Chapter 164 - A Heart Full of Rage

MGA: Chapter 164 - A Heart Full of Rage

“Chu Feng? It’s him? He dared to return?”

In the past few days, Chu Feng’s infamous name already spread out the Azure Dragon School. Even nearby schools heard of his name.

After all, Gong Luyun’s strength could be said to be top-level. Even many core disciples in first-rate schools did not dare to offend him. So, when people knew that someone challenged Gong Luyun, there was indeed a huge reaction.

Exactly because of that reason, many nosey people wanted to know what Chu Feng looked like. So, some other nosey people drew Chu Feng’s appearance. They even set a price and sold them. Currently, in the Azure Dragon School, almost everyone knew who Chu Feng was and almost everyone knew what he looked like.

But at that instant, everyone was shocked because Chu Feng dared to reappear in the Azure Dragon School. However, the following actions that Chu Feng did completely stupefied them.

Chu Feng grabbed the air and the black iron sword flew straight into his hand. After that, he ferociously stabbed. Fresh blood splattered everywhere as he stabbed into the Sword Alliance member’s dantian from his back.


That member first painfully cried, then like a leather ball that had no air, he laid on the ground and did not move anymore. At that instant, there were only three words in his heart. He was finished.

When the spiritual energy in his dantian started to quickly leak out, no matter how hard he tried to condense it yet was unable to control it, he knew that he was crippled by losing his cultivation. All the cultivation that he painstakingly stored up from the many years all became non-existent.

“You… You...”

When they saw that scene, the ones who were the most shocked were none other than the Sword Alliance members. Their face were ashen and their gazes towards Chu Feng was filled with terror.

“Didn’t all of you wanted to know how I would take care of you? Right now, I’ll let you know how I, Chu Feng, will take care of you.”

Chu Feng’s expression turned icy cold and the black iron sword in his hand violently trembled as he continuously stabbed at the several members. The cold glare swept past and spiritual energy leaked. The results of many years of meticulous cultivating were all lost today.

“Heavens. Chu Feng crippled so many Sword Alliance members’ cultivation. His nerves are too great!”

The surrounding crowd endlessly cried in surprise as they saw that scene. They felt that Chu Feng was too daring because the rules of the school clearly forbid the murdering of people from the same school and also the crippling of cultivation. Chu Feng was going to receive severe punishment because of his actions.

At that instant, even Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen panicked. Although they knew that with Chu Feng’s temper, he would indeed take revenge on the people that bullied and humiliated them, but they never would have thought that he would go that far and directly cripple their cultivation.

“Chu Cheng, Chu Zhen. Right now, are the Chu family members still in the Azure Dragon School?” Chu Feng ignored the gazes of the crowd and he only looked at the Cheng Zhen brothers who were climbing up from the ground.

“To avoid unnecessary humiliation, Chu Xue and the others already returned to the Chu family. Originally, Chu Wei was going to leave with Chu Yue, however, Chu Yue was not willing to go no matter what. She said that she was going to stay there and wait for you to return to speak fairness for us.”

“So right now, in the Azure Dragon School, other than us two brothers, Chu Yue and Chu Wei are also here.”

“However, Chu Wei was heavily wounded in the morning. His hand and his foot was broken. We asked for help from the elders, but they did not care and they denied medical treatment.”

“Since we could do nothing about it, we could only go down the mountain to buy some medicine. However, we never expected that they would block us at the entrance.” Chu Cheng explained everything that happened in detail.

“What about Elder Su Rou and Elder Ouyang? Why didn’t you ask them for help?” Chu Feng felt a bit shocked. Within the inner court, it would still make sense if the others elders didn’t care about his Chu family. However, Su Rou should not have sat, stared, and did nothing.

“I’ve tried, but coincidentally, they had matters to attend to and they are not in the Azure Dragon School.” Chu Cheng helplessly shook his head.

“Why would that happen?” Chu Feng slightly frowned and he felt that the issue was not as simple as it seemed. With how Su Rou did things, even if she had things to do and she had to leave the Azure Dragon School, she would still order her subordinates to look after his Chu family. Something was clearly wrong with the current situation.

“Bring me to Chu Wei!” Chu Feng spoke after a moment of deep thinking.

Chu Feng and the two brothers speedily went and very quickly, they arrived at Chu Wei’s residence. The formerly perfect palace was already in pieces. Even the main door was smashed, and after entering, it was in an even worse situation.

Chairs and tables were destroyed and there was almost nothing that was undamaged. It simply looked like a broken temple, but it was clearly wrecked by people.

Chu Feng’s fists couldn’t help but slightly tighten. The fury in his heart started to stir up. He never would have thought that the Sword Alliance people would act so unduly. He also never would have thought that even after doing all that, the elders did not care, and they even though they saw it, they acted as if they didn’t.

“All of our residences are like this. However, ours can be said to be quite nice when compared to your former palace. The palace that you lived in before was already burnt down and destroyed by someone.” Chu Cheng said on the side.

“In these past few days, only the Sword Alliance members attacked all of you?” Chu Feng asked as he walked up the stairs. He needed to remember everyone who attacked his Chu family.

“Mm. Although everyone gave us a smug look, the people who actually attacked were only Sword Alliance members. The founder of the Sword Alliance, Wu Jiu, is an expert ranked as ninth on the Azure Dragon Leaderboard.”

“He has some dealings with Gong Luyun. Although on the surface, it seems like Wu Jiu arranged the Sword Alliance attack on us; in actuality, it was still Gong Luyun who played tricks on us.” Chu Cheng said.

“How do you know all this?” Chu Feng had his doubts. With Chu Cheng’s status, it was quite difficult to know all that information.

“Su Mei told us.” Just at that time, Chu Yue’s voice came from above.

He raised his head to look, and Chu Yue was standing there. She was still quite beautiful and sweet, but her face was a lot more skinny and there were some bruises on her forehead.

“Chu Yue, they even beat you up?” Chu Feng asked.

Chu Yue did not say anything. She only pulled Chu Feng up. That place was also in a mess. Even the windows were shattered and it did not even look like a place that people lived in.

In the corner of the room, there was an assembled, broken bed there. Chu Wei was laying on it and bandages covered his body. His eyes were closed and as he was fainted, he kept on groaning “ouch”.

Chu Feng was depressed in his heart and he didn’t say anything. He looked at Chu Yue who was in front of him, and also Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen. Chu Yue wasn’t even that bad. On the other hand, Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen had no uninjured areas throughout their entire body. Other than the areas that were wounded just now, one could even see the traces of the former injuries.

Chu Feng could totally imagine what kind of life they experienced in the past few days, and the reason why they remained there and endured the pain was all for Chu Feng.

It was them who guarded the dignity of the Chu family for Chu Feng. At least, it let people know that as they faced such bullying and humiliation, the Chu family would not lower their heads. Even if the Chu family had no strength to resist, they still had some unyielding spirit.

“Chu Yue, bring Chu Wei back to the Chu family. Also, hold this. Let the Chu family move into the Golden-purple City. With Chen Hui’s protection, I can be more at ease.” Chu Feng gave his Golden-purple Commanding Badge to Chu Yue.

“Chu Feng, what about you? You’re not leaving?” Chu Yue tightly stared at Chu Feng as if she was interrogating him.

Chu Feng did not avoid Chu Yue’s gaze and he only faintly smiled before saying, “I will let everyone in the Azure Dragon School know that my Chu family are not so good pushovers.”