Chapter 67 Supporter

MGA: Chapter 67 – Supporter

*whoosh* Suddenly, Jian Fengyi’s body flashed and he disappeared like a ghost.

When he reappeared, he already arrived in front of Chu Feng. A strong punch constantly got bigger in front of Chu Feng’s eyes. He did not care where he was and he directly attacked.

But, he underestimated Chu Feng. He thought that his punch would hit and defeat Chu Feng, but he did not know that his punch was powerless in Chu Feng’s eyes.

The corner of Chu Feng’s mouth slightly curved up. He stepped forward, his shoulders slightly shook, his right arm suddenly extended and he punched out as well.

The two fists collided in the air. The fast speed and strong power even rustled the air as if burning the air.


But just as the two fists were going to collide, a body suddenly appeared in front of the two people and two strong palms tightly grasped Chu Feng and Jian Fengyi’s wrist, forcefully stopping the two attacks.

“Origin realm?” The power from the wrist lit up Chu Feng’s eyes. He raised his head and looked. It was the Martial Skill Building elder on the stage before.

But, at that moment, the elder was also looking at Chu Feng. Within his eyes, there was a bit of astonishment.

From the two fists, he could obviously feel that Chu Feng’s power was stronger than Jian Fengyi’s. Yet, Chu Feng only had the aura of the 7th level of the Spirit realm whereas Jian Fengyi had the aura of the 9th level.

“What is happening? Why do I feel fluctuations in spiritual energy?”

Just at that time, an aged voice came from the direction of the Martial Skill Building. An old man with black hair walked out and it seemed like it was another elder from the Martial Skill Building. His position seemed to be higher than the middle-aged elder in front of him.

“Elder Wang, these two disciples were going to exchange blows here.” Seeing that, the middle-aged elder went up to report.

“Oh?” The elder looked at Jian Fengyi at first, then strictly scolded Chu Feng, “Why did you attack here? Do you not know where this place is? Do you even have the rules of the school in your eyes?”

“Elder, did you not see that he attacked me first? I was only defending. Was that wrong in any way?” Chu Feng felt aggrieved.

Hearing those words, Elder Wang also frowned. He never would have thought a disciple dared to talk to him in such a manner. But even so, he still looked at Jian Fengyi and asked with an extremely gentle tone, “Fengyi, did you attack first?”

“I…” At that instant, Jian Fengyi was at a loss of words. He was indeed in the wrong. After all, countless pairs of eyes saw the scene just now.

“Okay, just pay attention next time. As a representative character within the inner court disciples, remember to pay attention to your influences okay?”

“I understand.”

“Mm, you never come to the Martial Skill Building. What are you here for today?”

“Elder Wang, I came here today to have a feel for the mysteriousness of this Cultivation Formation.”

“You’re going to become a core disciple in a few days yet you still want to have a feel here. But it won’t have any harm. Since you came, go ahead.” Elder Wang smiled and waved his hand.

“Thank you elder.” Jian Fengyi did not delay and took out a Saint Spirit Grass from his Cosmos Sack. He respectfully gave it to the middle-aged elder and walked towards the stage.

However, when he walked next to Chu Feng, he said in a voice that only Chu Feng could hear,

“Boy, can’t you tell that I have supporters in this inner court?”

“Also, don’t think that you’ll be safe and sound after joining the Wings Alliance. Since you dared to attack my brother, even the heavens can’t protect you.” After saying those words, Jian Fengyi waved his big sleeve, stepped forward in huge strides and climbed up the tall stage.

At that instant, Chu Feng’s face turned a bit ugly. He said with dissatisfaction towards Elder Wang, “I clearly arrived here before him. Why did you let him go first?”

“The so-called ‘The able takes priority’. Jian Fengyi is one of the outstanding disciples of the inner court. Naturally, he has priority in the cultivating resources within the inner court.”

The elder said that unhurriedly but traces of anger were jumping in his eyes. Obviously, being contradicted by Chu Feng again, he felt displeased.

“How do you know I’m not more outstanding than him?” Chu Feng did not let the topic go.

“Haha, you’re more outstanding? A mere disciple of the 7th level dares to call himself outstanding? How arrogant. How did such a disciple appear in the Azure Dragon School?” Elder Wang’s tone became more and more icy.

“Whether I am outstanding or not cannot be judged by you. At the end, you are only an inner court elder. You have no right to judge a person’s qualifications.” Chu Feng saw that the elder had connections with Jian Fengyi so his attitude also became more rude.

“What an arrogant boy. You dare to talk to me like that?” Elder Wang grinded his teeth and said.

“As an elder, you treat things unjustly. How are you qualified for my respect?” Chu Feng disdainfully curled his lips.

“Impudent. If I don’t teach you a lesson today, you would really think none of the all laws of the world apply to you.” Finally, the elder could not take anymore of Chu Feng’s arguments. He waved his big sleeve and a strong palm headed towards Chu Feng.

“3rd level of the Origin realm?” At that instant, Chu Feng couldn’t help but be shocked. He never would have thought that the elder would have the cultivation of the 3rd level. If it was the 1st level of the Origin realm, Chu Feng could still face it. But if it was the 3rd level, Chu Feng would not have much luck.



But just as Chu Feng thought disaster was going to strike, the Elder Wang yelled in surprised and backed away a few steps. It was as if he felt a huge blow, and when he stabled his steps, his face became abnormally pale.

“Elder Wang, it doesn’t seem to be too appropriate to attack disciples like that right?”

At that instant, people noticed that there was a white-haired elder that appeared next to Chu Feng. Chu Feng also recognized that person. It was the person that registered for him, an elder of the Martial Skill Building, Elder Ouyang.

But he also would not have thought that the elder’s strength would be that strong. Not to mention that he arrived next to him completely silently, he didn’t even feel the strike just now. But, he knew that the aura of the old man was extremely thick. It was far above Elder Wang’s.

“Milord Manager, we pay our respects!” Seeing elder Ouyang, Elder Wang and the middle-aged elder greatly changed their expressions and immediately became respectful.

“Manager? He’s the manager of the Martial Skill Building?” Chu Feng suddenly understood and looked at the old man next to him with a bit of shock.

“How did this boy get to know elder Ouyang?” At that instant, Jian Fengyi who was already on the stage also frowned.

From his family, he had some connections with Elder Wang. That was why he could step onto the stage. But he never would have thought that Chu Feng would know the manager of the Martial Skill Building.

It seemed that the relationship between the two was quite good or why else would Ouyang personally come out for Chu Feng? At that instant, Jian Fengyi felt that the situation was not heading towards a good direction.

“I won’t look too much into what just happened. However, in my Martial Skill Building, there is the rule of first come first serve.”

“Chu Feng, you go up. No need to pay the Saint Spirit Grass.” Ouyang didn’t waste any words and he waved his hand, indicating Chu Feng to go up.

“Thank you elder.” Chu Feng gratefully bowed to Ouyang, and under the gazes of the crowd, he walked on the tall stage.

But, when he arrived next to Jian Fengyi, Chu Feng couldn’t help but stop. He smiled and said,

“It seems that your supporter in the inner court is only so-so.”

“Also, not only do I dare to attack your brother. I will even dare to attack you. You better not let me meet you again or else you’ll have to face the consequences.”