Chapter 165 - Inner Court

MGA: Chapter 165 - Inner Court Massacre

Chu Feng personally sent Chu Yue and the others off. Only when Chu Yue and the others’ carriage disappeared from his sight did he turn around to re-enter the Azure Dragon School. Just as he passed the entrance of the Azure Dragon School, a group of elders surrounded him.

They were the people from the Punishment Department. The weakest had the cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm and the one who led had the cultivation of the 2nd level of the Origin realm. When he saw Chu Feng, without any warning, he shouted, “Take him down!”

At first, the elders from the Punishment Department did not even put Chu Feng in their eyes. Only two elders walked over. They did not even move their arms nor raise their hands. They only engulfed Chu Feng with their Origin power and they wanted to use the pressure of the Origin realm to forcefully press Chu Feng down.

Of course, when they pressed their Origin power towards Chu Feng, it was completely useless. Nothing happened to Chu Feng and he was not affected in the slightest.


On the other hand and just at that moment, change happened to Chu Feng’s body. A layer of Origin power surged out like a hurricane. Instantly, it submerged the elders from the Punishment Department.


The strong power was unstoppable. Before the elders from the Punishment Department even reacted to what happened, they were pushed into the air by Chu Feng’s strong aura. As they landed, their complexion was pale-white and they were heavily injured.

The observing people were completely terrifying when they saw that scene. The elders in the Punishment Department were all at the Origin realm. Chu Feng used his own power to pressure so many elders, so did that mean he also stepped into the Origin realm?

“Go back and tell Liu Chengen this. If he wants to take care of me, tell him to personally come.” Chu Feng paid no attention to the complicated gazes of the crowd. He only indifferently shot a glance at the elders from the Punishment Department before heading towards the direction of the Sword Alliance headquarters.

When he arrived there, Chu Feng directly attacked without any warning. Any Sword Alliance members that appeared within his sight had their dantian stabbed through and their cultivation destroyed.

From what Chu Feng could do right now, he could easily kill those at the 4th level of the Origin realm. If he used the golden-coloured lightning, killing those at the 5th level of the Origin realm was like squashing an ant. Even people at the 6th level of the Origin realm might not be able to beat Chu Feng, not to mention the Spirit realm inner court disciples.

Chu Feng did not cripple them by destroying their hands or feet, but he crippled them by destroying their cultivation and he did all of that with one strike. Although he only pierced their dantians, when several hundred inner court disciples were laying on the ground, that wretched scene was not something that could be taken in by any normal people.

“Chu Feng has returned and he is currently openly slaughtering an inner court alliance! Blood formed rivers in the inner court and even elders cannot control him. This person is too unrestrained and he is really making an enemy out of the Azure Dragon School!”

The news of Chu Feng’s actions quickly spread throughout the inner court. They even entered the core zone, and instantly, people from all sorts of places came to the inner court and they wanted to observe that scene.

Naturally, the inner court Punishment Department would not ignore Chu Feng’s actions. Liu Chengen personally went out and he led several hundred elders from the Punishment Department and surrounded Chu Feng. They even yelled out mottos for killing Chu Feng. After all, he already had some history with Chu Feng so he could use that chance to kill Chu Feng off. He was planning to avenge his grandson, Liu Mang.

The surrounding crowd thought that Chu Feng was undoubtedly dead. After all, within the inner court, Liu Chengen’s name was very well-known. However, when Liu Chengen’s troop arrived at the Sword Alliance headquarters, two more troops arrived at the same time as well.

It was the Elder Building that Su Rou was in charge of, and also the Martial Skill Building that Elder Ouyang was in charge of. Elder Ouyang led dozens of people, whereas Su Rou led a thousand or so people. In terms of might, it completely overpowered Liu Chengen.

“Su Rou, what is this? This child broke the school rules and recklessly destroyed the cultivation of the disciples from the same school. My Punishment Department is apprehending him for that crime. As an elder in the Azure Dragon School, you are actually protecting him? Are you even qualified to be an elder of the Azure Dragon School?” Liu Chengen loudly questioned, as if he wanted all the surrounding disciples to know that Su Rou was in the wrong.

“Chu Feng is a core disciple, so even if he did anything wrong, it would not be your turn to punish him because you are not qualified to do so.” Su Rou unhurriedly nor quickly said. She only nonchalantly shot Liu Chengen a glance and she did not even put him in her eyes.

“Elder Liu, I know that you have some personal grudges with Chu Feng, but I hope that you handle things accordingly and not bring your personal emotions into this issue.”

“Although the things that Chu Feng did today were slightly excessive, they were not without reason. When the Sword Alliance was beating the Chu alliance up, where was your Punishment Department?”Elder Ouyang also spoke. Although his smile was very gentle, his tone was filled with ridicule.

“You...” Liu Chengen had no words to refute it. He could not deal with neither Su Rou nor Elder Ouyang. So, he was unable to forcefully attack Chu Feng.

However, he was not worried. After all, he was not the only person who wanted to deal with Chu Feng. When the people from the core zone arrive, even if he didn’t attack himself, Chu Feng would not have an easy time.

“Chu Feng, you’ve really gotten things too big this time. How can you destroy the cultivation of so many disciples from the same school? This issue has already shook the entire Azure Dragon School. Even if my sister wants to protect you, she would be helpless.”

Su Mei also arrived. She was standing next to Chu Feng as she looked at the Sword Alliance members who were currently being treated by the elders. Within her beautiful eyes was worry. Of course, she wasn’t worried about the safety of the Sword Alliance members, but she was worried about Chu Feng’s safety.

“Now you’ve thought of me? When the Sword Alliance was bullying my Chu family and I wasn’t here, where were you and your sister?”

Chu Feng slightly grumbled as he shot Su Mei a glance. He was not worried or fearful because he could already use the Spirit Formation, so as long as Zhuge Liuyun knew about it, he would certainly take him in as his disciple.

Within the Azure Dragon School, with that person’s protection, who dared to even touch him? Not to mention destroying the inner court disciples’ cultivation, even if he killed them, he would only receive light punishment and no one would dare to take his life.

“Chu Feng, if you thought like that, then you’ve really blamed me and my sister wrongly.” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Su Mei had grievances all over her face. She pouted her mouth and said, “Although it was Wu Jiu who bullied your Chu family, in reality, it was under the incitement of Gong Luyun.”

“On the day that the Sword Alliance started to act, my sister was going to come out. However, at that time, Gong Luyun found my sister.”

“He wanted to have a bet with my sister. He said, as long as she could defeat him, he would leave your life in the arranged battle in one year. However, if my sister lost, he didn’t make things too difficult for her. He only requested that me and my sister to not interfere with the issue between the Sword Alliance and the Chu Alliance.”

“If my sister didn’t become an elder, she would have been the #1 disciple in the Azure Dragon School. In addition, my Vermilion Bird City was already on bad terms with his Black Tortoise City, so naturally, my sister was not afraid of Gong Luyun. She agreed to the fight and she wanted to give him a lesson.”

“However, it was unexpected sister lost, and she lost very thoroughly.”

“Although she was unwilling to, she had to keep her word. So, my sister had no choice but to not care about those things and she had no way of meddling with the issue between the Sword Alliance and the Chu Alliance.” Su Mei’s face was full of grievance as she spoke the truth in detail.