Chapter 2777 - Confusion Method

Chapter 2777 - Confusion Method

“Chu Feng, do not continue to follow the path,” Her Lady Queen called for Chu Feng’s attention.

“That’s what I’m thinking of too.”

Chu Feng nodded, and then no longer continued to follow the open path to ascend the mountain. Instead, he entered the forest.

Both Chu Feng and Her Lady Queen felt that the open path was a method to confuse others. It was only because the person who set up the maze formation was too powerful that Chu Feng was unable to see through things

Sure enough, Chu Feng and Her Lady Queen had both guessed correctly.

After not following the mountain path and entering the forest, Chu Feng no longer continued to go around in circles in the same place. As he journeyed, foreign locations appeared around him.

Merely, to walk aimlessly like this would not work either. After all, his goal was to ascend to the mountaintop and enter Buried Spirit Lake.

In that sort of situation, Chu Feng started to panic slightly. After all, much less being able to attain his goal of entering Buried Spirit Lake, it was an issue for Chu Feng to even find out where Buried Spirit Lake was.

It would instead be strange if Chu Feng did not panic at a time like this. After all, he did not want his journey to have been in vain.

“Eggy, do you see that tree?”

Right at the moment when Chu Feng was at his wits’ end, a large tree suddenly appeared before him.

The appearance of the large tree gave Chu Feng a feeling of discovering light in the darkness.

The reason for that was because that tree stood out from the masses. What stood out about it was not that its outward appearance was different from the other trees in the area.

On the contrary, in terms of its outward appearance and variety, it should be the same as the great majority of trees present in the forest.

The difference regarding that tree was that it was emitting a faint purple radiance. Although it was very faint, it remained a purple radiance.

At that moment, Chu Feng started to recall the clues in his head. One of the clues was the word ‘purple.’

“Chu Feng, do not approach it. Carefully inspect it first. If this tree is truly capable of guiding you to Buried Spirit Lake, there is most definitely something even more extraordinary about it. It is most definitely not as simple as it seems,” Her Lady Queen got Chu Feng’s attention in a serious manner.

On their journey there, Her Lady Queen and Chu Feng could be said to have experienced the methods of the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan.

The Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan was very crafty. It was impossible for them to allow Chu Feng to obtain the clues necessary to climb the mountain to reach Buried Spirit Lake so easily.

“Mn,” Chu Feng did not dare to be careless. At that moment, he activated his Heaven’s Eyes to inspect the tree.

However, Chu Feng was unable to discover anything unusual. In fact, he was simply unable to see through the tree. Thus, he walked directly toward the purple tree.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz~~~”

Right after Chu Feng approached the three, a group of flying insects emerged from within the large purple tree.

Those flying insects were black, and their appearance was similar to that of beetles, while their size was similar to that of bees. Flying out from the purple tree, they numbered at least several hundred.

Most importantly, Chu Feng felt a very powerful threatening sensation from that group of flying insects. Those flying insects possessed very powerful offensive capabilities.


Although those flying insects were rushing toward Chu Feng to attack him, Chu Feng did not kill them immediately. Insead, he set up a sealing formation and sealed those flying insects away within it.

After sealing away the flying insects, Chu Feng walked over to the large tree and used special methods to carefully cut it open. He wanted to search for the mystery of the purple tree.

After Chu Feng opened the purple tree, he only saw a purple gem. Apart from that, there was nothing else extraordinary in the tree.

The purple gem was roughly only the size of a hen’s egg. It was very well-structured. It was not a product of nature. Instead, it was something formed with a spirit formation.

After Chu Feng retrieved the gem from the purple tree, the purple tree returned to the appearance of an ordinary tree. It no longer emitted a faint purple radiance.

From this, it could be determined that it was actually the purple gem that was emitting the faint purple radiance from inside the tree.

“Could it be that this gem is the key to reaching Buried Spirit Lake?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“It’s hard to tell. At least, this single gem does not provide me with any guidance. I am also unable to sense anything special about it,” Chu Feng said.

“Could it be that you don’t have enough of them?”

“After all, the other clue you obtained was a series of numbers.”

“Could it be that you are to gather as many purple gems as this series of numbers?” Her Lady Queen said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng frowned tightly. An ominous feeling emerged in his heart.

The reason for that was because the series of numbers was not a small amount.

Six, seven, four, nine, five, three. If they were to be converted into a numerical figure, then it would be six hundred and seventy-four thousand nine hundred and fifty-three gems.

This number was simply too enormous. How could he possibly find that many gems in the timeframe of a single day?

“There’s a high possibility for that to be the case. Regardless, it is better that I put the purple gem away first.”

Chu Feng was unable to deny that is was most probable that he needed to gather that enormous amount of purple gems.

Thus, Chu Feng put the purple gemstone away and prepared to leave.

The reason for that was because if he really needed to gather that many purple gems, he needed to hurry.

However, right after Chu Feng stood up and prepared to leave, he subconsciously took a glance at the flying insects that he had trapped.

He wanted to see if those flying insects would die now that he had taken the purple gemstone out of the tree.

However, once he looked at them, Chu Feng’s expression immediately changed.

He was surprised to discover that not only did the flying insects not die, but they stopped flying around disorderly.

Instead, they had gathered in an orderly fashion and were flying together.

Their appearance seemed to indicate that they were going to change into something.

“Chu Feng, those flying insects are fishy,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Eggy, you also noticed it?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course. Rather than saying that this gem will be the key to lead you to Buried Spirit Lake, I feel that it is those flying insects that will lead you to Buried Spirit Lake. After all, their change is unconventional,” Her Lady Queen said.

“That is indeed the case. Merely, due to some sort of reason, these flying insects are still unable to completely transform into the appearance that they should have transformed into,” Chu Feng said.

After pondering for a while, the eyes of both Chu Feng and Her Lady Queen started to shine.

Simultaneously, they said, “The number!!!”

“That’s right, it was the number. If one were to associate the amount listed in the number with the purple gemstone found within the tree, it would be truly difficult to accumulate that amount. After all, a single tree would only have a single purple gem.”

“However, if we are to associate the amount with these flying insects, it would be much easier by comparison. It would also make more sense,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Eggy, the two of us are thinking of the same thing,” Chu Feng revealed a smile on his serious face.

The reason for that was because if he were to truly associate the amount listed by the series of numbers with these flying insects, it would greatly decrease the pressure he was currently under.

“Fortunately, you did not kill them directly, but instead sealed them away. Else, we wouldn’t have discovered the mystery they contain,” Her Lady Queen said.

“We still cannot be certain that these flying insects are the key leading to Buried Spirit Lake.”

“However, if these flying insects are truly the key to Buried Spirit Lake, then I must say that the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan is truly too cunning,” Chu Feng gasped with admiration.

The reason for that was because these flying insects possessed very powerful offensive capabilities. If anyone below the True Immortal level of cultivation was to encounter them, they would definitely end up suffering.

Generally, if one was to encounter a situation like this, they would kill the flying insects without the slightest hesitation.

Should that happen, one would not be able to notice that the flying insects would form some sort of guiding pattern when they were assembled together.

In fact, Chu Feng’s decision to not kill those flying insects and instead seal them away was merely a sudden thought.

“Who cares? We need to find more of these flying insects. If other flying insects are also able to be gathered with these flying insects and change like them, this would mean that these flying insects are most definitely fishy,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Mn, in that case, I must treat these little guys well.”

Chu Feng set up a spirit formation. This spirit formation was very small. It was only the size of one’s palm.

However, this spirit formation possessed a similar function to Cosmos Sacks. Even though it seemed very small, it could contain millions of such flying insects.

Chu Feng placed the flying insects into his spirit formation and then continued to wander in the mountain forest. He continued to search for trees emitting a purple radiance.

As for whether or not the guesses made by him and Her Lady Queen were correct, he would be able to determine it after finding the next purple tree.