Chapter 2813 - Rank Two Immortal Technique

Chapter 2813 - Rank Two Immortal Technique

“You want me to admit defeat, what makes you think you’re capable of making me do that?”

Although Chu Feng appeared extremely weak and seemed to not even have the strength to continue fighting, Chu Feng was not afraid of Han Yu’s threatening words.

The reason for that was because Han Yu was not much better off compared to him.

The two of them had practically both reached their limits.

“It would appear that you will not shed tears until you see your coffin.”

As Han Yu spoke, he flipped his palm. Several medicinal pellets appeared in his palms, and he tossed them into his mouth.

Seeing that Han Yu had swallowed medicinal pellets, Chu Feng hurriedly took out several medicinal pellets and swallowed them too.

Han Yu had swallowed healing medicinal pellets. By taking those medicines, it meant that Han Yu was truly determined to continue fighting against Chu Feng.

As such, Chu Feng would naturally have to prepare himself to face Han Yu again.

“Is this what a confrontation between geniuses is like? They’ve already reached such a state, yet they’re still planning to continue? How could this be considered a spar? This is simply a battle with one’s life on the line.”

Seeing that Chu Feng and Han Yu were really planning to continue fighting, the younger generations present all revealed admiring gazes.

They were able to tell that both Chu Feng and Han Yu had reached their limit. If they were to continue fighting, even if they managed to survive, they might suffer permanent injuries.

No matter what, martial cultivators were people too. Even if their bodies were indestructible, their souls were destructible.

If they were to suffer a certain level of damage to their soul, it would very likely become something that would affect them for the rest of their lives, something that would affect their future prospects as martial cultivators.

Thus, Chu Feng and Han Yu were truly daring and truly unwavering. The two of them were willing to risk their lives and futures to fight one another. This was something that the great majority of the people from the younger generation present did not possess.

During the time when their medicinal pellets were taking effect, Chu Feng and Han Yu both sat cross-legged onto the ground and began to set up healing formations to help heal their injuries.

At this moment, the two men had paused their confrontation. They were providing each other the time to heal their injuries.

However, no one knew how long this period of time would be. Sooner or later, one party would attack first and shatter this peace.

As for that time, it would be the time when the two parties determined the outcome of their battle.


Suddenly, Han Yu stood up. Although his injuries were not completely healed, he had clasped his palms together once again. As he gnashed his teeth, his expression started to twist.

At that moment, layer upon layer of golden gaseous flames began to flow from Han Yu’s body. He was currently casting some sort of ability.

“ Han Yu is planning to unleash another Immortal Technique?”

“Is he capable of withstanding the backlash from his continued usage of Immortal Techniques at a time like this?”

At that moment, even the people from the older generation revealed worried expressions.

Han Yu had practically already reached his limit earlier. Even though he had alleviated his injuries through the use of medicinal pellets and healing formations, it remained that he was still injured. To continue to use Immortal Techniques after all this would be extremely dangerous.


At the moment when Han Yu was casting his Immortal Technique, Chu Feng was still sitting cross-legged on the ground. He did not stand up. However, he had also stopped his healing formation. Instead, his hands were overlapping one another as he formed a series of hand seals.

As martial power surged out, the cracks on the Ancient Era’s War Sword started to disappear. As the Ancient Era’s War Sword continued to recover, Chu Feng’s complexion grew increasingly pale. However, Chu Feng did not stop.

Soon, the Ancient Era’s War Axe also appeared. Together with the Ancient Era’s War Sword, the Ancient Era’s War Axe surrounded Chu Feng within it, protecting him.

“It would appear that Chu Feng really does not know any Immortal Techniques. He is still planning to use his heaven-defying secret skills to contend against Han Yu.”

At that moment, the crowd realized that Chu Feng was still planning to rely on his secret skills.

That said, while Chu Feng continued to use his heaven-defying secret skills the entire time, no one was looking down on him.

After all, through those two heaven-defying secret skills, Chu Feng had already blocked three of Han Yu’s Immortal Techniques and forced Han Yu to such a state.

This was enough to demonstrate how powerful Chu Feng’s heaven-defying secret skills were, and how strong Chu Feng himself was.


After Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Axe appeared again, Han Yu’s body actually started to emit waves of ripples. Not to mention the earth, even space itself was trembling violently.

It was as if some sort of power was soon to erupt.

Under these sorts of circumstances, the golden light emitted by Han Yu also changed.

That golden light had actually taken the form of a Buddha.

This Buddha was three thousand meters in height. It reached deep into the clouds. Like a giant mountain, it completely covered Han Yu within it.

Most importantly, that enormous golden Buddha was emitting an aura much more powerful than the three Immortal Techniques Han Yu had unleashed earlier combined.

“That is… a rank two Immortal Technique!!!”

Suddenly, someone from the older generation let out a cry of alarm.

Once he said those words, he immediately caused an uproar among the crowd.

The reason for that was because it was not only the strength of a rank two Immortal Technique that was superior to a rank one Immortal Technique. A rank two Immortal Technique was also much more difficult to learn. It was simply not something that a rank one Immortal Technique could compete with.

To be able to learn a rank two Immortal Technique at the cultivation of rank six True Immortal was extremely exceptional.

Yet, Han Yu was actually able to unleash a rank two Immortal Technique in his current condition. As such, how could the crowd not feel astonished?

“It’s Chu Feng’s loss. Even if he was able to block three Immortal Techniques in succession, he will still not be able to block this rank two Immortal Technique.”

At that moment, everyone felt that Chu Feng would lose. After all, the might of a rank two Immortal Technique was truly not something that a rank one Immortal Technique could compare with.

Chu Feng was able to tell how powerful Han Yu’s Immortal Technique was. Suddenly, he shouted, “Seniors, please help me with one thing!”

“Little friend Chu Feng, please go ahead and tell us what you need.”

Once Chu Feng said those words, Ma Changchun, the Sacred Pellet Villa and the Immortal Armament Villa’s elders immediately answered him.

“I will take on Han Yu’s attack myself. No matter what happens, even if I am to die, I hope that seniors do not interfere,” Chu Feng said loudly.


Once Chu Feng said those words, the expressions of Ma Changchun and the others changed enormously. They were all stunned.

Originally, they had thought that Chu Feng had called to them to request their assistance in stopping Han Yu. Never did they expect Chu Feng to tell them not to interfere.

“Seniors, please!!!” Chu Feng said again.

“Very well. In that case, little friend Chu Feng, you must be extra careful. Han Yu’s Immortal Technique is a rank two Immortal Technique. It’s might is far superior to the Immortal Techniques he used earlier.”

Although they were unwilling, Ma Changchun and the others still ended up nodding their heads. After all, they still had to respect Chu Feng’s desires.

At that moment, both those that were optimistic about Chu Feng and those that were pessimistic about Chu Feng looked to him with gazes of admiration in their eyes.

Notwithstanding anything else, merely Chu Feng’s stubbornness had already obtained their acknowledgement.

“Chu Feng, prepare to die!”

Right at that moment, Han Yu let out a loud shout. Then, that mountainous Buddha started to change. It transformed into an enormous palm. Like an enormous mountain, the palm came swatting down at Chu Feng.

When the Immortal Technique was unleashed, the surrounding heaven and earth started to tremble violently. It was as if that palm strike would destroy everything.

As for Chu Feng, he gnashed his teeth and watched as the enormous golden hand came down on him.


Finally, that Immortal Technique arrived before Chu Feng.

When the golden light scattered in all directions, the eyes of Ma Changchun and the others froze.

The reason for that was because they were able to clearly see Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe being instantly destroyed by the descent of the enormous palm.

Most importantly, even Chu Feng’s body was directly destroyed.

After the palm landed, Chu Feng was completely destroyed, leaving not even a speck of flesh or blood behind!!!