Chapter 96 Golden-Purple Commanding Badge

MGA: Chapter 96 – Golden-Purple Commanding Badge


When Chu Feng’s words came out, the crowd yelled in surprise. Everything quieted down because of Chu Feng’s words. Everyone stopped their battles and blankly stared at Chu Feng.

At that instant, they knew the shocking truth. It turned out the reason why the Chu family could defeat 3 families that had existed for generations was not because of Chu Yuanba nor Chu Yuan. It was because of the young man who was only 15 years old.

After all, no matter how much stronger Chu Yuanba’s strength was, according to the people’s understandings, his strength was not far from the 3 other family master’s strength. As for Chu Yuan, they already saw his strength and it was inferior to Chu Yuanba’s.

As for Chu Feng’s strength, they already saw it personally. It was so strong that it was impossible for them to accept.

At that instant, most people had their eyes and mouths wide open. They felt that they did not know what do because they had no way of accepting that Chu Feng had such strong strength.

A young man who was only 15 years old could so easily behead strong people who were at the 1st level of the Origin realm. It was just like a fantasy story but when all that happened, they had no choice but to accept it. What they needed to do was not to display shock. It was to perform a choice.

“My Tian family agrees on the views of the Chu family. From today on, we are willing to follow the rules set by the Chu family and listen to the orders of the Chu family.” Someone took the initiative to declare their position. It was a power that had friendly relationships with the Chu family before.

“My Qiao family is also willing to follow the Chu family.” After that, the powers who remained neutral started to surrender to the Chu family.

At the end, even those who opposed the Chu family, the powers who attacked the Chu family all chose to surrender to the Chu family. It was not that they were willing to, it was just that in front of Chu Feng’s absolute power, they had no choice.

No one knew how strong Chu Feng actually was. However, him easily decapitating two people who were at the 1st level of the Origin realm was an unarguable fact. Him being a disciple of the Azure Dragon School was also an unarguable fact.

So, everyone knew, as long as the Chu family had Chu Feng, no one could oppose the Chu family in the mountain area. The young man really was too terrifying.

Even if they heard of the names of geniuses, they never even personally seen a real genius. However, their eyes were opened today. They knew what a true genius was. A true genius did not care about cultivation that could not possibly be won against, yet could still easily kill someone who was a realm higher than them.

When almost all of the people surrendered to the Chu family, Chu Feng slowly walked onto a tall stage, swept his glance towards the crowd and said,

“Since everyone has displayed your position, I won’t talk in circles. From today on, everything in the mountain area will be decided by my Chu family. The only word I want is, obey.”

“I want your hearts to obey, not your mouth. To show your sincerity, everyone, please kneel down.”

“What? What is this meaning?” Hearing Chu Feng’s words, the crowd was ceaselessly shocked and they did not know what to do.

“Did I not make myself clear? I’ll emphasize it one more time then. I want you all to kneel down.” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s face turned cold. Strong killing intent filled the air and engulfed the entire training ground.


At that instant, everyone trembled from fear. They did not dare to have any hesitation and they all kneeled on the ground. Almost in the entire training ground, only the Chu family remained standing.

Everyone acknowledged their allegiance. No matter if they were the ones who were friendly towards the Chu family, or the neutral ones, or the ones who attacked the Chu family, or even the Zhao and Li family who had their family master beheaded, all of them kneeled down.

It was not that they did not have dignity. It was that while facing the threat of death, they had to let go of their dignity.

As they looked around at the crowd who were all kneeling down, the Chu family members sighed in surprise.

Especially when many of the people kneeling were those who attacked them earlier and wanted them dead. With a blink, they kneeled in front of them instead. It was quite hard to believe.

As for Chu Yuan, while standing next to Chu Feng and looking at his son who was only 15 years old, his heart was extremely complicated. He felt, compared to himself, Chu Feng was more like a master of the family.

No. Not a master of a family. The atmosphere that Chu Feng was displaying was not comparable to a little master of a family. It was the real atmosphere of a king.

“The Chu family seems quite mighty. Do you really think that the mountain area is your Chu family’s world?”

“All of you are quite useless as well. You kneel to a little child who doesn’t even have hair? Do you even have any dignity?”

But just at that time, a clear voice suddenly rang out. Looking over, a group of people were slowly walking into the training ground. The person who talked was quite a capable old man.

Everyone recognized the group of people who entered. It was a power within the mountain area called the Fierce Tiger Escort Office. The capable old man was the manager of the escort office and everyone called him manager Lin.

The manager Lin was from a foreign family. Using his strength of the 9th level of the Spirit realm, he led his subordinates to escort various goods for families and got some land within the mountain area.

However, compared to the Chu family, the Fierce Tiger Escort Office was still a class lower. Normally, he would be extremely polite to the Chu family. However, he dared to say all that today. It greatly confused everyone.

“Bastard. A mere external villager dares to say these words. It seems that you have gotten tired of living.”

“That’s right. You are only looking to die if you don’t obey the Chu family.”

At that instant, before even letting the Chu family speak, various powers that surrendered to the Chu family exploded first. They angrily rushed towards the people from the Fierce Tiger Escort Office.

Naturally, they wanted to get good impressions from the Chu family’s. After all, the Chu family uniting the mountain area was already set. As long as Chu Feng was there, the possibilities for the Chu family in the future could be said to be infinite. At this time, it was the best time to lick the Chu family’s boots.

However, facing the crowd that were full of killing intent while rushing towards him, that manager Lin was not afraid in the slightest. He took out a commanding badge from his pocket, raised it high, then loudly said, “I have the Golden-purple Commanding Badge here. Who dares to touch me?”

“What? Golden-purple Commanding Badge?!!”

[TN: I really don’t know any better translation other than “badge”, but here are some images of it for a more general idea.]

Hearing those words, everyone was greatly shocked. The people who were originally full of killing intent instantly stopped their steps and focused their gazes on the commanding badge.

Although the gazes did not seem to be important, their faces instantly turned ashen. A formless fear surged into their hearts. Not to mention that they had no more intention to harm the Fierce Tiger Escort Office, some people already started to back away.

500 miles outside of the mountain area, there was a city called the Golden-purple City. The strength of the city was quite strong and all the land within 1000 miles of circumference was grasped by that city. It was the real ruler of the mountain area.

However, because it was quite far and because there weren’t many resources in the mountain area, the Golden-purple City did not manage the mountain area so that was why many families dominated.

As for the Golden-purple Commanding Badge, only the trusted aides of the lord of the Golden-purple City had that. Seeing the commanding badge was like seeing the lord of the city and everyone would have to kneel down.