Chapter 68 A Burst of Lingering Fear

MGA: Chapter 68 – A Burst of Lingering Fear

“What, you have nothing to say?”

“That’s right. You better quiet down for me or else I’m afraid that the next time we meet, I might accidentally hit you to death. Haha…”

Looking at the Jian Fengyi who was paled-faced and fiercely glaring yet not even daring to fart, Chu Feng laughed, elegantly walked onto the stage and entered the dark-green house.

As for Jian Fengyi, he was clenching both of his fists as they made sounds. The flames in his heart were as if they was going to explode at any moment.

As the alliance master of the Sword Alliance, he was one of the most eye-catching disciples in the inner court. When had he ever been provoked like this before? Even the alliance master of the Wings Alliance never treated him like that.

But in his eyes, he could only endure even if he got more angry. He did not dare to attack in this Martial Skill Building and he did not dare to attack in front of Ouyang. After all, even core disciples were respectful to Ouyang, say nothing of him.

“Who is that guy? He dared to speak to Jian Fengyi like that. Does he not want to live?” Looking at that scene, some people worried for Chu Feng.

“I recognize him. He’s Chu Feng. A few days ago, he annihilated the Liu Alliance all by himself. He’s also the person that destroyed Liu Mang’s groin.”

“I’ll tell you this. Never, ever, offend him. Compared to Jian Fengyi, Chu Feng is way more dangerous and way more terrifying. He is not afraid of anything and when he attacks, he is extremely ruthless. He’s just like a devil.”

But some people recognized Chu Feng. Especially to those who personally saw Chu Feng destroy the Liu Alliance, when they thought of the scene that day, they shivered even though it was not cold. Deep within their hearts, a shadow of fear was already marked by Chu Feng.

However, compared to others, the ones with the most complex expressions were Chu Yue and Chu Xue. As part of the Chu family, they deeply understood Chu Feng’s past.

They were clear that the boy who was always bullied by the Chu family became an idol of every Chu family young generation. He arrived at a point in which they could only raise their heads to look as he would walk further and further away.

Just as the inner court disciples kept on discussing about Chu Feng, he already stepped into the so-called Cultivation Formation.

“What a mysterious formation. It should be the work of that World Spiritist right?”

At that moment, around Chu Feng was not the room of a simple house. It was a different world.

Under his feet was a muddy swamp; above his head were black clouds and lighting; all around him were howling gales and storms; next to his ears were the rumbling of thunder.

Even the him that had Spirit power knew that everything was false and only an illusion, looking with the naked eye, everything was as if it was true.

The most important thing was being in that area, it did indeed make Chu Feng feel strong pressure. He didn’t even need to do anything. Just by standing there, the pressure increased by several times. Perhaps the weaker people had no way of waiting here even if they didn’t move, let alone cultivating any martial skills.

However, an environment like that was exactly what Chu Feng needed. He really enjoyed being in the environment that was filled with pressure. Only then could he become stronger and it would be more convenient for his cultivation.

Chu Feng slowly closed his eyes and started to organize the information about the Imperial Sky Technique in his brain.

“Rank 7 bodily martial skill, the Imperial Sky Technique. Divided into 4 big sections. For the early stage, creating wind under one’s feet and running would be as fast as flying. For the middle stage, creating lightning under one’s feet and running would be as fast as lightning. For the late stage, creating light under one’s feet and running would be as fast as a flash. After mastering, nothing may live under one’s feet but one’s feet can step on the air, resist the air to walk and travel towards the horizon.”

Although the descriptions were simple, just with the mark of “rank 7″ told Chu Feng that the difficulty of cultivating the bodily martial skill was extremely high. After all, in the Azure Dragon School, the best martial skills did not pass rank 5. However, the harder the difficulty of the martial skill, the more Chu Feng wanted to cultivate it.

“Elder Wang, you won’t blame me for making a move on you just now right?” Within the Martial Skill Building, elder Ouyang was chatting with Elder Wang.

“No need to worry about that. It was thoughtlessness on my part so can how can I blame you?” Although Elder Wang said those words with his mouth, he did not think that in his brain.

Before the large crowd, he was forced back by Ouyang. Although he was not injured, as an elder he still felt that his face was completely gone.

“The reason why I stopped you from making things difficult for Chu Feng was because I was thinking for you. After all, we are from the same generation. I did not want to see you offend a talented person that has quite a future.” Ouyang smiled and said.

“What do you mean? Does Chu Feng have some sort of background?” At that instant, Elder Wang finally understood that something was off.

“He doesn’t have a background, but he quite impressive by himself.”

“Himself? Chu Feng is just another boy who has hair. I don’t see which part of him is outstanding.”

“Ahh, he has the Spirit power so is that not enough?”

“What? He…”

Hearing those words, Elder Wang’s face couldn’t help but change. He finally knew why elder Ouyang helped Chu Feng.

“Thank you for stopping me today, or else I was going to follow in Liyi’s footsteps.”

At that moment, Elder Wang had a burst of lingering fear. Both of his hands were even trembling a bit. After a while he got himself together and kept on thanking Ouyang.

He remembered something a few years ago. An inner court elder had some conflicts with an inner court disciple and that inner court elder was called Liyi.

Normally, the inner court disciples were still young, so it was not like there were none who did things rashly like Chu Feng. So, there were still quite a few conflicts between them and the elders.

But, after all, disciples were disciples. If they offended an elder, most of the time they had it coming. That disciple received quite a bit of Elder Liyi’s beatings, and at that time, everyone felt that the disciple was dead. After all, he was still young and it was nothing good when he offended an elder that had high power in the inner court.

But, only until the disciple shocked everyone by becoming a core disciple in a short period of time, people discovered that the disciple was a rare cultivating genius.

The thing that made people even more shocked was that one year after the disciple became an inner court disciple, when Liyi was on his road home, he was decapitated by someone and died under the martial skills of the Azure Dragon School.

Although the murderer was still not found today, in reality, many people could have guessed who that murderer was. It was the disciple that had conflicts with Liyi. His name was Leng Wuzui and currently one of the strongest within the core disciples but the only person to have the Spirit power.

“Hoho, I won’t hide it from you. According to my observations, the current Chu Feng is a lot stronger than the Leng Wuzui before. In the future, he would certainly have big achievements. But the most important thing is that he is ruthless enough.” Ouyang smiled and said.

After hearing those words, Elder Wang’s face which just turned to a better colour instantly became pale again without a single trace of blood. He couldn’t say anything at the moment and deeply thought.

“Okay, the things has passed and I’m sure he won’t create any troubles for you in the future. But, I can’t say that for Jian Fengyi.” Ouyang lightly smiled, walked towards the window, looked downwards at the Cultivation Formation and said,

“This Cultivation Formation is a good thing for training one’s mind and body. It has extremely strict requirements for physical strength and perseverance and I wonder how long Chu Feng can go on with this.”

“From what I know, the best result from the core disciples seems to be 6 hours. Chu Feng’s current strength is a bit too weak so I’m guessing 1 hour would be his limit and even that would be fairly good.” Seeing that, Elder Wang took a guess.

“Mm.” After some consideration, Ouyang did not refute it. He even felt that with Chu Feng strength, it could be called a miracle to pass 1 hour. After all, within the Spirit realm, no one could stay in the Cultivation Formation for over an hour.