Chapter 95 I Behead Without Exception

MGA: Chapter 95 – I Behead Without Exception

The big person who had the sideburns was the master of a family that existed for generations. His age was similar to Chu Yuan’s and he had the strength of the 9th level of the Spirit realm. So, while facing against Chu Yuan, naturally, he did not give in.

Chu Yuan’s expression did not change as he encountered the big person’s actions. Chu Yuan slowly walked towards him, and at the same time, Chu Feng and the other Chu family members closely followed.

It had to be said that the movement of the Chu family really did bring quite a strong grandeur. As they walked, the hearts of many of the surrounding people jumped because the hung heads outside of the Leaning Mountain Town already proved that the Chu family were heartless and ruthless.

However, compared to others, the big person with sideburns was fearless as he stared at Chu Yuan who was in front of him and said,

“Chu Yuan, if your Chu family wants to unite the mountain area, you should find a person who’s more presentable. Go and find Chu Yuanba or else you really would not be qualified to unite and lead us.”

*bang* However, just as the big person finished speaking, Chu Yuan suddenly extended his hand. A clear slap fiercely landed on the big person’s face.

*boom* The strong force made the big person fly dozens of meters away. As he flew in the air, the chairs and tables shattered. Many surrounding people got heavily injured just by getting hit by his forceful collision.

But, that was still the result of Chu Yuan restraining himself or else Chu Yuan’s slap could have broke his brain into pieces.

The big person came to his senses and he was filled with shock. As he covered his face with his hand, he lost himself from fear and panic as he howled,

“You…You…You entered the Origin realm?!”

“Origin realm? Chu Yuan entered the Origin realm?”

When the words of the big person came out of his mouth, the surrounding crowd were endlessly shocked as well. Thinking back, the aura that Chu Yuan emitted was a bit off. It was not spiritual energy. It was Origin power. Chu Yuan really did enter the Origin realm.

Chu Yuan did not answer the big person’s question and he only walked in front of him, raised his leg and kicked. With a cracking sound, he broke the big person’s left leg.

“Ah~~~~~” The big person cried out in pain, hugged his leg and started to howl.

Looking at the big person who had pain all over his face, Chu Yuan’s face did not have a sliver of sympathy as he only coldly smiled and said, “Am I qualified now?”

Looking at that scene, the crowd couldn’t help but breathe a breath of cool air because that time, Chu Yuan did not conceal himself as he released his own aura. Without a doubt, it was the 1st level of the Origin realm.

“Chu Yuan really entered the Origin realm. So the Chu family already had 2 experts of the Origin realm.”

“No wonder. No wonder even when the Xu, Wang, and Ma family acted together, they could still not beat the Chu family. The Chu family’s strength is too strong.”

At that instant, many people who originally wanted to oppose the Chu family erased those thoughts. Suddenly, they understood that they underestimated the Chu family. The strength that the Chu family had today was not something that they could go against.

“It’s not that I’m looking down on you. However, if you’re only at the 1st level of the Origin realm, you are still not qualified.”

Just at that time, an aged voice suddenly rang out somewhere. Looking over, a person who was thin as firewood yet almost 10 feet tall stood up.

That old man was too skinny and too tall. As he stood there, he was just like a dried out tree that was on the verge of collapse. However, his pair of eyes were abnormally bright and it made people not dare to underestimate him.

“It’s the master of the Li family. He really did come.” Seeing that old man, many people cried out in surprise. Within the mountain area, that person was as well-known as Chu Yuanba, being also an expert of the 1st level of the Origin realm.

“Old Li, no need to be so direct when you speak. At least leave some face for the young ones.”

Just at that time, another old man stood up. He was also very skinny but in contrary, he was very short. He looked just like a monkey.

However, ignoring his ugliness, his aura was not ordinary. He also had the cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm.

“Indeed. They came prepared.” Chu Yuan slightly frowned because the old man who was like a monkey was the master of the Zhao family. It could be said that those two, within the mountain area, other than Chu Yuanba, were the strongest in the old generation.

The strength of the Zhao and Li family were actually no worse than the Xu family. It was just that they usually kept a low-profile and they belonged to those people who silently made their fortune. The most important thing was that the two families were very close to one another and their relationship was extremely good. It was obvious that they came together this time to join hands and fight against the Chu family.

“Chu Yuan, go get your old father. You are not equal to the both of us.” The master of the Zhao family waved his hand towards Chu Yuan but never looked at him in the eye. It was obvious that he did not even put Chu Yuan in his eyes.

“Hmph, whether we are equal or not will still rely on strength.”

Chu Yuan coldly snorted and rushed towards the two of them. At that moment, the him who was at the 1st level of the Origin realm had a lot of confidence. In addition to his healthy, young self, he did not put the two old men in his eyes.

“Ahh, after reaching the Origin realm with great difficulty. What a shame.” The master of the Zhao family sighed, stepped forward, and dashed towards Chu Yuan. Very soon, the two of them started to battle.

The two of them displayed their Origin power. That might that was created was not little and many people were harmed by the shock. The tables everywhere were shattered and everything was in a mess.

But after a few exchanges in blows, a principle was proved. It was that the old were not easy to deal with. Although Chu Yuan was at the 1st level of the Origin realm, his control over Origin power was clearly inferior to the master of the Zhao family. Very quickly, he was in the disadvantage.

“Shameless words of the Chu family, wanting to unite us all. The Chu family is obviously not putting us in their eyes. Today, I will show the Chu family that we are not good to bully. Everyone join hands and end the Chu family.”

Suddenly, many areas in the martial arts training ground exploded. They were the people from the Zhao and Li family and they did not restrain themselves as they attacked the Chu family.

“That’s right, we still need to see if the Chu family even has the strength to be our boss. Everyone, join hands and destroy the Chu family.”

Seeing the Chu family’s might being suppressed down, many powers felt that it was a good chance and chose to join the battle. They started to attack the Chu family members.

At that instant, in the entire martial arts training ground, everything was disarrayed. However, the most eye-catching was still the battle between Chu Yuan and the master of the Zhao family. But, at that moment, under the fierce attacks of the Zhao family master, Chu Yuan was clearly unable to go on and he had hints of becoming defeated.

“Chu Yuan, today, your life shall rest.” Suddenly, a figure entered the battle. It was the master of the Li family.

The master of the Li family attacked with his palm. On his palm, green light was emitted from it and strange gas was spread. It was a very dark and fierce martial skill, the Five Poison Hand.

At that instant, the people from the Chu family hidden cursed. Chu Yuan who was already disadvantaged had difficulties upon difficulties while facing the master of the Zhao family. When the master of the Li family attacked as well, he had no way to dodge. If he was stuck by that attack, even if he didn’t die, he would be crippled.


But just as the Li family old man was going to get his way, a body appeared like a demon behind the master of the Li family. His hand was like lightning, and as if it was a shape blade, it stabbed through the throat of the Li family master.


With the wave of the hand, blood sprayed out and the head of the Li family master flew up. His corpse fell on the ground and died violently.

He was not finished after that. His body spun and attacked again. He went straight for the master of the Zhao family, and with the same method, after beheading the master of the Zhao family, he stably landed on the ground.

Everything happened too fast. People could not even see the person who attacked was yet the two Origin realm masters already died by decapitation. They died quite straight-forwardly.

When everything ended, when everyone locked their gazes on the person who attack, everyone was greatly shocked. They discovered with astonishment that the person who attacked was a young man. The genius of the Chu family, Chu Feng.

Chu Feng did not pay attention to the crowd’s shocked expression. He only swept his gaze around the crowd and icily said,

“Today, my Chu family will unite this mountain area. Those who dare oppose it, no matter who, I behead without exception.”