Chapter 2776 - Maze Formation

Chapter 2776 - Maze Formation

“Very well. We’ll do as you say and return.”

Yuwen Hualong and Yuwen Tingyi nodded. Then, the two of them walked back, and Han Yu left the palace hall by himself.

At that moment, the gazes with which the people present in the palace hall looked to Chu Feng had all changed.

They all felt that Chu Feng most definitely possessed an extraordinary relationship with the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan. Otherwise, the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan would not have deliberately made things difficult for Han Yu like the way they did.

As for Chu Feng, he knew very well that he did not have any relationship with the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan. Thus, Chu Feng also did not understand why the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s Clan Chief was deliberately making things difficult for Han Yu.

After this, more and more people began to enter the pillars of light with their glass ball in hand.

As for Chu Feng, he called Li Xiang and his two buddies over to him.

Chu Feng felt that since there were so many light pillars, they should indicate different entrances.

In other words, entering the maze formation through different light pillars would make one emerge in different locations inside the maze. Otherwise, there was simply no need to have so many beams.

Chu Feng was afraid that if Yuwen Hualong and Yuwen Tingyi were to encounter Li Xiang and his two buddies in the maze formation, they would attack them.

Thus, he had Li Xiang and his two buddies journey together with him. With this, Chu Feng would be able to protect them.

Even if he were to encounter Yuwen Hualong and was unable to win, Chu Feng would still be able to escape with Li Xiang and his two buddies.

However, if Li Xiang and his two buddies were to not journey together with him, if any one of them were to encounter Yuwen Hualong or Yuwen Tingyi, they would definitely suffer enormously.

“Young master Chu Feng, let’s journey together.”

Right at the moment when Chu Feng, Li Xiang and his two buddies were planning to enter the same light pillar, Xia Yun’er appeared beside Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng reacted as if he did not hear Xia Yun’er, and directly entered the light pillar.

Chu Feng did not wish to journey together with Xia Yun’er. He felt that she was too dangerous, and that it would be better to keep his distance from her.

At that moment, Li Xiang and his two buddies did not know what Chu Feng was thinking. The three of them all stood there in a stunned manner. After they looked to one another, they all revealed bewildered expressions on their faces.

They felt that since Xia Yun’er’s call was heard by even them, Chu Feng most definitely heard it too.

As such, they were unable to understand why Chu Feng did not respond to her.

In the end, the three of them could only reach a single conclusion. That is, Chu Feng was too headstrong.

Chu Feng actually treated even a great beauty like Xia Yun’er like this. If this wasn’t being headstrong, what would it be?

However, the three of them did not try to say anything to Xia Yun’er either. They merely smiled at Xia Yun’er respectfully and then followed after Chu Feng and entered the pillar of light.

As for Xia Yun’er, she did not reveal an ugly expression just because she was ignored by Chu Feng.

On the contrary, a brilliant smile emerged on her exceptionally charming face.

Following that, her body moved, and she too leapt into the light pillar that Chu Feng, Li Xiang and the others had entered.

It seemed that she was determined to journey together with Chu Feng, that she was determined to not let him get away.

One thing worthy of mentioning was that those who held transparent glass balls would emit a white light when they entered the light pillars.

As for those with cyan glass balls, they would emit cyan light. Finally, the golden glass balls emitted golden light.

As different-colored light continued to emerge from the pillars in the palace hall, Chu Feng entered the so-called maze formation.

“This is the maze formation?”

Chu Feng was quite surprised. This maze formation was actually a vast mountain. This mountain was covered densely with peculiar rocks, enormous trees and twisting vines. It did not appear to be anything special. Even the path up the mountain was very clear and visible.

Chu Feng started to doubt if he had arrived at the wrong place.

Or could it be that the golden glass ball possessed the capability of cutting through the maze formation?

“Something’s amiss.”

Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly realized that two pieces of information had appeared in his mind.

One was a word, whereas the other a series of numbers.

The word was ‘purple.’

As for the series of numbers, it was ‘six, seven, four, nine, five, three.’

Chu Feng looked to his hand and discovered that his glass ball had disappeared.

“The hell, these couldn’t possibly be the so-called clues, right?”

Chu Feng felt speechless. Judging by the situation right now, the information that appeared in his head out of thin air must be the clues.

Wasn’t the golden glass ball said to provide one with more clues? What the hell could a word and a series of numbers possibly amount to?

Most importantly, as Chu Feng stood here, he surveyed his surroundings, did not discover any pillars of light or teleportation formations.

“Crap,” Chu Feng said.

“What’s wrong?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“I’ve misjudged this place. Even if people are to enter the same light pillar, they will not be teleported to the same location. I have lost Li Xiang and the others,” Chu Feng said.

“Could it be that Xia Yun’er refused to allow Li Xiang and the others to follow after you?” Her Lady Queen guessed.

“No, that’s impossible. Even if they did not follow after, there must have been others who followed after me,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s true. No matter what, since you’ve entered this place, you must quickly find Buried Spirit Lake. Otherwise, you will miss the time of the eruption and would have come here in vain,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Rest assured Eggy. I know what I need to do. However, I also do not wish to abandon them like this. After all, this place is truly too dangerous. Allow me to wait a while longer,” Chu Feng said.

“Okay then.”

After Chu Feng made his decision, Her Lady Queen did not attempt to urge him.

Right at the moment when Chu Feng was waiting, a voice suddenly emerged from the sky.

“Through our observations, we have determined that Buried Spirit Lake will erupt in a day’s time. The eruption will persist for an entire day.”

“Thus, little friends that have entered the maze formation, you all will only have two days.”

“If you are unable to reach Buried Spirit Lake in two days’ time, you will miss the eruption that only occurs once every ten years. I wish all little friends good luck.”

This was the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s Clan Chief’s voice.

“Chu Feng, there’s only a single day’s worth of time. You must hurry,” Her Lady Queen urged Chu Feng.

After hearing the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s Clan Chief’s announcement, it was verified that the maze formation actually did exist. Thus, it would not be as easy to reach Buried Spirit Lake as Chu Feng had imagined it to be.

“Mn, I’ll set off right now.”

As Chu Feng had already waited some time and did not see Li Xiang and his two buddies or anyone else appearing, he had determined that Li Xiang and his two buddies would not appear.

Rather than wasting any more time waiting here, it was better that he search for the path to ascend the mountain.

Originally, Chu Feng followed the mountain path up the mountain.

However, after walking for a short while, Chu Feng stopped.

He was surprised to discover that the surrounding scenery was too familiar. Wasn’t this the same place that he had walked past previously?

That’s right, Chu Feng had walked past this path before. If he were to continue on this path, he would forever be unable to reach Buried Spirit Lake. He would only continue to pass the place where he had already passed.

“Crap, this maze formation is much more annoying than I had anticipated.”

Chu Feng started to frown. The reason for that was because, regardless of what sort of observation method he used, including even his Heaven’s Eyes, they were all incapable of detecting anything unusual in the path or the surroundings. In fact, they were unable to discover any traces of alteration from a spirit formation.

However, Chu Feng had attempted to walk the path several times. Even if he were to follow up the path directly, he would only return to his starting point.