Chapter 2812 - End In A Draw?

Chapter 2812 - End In A Draw?

“Despicable bastard, I, Han Yu, am unwilling to accept this.”

As Han Yu spoke, he actually abruptly shot forth a palm strike.

Perhaps due to feeling extremely furious and unreconciled, although this palm strike was a Taboo Martial Skill, it was much more powerful than the Taboo Martial Skills he had used earlier.

It actually managed to knock Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword back.

At that moment, the Sacred Pellet Villa’s Elder Ma Changchun said, “Han Yu, you have underestimated your opponent. You cannot blame others for it. It is indeed your loss.” 

Furthermore, as he spoke, an oppressive might was released from his body. That invisible oppressive might arrived before Han Yu and Chu Feng, sealing off the region.

What Ma Changchun planned to do was very simple. He would not allow Han Yu to continue to cause harm to Chu Feng.

“Han Yu, it was you who made such a declaration earlier. Could it be that you’re planning to go against your words?”

After Ma Changchun spoke, many people from the Sacred Pellet Villa and the Immortal Armament Villa also began to speak out against Han Yu. Mocking voices began echo unceasingly.

“Han Yu, you have indeed lost.”

In fact, even the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s Clan Chief spoke in an indifferent manner.

Although he was the quietest, his words held the most weight.

After all, depending on the status and strength of an individual, the weight of their words would differ.

Han Yu was starting to feel even more pressure. He knew very well that he would likely have no choice but to admit defeat.

“Very well, we’ll consider it my loss earlier. Chu Feng, do you dare to continue to fight against me?” Han Yu spoke loudly.

“Consider? What do you mean by consider? It was clearly your loss,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Enough of your rubbish. I’m asking you, do you dare to continue to fight against me?”

Han Yu was extremely infuriated by Chu Feng.

It would be one thing if he was truly defeated by Chu Feng. However, he had actually lost to Chu Feng because of his arrogant claim earlier. This caused him to feel extremely annoyed.

However, Ma Changchun’s oppressive might was sealing off the area between him and Chu Feng. There was simply no way for him to continue to attack. Even if he were to attempt to attack Chu Feng, he would not be able to cause any harm to Chu Feng, as all of his attacks would be blocked by Ma Changchun.

Unless Chu Feng was to agree to continue to fight against him, he would have no choice but to swallow his pent-up frustration.

“Why must he continue to fight against you? It was clearly your loss,”Li Xiang and the others mocked.

Although Chu Feng had not beaten Han Yu to the ground, it remained that he had won against Han Yu. If word of this matter were to spread, it would be beneficial for Chu Feng and detrimental for Han Yu. It could be said that Chu Feng had managed to make an enormous profit.

However, if he was to continue to fight against Han Yu, then the outcome of the battle would be undecided again.

Because of this, they felt that the battle had already concluded, that there was no need for Chu Feng to continue to fight against Han Yu. They felt that it would be best for Chu Feng to end the match like that.

Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly said, “Very well, I will continue to fight against you and beat you until you cannot move.”

Just when everyone felt that Chu Feng would not accept the challenge again, Chu Feng actually accepted it.

“Big brother Chu Feng, what are you…?!!!”

Li Xiang and his two buddies were completely stunned by Chu Feng’s words. Disbelief and confusion filled their eyes.

Actually, it was not only the three of them. Many of the people present were all confused by Chu Feng’s action.

Chu Feng actually dared to continue to fight against Han Yu?

But why would he decide to do this?

What sort of benefit was there for him to do this?

Could it be that Chu Feng really possessed the certainty of being able to defeat Han Yu?

Thinking of this, the crowd began to reexamine Chu Feng and Han Yu again.

Upon carefully examining Chu Feng and Han Yu again, the crowd discovered that Chu Feng’s current physical state did appear to be a bit better than Han Yu’s.

However, at the same time, the crowd also realized a serious problem. That is, it seemed that Chu Feng did not possess any Immortal Techniques.

According to their knowledge, Han Yu’s Immortal Techniques were most definitely not limited to the two that he had used before.

If Chu Feng was to forcibly withstand the Immortal Techniques using his heaven-defying secret skills, how long could he possibly last?

Or could it be that Chu Feng actually possessed an Immortal Technique, and just hadn’t used it yet?

Thinking of this, the crowd started to have even greater anticipation for the upcoming battle.

The target of their anticipation was Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because they knew that Han Yu would definitely use Immortal Techniques in the upcoming battle.

What would Chu Feng do to face that?

“Ma Changchun, since little friend Chu Feng has agreed to continue with the fight, why must you stop him?”

Filled with anticipation, people began to speak out for Ma Changchun to stop interfering. Those were not people from Yuwen City. Rather, they were people that were purely focused on enjoying the show.

Ma Changchun was still worried. Thus, he asked Chu Feng again, “Little friend Chu Feng, have you thought this over clearly?”

“Senior, thank you for your concern. However, I want to have this Han Yu completely convinced by his defeat,” Chu Feng replied with a clasped fist.

“Very well,” Seeing how confident Chu Feng was, Ma Changchun removed his oppressive might.


Right after Ma Changchun removed his oppressive might, cyan gaseous flames emerged on Han Yu’s body.

It was an Immortal Technique. That Han Yu had actually secretly started casting his Immortal Technique while Chu Feng was talking with Ma Changchun.

He immediately unleashed his Immortal Technique at Chu Feng the moment Ma Changchun removed his oppressive might.

Han Yu was very despicable, very hateful.

However, when looking at it from another point of view, his actions were understandable too.

It was Chu Feng who had said that there can never be too much deception in war to Han Yu earlier. Thus, what Han Yu was doing was completely within that theory too.

Evidently, Han Yu was planning to use the same principle that Chu Feng had used on him earlier to defeat Chu Feng.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

The next moment, sword rays filled the sky. Like meteors, they began to fly toward Chu Feng.

It turned out that Han Yu’s Immortal Technique created these cyan sword rays. Those cyan sword rays were each a hundred meters in length, and there were over a hundred of them.

With over a hundred hundred-meter-long cyan sword rays streaking through the sky, they were even more imposing than the two Immortal Techniques Han Yu had used earlier.

“That is Han Yu’s trump card, the Immortal Technique: Cyan Rays Sword Formation!!!”

Upon seeing the hundred-plus cyan sword rays, the eyes of many of the people present started to shine.

The reason for that was because that was indeed Han Yu’s strongest ability. It was precisely through this Immortal Technique: Cyan Rays Sword Formation that Han Yu had defeated his opponent in the last Heavenly Beloved Martial Competition and obtained tenth place on the Demon-level Geniuses List.

Although they were all rank one Immortal Techniques, that Cyan Rays Sword Formation’s might was definitely not something that other rank one Immortal Techniques could compare to.

Although Chu Feng did not know the origin of the Cyan Rays Sword Formation, he was able to tell that it was a very powerful Immortal Technique.

Thus, at practically the same moment Han Yu shot forth his Immortal Technique, Chu Feng controlled his Ancient Era’s War Sword to fly back to protect him.

Fortunately, the Ancient Era’s War Sword arrived before Chu Feng before Han Yu’s Immortal Technique could arrive.

However, Han Yu’s Immortal Technique landed right after.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang~~~”

The hundred-plus cyan sword rays collided with Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe in succession.

Each collision would cause a surging energy ripple. Each and every collision created an enormous impact on Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword.

In merely the blink of an eye, Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Axe had been shattered by the impacts. Even the Ancient Era’s War Sword was filled with cracks.

A painful expression covered Chu Feng’s face.

At that moment, many of the older generations present started to cast worried expressions at Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s current appearance truly did not seem like a disguise. Rather, he seemed to be truly unable to withstand the attacks from Han Yu’s Immortal Technique for much longer.

Fortunately, no matter how numerous the cyan sword rays might seem to be, their numbers were still limited to one hundred. After the final sword ray landed, the Immortal Technique came to an end.



The next moment, both Chu Feng and Han Yu half kneeled on the ground simultaneously.

The two of them both began to vomit a mouthful of blood. Their complexions were so ugly that they resembled dying men. Their health was very weak.

Although the bodies of True Immortal-level experts were undying and indestructible, their bodies would still react should their souls be injured. That sort of reaction would generally be uncontrollable by the cultivators.

Vomiting blood was a manifestation of one’s soul being damaged. That was the reason why Han Yu and Chu Feng were in such weak health and half kneeling on the ground after vomiting a couple mouthfuls of blood.



That said, although both Chu Feng and Han Yu were in extremely weak health, they still stood up immediately, and cast sharp gazes at each other.

Neither one of them was planning to accept such an ending.




Right at that moment, applause suddenly rang out. It was an expert from the older generation.

He looked to Chu Feng and Han Yu. While clapping, he said, “Two little friends, you are truly worthy of being the most outstanding geniuses in the current Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. Although today’s battle ended in a draw, it was an extremely marvelous battle.”

Once that man said those words, many other people began to nod their heads in agreement. There were even people that started to echo his words.

They felt that both Chu Feng and Han Yu had reached their limit. As such, the situation could indeed be considered to be a draw.

“Draw? Who told you all that we’ve ended in a draw?”

However, right at that moment, Han Yu sneered.

Then, he looked to Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, go ahead and admit defeat. If you are to do so now, I will let you live.”