to defeat him, he felt that she was at the pinnacle of Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritists, someone infinitely close to becoming an Exalted-cloak World Spiritist.

Yet, Chu Feng was actually able to so easily defeat that blue-haired woman.

Asura Zhao Kun felt that to be simply be impossible.

Since Chu Feng had accomplished the impossible, this meant that he must’ve cheated.

As for his grandfather, he was, after all, a Dragon Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist. He was someone who could determine whether or not Chu Feng’s ability was real or fake from a single glance. That was the reason why he asked his grandfather if Chu Feng had cheated through a voice transmission.

As for Zhao Kuangfengyi, who had been looking down on Chu Feng the entire time, he currently had a serious expression on his aged face.

Questioned by his grandson, he replied, “You’re no match for him.”



Hearing those words, Asura Zhao Kun’s body started to tremble. Then, he stood there in a stunned manner.

This was the first time that he had heard this sort of thing from his grandfather’s mouth.

Right at that moment, that blue-haired woman asked, “You’re called Chu Feng?”

“Precisely,” Chu Feng answered.

“Who is your master?” The blue-haired woman asked.

“Even if I were to tell you, you wouldn’t know him,” Chu Feng answered.

“You!!!” The blue-haired woman was displeased by Chu Feng’s response. However, she managed to suppress her emotions.

She was a very proud person. After all, her master was the strongest world spiritist in the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield.

However, she was defeated. With this defeat, she felt extremely shamed. Her feeling of shame made her feel like she shouldn’t get angry at Chu Feng.


Right at that moment, a figure suddenly landed beside the blue-haired woman. It was the red-haired woman.

“Big sister, don’t worry about it. Your little sister will help you beat him,” the red-haired woman said.

The blue-haired woman did not say anything. However, she took a very serious glance at that red-haired woman. Her gaze seemed to be telling her sister to definitely not underestimate her opponent, and definitely not lose again.

Faced with that gaze, the red-haired woman nodded.

It was only after seeing the attitude revealed by the red-haired woman that the blue-haired woman felt at ease.

“Chu Feng, was it? It has always been you all that get to attack, and we defend.”

“This time around, I will attack and you defend. What say you?”

The red-haired woman asked Chu Feng.

“That’s naturally not an issue,” Chu Feng spread his palms indifferently.

“Very well. Since that’s the case, let’s begin.”

As the red-haired woman spoke, she began to form hand seals with her hands repeatedly. Spirit power started to emerge in great quantities. She had begun setting up her spirit formation.

As for Chu Feng, he did not hesitate either. At practically the same moment that red-haired woman started setting up her spirit formation, he also started setting up his own spirit formation.

The two of them were setting up their spirit formations simultaneously.

At that moment, both parties were very serious.

Both of them only stopped setting up their spirit formations when the time limit of an incense stick’s worth of time arrived.

Chu Feng’s spirit formation was a shield. Judging from its appearance, it was a very ordinary defensive formation.

As for that red-haired woman’s spirit formation, it was a spear. It too was a very ordinary-looking slaughtering formation.

To put it simply, Chu Feng’s spirit formation resembled an ordinary shield, and that woman’s spirit formation resembled an ordinary spear.

However, through what had happened earlier, all of the younger generations present knew very well that those two seemingly-ordinary spirit formations were definitely extremely extraordinary.

As for the people of the older generation, there was no need to mention them. Experts of their level were able to tell with a single glance how powerful the spirit formations Chu Feng and that red-haired woman had set up were.

It was precisely because they had seen through the two spirit formations that they were so shocked.

They were shocked at how the two of them were able to set up such exceptional spirit formations.

Those spirit formations simply shouldn’t be works of people from the younger generation.

“Kun’er, what do you think of this?” Zhao Kuangfengyi turned to ask Asura Zhao Kun.

While Asura Zhao Kun was also a person of the younger generation, he was most definitely the member of the younger generation with the strongest level of world spirit techniques apart from Chu Feng and that pair of sisters.

Earlier, he was overly arrogant, and had looked down upon his opponent. As such, he did not manage to carefully inspect how powerful his opponent was..

However, he was now an observer from the very start, and could carefully observe the spirit formations set up by Chu Feng and that red-haired woman.

Furthermore, he'd been observing them since they began setting up their spirit formations, and watched the entire process carefully.

It was precisely because he had observed them so well that he managed to have a realization. Because of that, Asura Zhao Kun was clenching his fists tightly. He did not say anything. However, his tensed body and his unreconciled expression had provided Zhao Kuangfengyi with an answer.

Regardless of whether it might be Chu Feng or that red-haired woman, he was inferior to both of them.


Right at that moment, the red-haired woman unleashed her attack. The spear slaughtering formation was shot directly toward Chu Feng’s shield.


A loud sound was heard. The shield and spear had collided.

Immediately, the collision brought forth violent wind and surging energy ripples.

As the energy ripples wreaked havoc, the spear had already shattered. As for the shield, it was trembling violently. However, it was still undamaged.


The people from the older generation had anticipated this scene. However, the people from the younger generation were all stunned.

They had never anticipated that Chu Feng would actually still be able to defeat his opponent even after the red-haired woman had grown serious.

“Not playing anymore, I concede,” the red-haired woman said with a very displeased tone.

“Little sister, you…”

Hearing those words, the blue-haired woman was slightly displeased. Her eyes seemed to be complaining to the red-haired woman, and wondering why she would admit defeat so easily.

“Big sister, I have truly given my all. However, that Chu Feng is simply too strong. Even if I am to continue, I will definitely not be able to stop his slaughtering formation.”

“Master will definitely not blame us for losing to someone like him. It is not that we are weak. Instead, it’s that guy, he’s simply too overpowered,” the red-haired woman said.

Hearing what the red-haired woman said, the blue-haired woman grew silent.

She had fought against Chu Feng. Thus, she knew very well that her little sister was not lying to her.

Even if she was given another opportunity to fight against Chu Feng, she had no certainty of being able to defeat him at all.

Right at that moment, the silver-haired old man suddenly spoke with a smile on his face, “It would appear that the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm is truly a place with talented individuals in hiding. Never would I have imagined even Grandmaster Liangqiu’s last disciples would be defeated here.” 

As he spoke, he turned to Elder Tuoba and said, “Brother Tuoba, you are truly treacherous. Not only did you keep such a powerful character for last, you even put forth such a show earlier. You had me thinking that little friend Chu Feng was truly a nobody.”

“Oh you, you are truly treacherous, too treacherous. You actually put forth such a show of deception for us.”

Hearing those words, Elder Tuoba felt his aged face becoming hot.

He hadn’t put on a show at all. Earlier, he was truly looking down on Chu Feng.

Before all this, he truly never would’ve imagined Chu Feng to be so powerful, so powerful that he was actually able to defeat Grandmaster Liangqiu’s disciples.

Through his careful observation, he became even more certain of Chu Feng’s strength.

Because of that, he felt extremely embarrassed, so embarrassed that he was trapped in a dilemma, and could only force a smile onto his face.

“The way I see it, not to mention those from the younger generation, it is likely there are no Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritists in the entire Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm that could match little friend Chu Feng.”

“It would appear that our Nine Profound Sect’s disciples will not have to enter the Inheritance Cave this year,” the silver-haired old man spoke with a joking tone.

Even though everyone was able to tell that he was joking, the red-haired woman was unwilling to accept it.

Angrily, she said, “Senior Li, what you’ve said is incorrect. There are many different sorts of world spirit techniques. They include offensive formations, defensive formations, unsealing formations, weaponry refinement techniques, medicine concocting techniques, observation techniques, and so on.”

“While I admit that Chu Feng’s offensive formations and defensive formations are superior to us sisters, but, to tell the truth, what Chu Feng is proficient in the most just so happens to be what we sisters are proficient in the least.”

“What we sisters are proficient in the most are weaponry refinement techniques, medicine concocting techniques, observation techniques and unsealing formations.”

“Today, we are going to be entering the Inheritance Cave. In there, both defensive formations and offensive formations will be of no use.”

“What we will be tested on will be our observation techniques and unsealing formations.”

“As such, how can you be so certain that we will definitely lose to Chu Feng after entering the Inheritance Cave?” 

Hearing those words, the silver-haired old man laughed awkwardly. He wanted to explain himself when a voice suddenly sounded.

“How are you all so certain that I am not proficient in observation techniques and unsealing formations?”