Chapter 162 - Inheritance

MGA: Chapter 162 - Inheritance

The purple-clothed girl stared at Chu Feng with an extremely complicated gaze. From that gaze, Chu Feng could see her bitterness. She was extremely bitter since she lost to Chu Feng like that.

However, the purple-clothed girl did not attack Chu Feng anymore, nor did she say any words of complaint. She only calmly said, “I lost.”


Just at that time, the White Tiger who was circling around in the air raised its huge, powerful claw and lightly waved in the air. There was a layer of fluctuation in the air and a black hole appeared.

It was extremely similar to the entrance to the tomb. However, the entrance to the tomb was flat on the ground, whereas the current black hole was upright in midair.

“Go, and don’t come back here.” The White Tiger said to the purple-clothed girl.

After that, it meaningfully looked at Chu Feng and its gaze was filled with satisfaction. Although the power that Eggy displayed earlier was extremely dark and evil, and it could be said to make people very uneasy, that strong power was also what the White Tiger hoped its master would have.

“We will meet again. Next time, I will defeat you. Even if you have the help of the Secret Skill, I will not lose again.” The purple-clothed girl swept a glance at Chu Feng and a hint of resolution flashed past her eyes. After that, her beautiful body leaped, entered the black hole, and she completely disappeared.

At that instant, Chu Feng couldn’t help but deeply exhale. The purple-clothed girl was too strong. If it wasn’t for Eggy, he would have certainly died. He never would have thought that there was such a monster in the Azure Province. So strong that she could fight against the peak of the Azure Province.

After the girl left, the White Tiger closed that black hole and it opened another one. It said to Chu Feng, “Both of you are hard to get geniuses. Besides, she is a girl so leave a path of life for her.”

After hearing the White Tiger’s words, Chu Feng bitterly smiled in his heart. Naturally, he could hear that the White Tiger was afraid that Chu Feng would kill the purple-clothed girl out of the hatred in his heart, because from what the White Tiger could see, Chu Feng’s strength was indeed stronger than the girl’s. However, in reality, it was not.

“I promise if we meet again, even if she has ill-intents towards me, I will know when to stop and I won’t take her life.”

Chu Feng solemnly vowed. He knew that the White Tiger was going to pass down its ability to him so he had to treat it with good words.

“No need. If, in the future, she still has today’s matter in her heart and attacks you based on that, you don’t need to leave any lingering troubles. After all, you are the person who will get my inheritance.”

The White Tiger shook its head, seemingly representing that Chu Feng misunderstood its meaning. After that, it fiercely roared and its fog-like body separated within the world-shaking roar and it started to rush towards Chu Feng’s brain.


At that instant, Chu Feng felt piercing pain from his brain because enormous amounts of information was surging into his mind. There was so much information that none of the martial skills that he had read before was comparable to it.

That most amazing thing was, when the information entered his brain, it was absorbed by his mind and it was digested, enabling him to use that skill. At the same time all that happened, the voice of the White Tiger was ringing in Chu Feng’s mind.

“Boy, remember the words that I’ve said today. I am called the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique. I am the strongest attack within Secret Skills and ordinary martial skills cannot be compared to me.”

“Today, I pass my ability down to you. However, that does not mean that my power will be freely controlled by you in the future.”

“Although your power will affect my power, if I do not give enough of my approval to you, you will have no way of using my ability.”

“So, you need to remember clearly that you must not use my ability for evil. You can kill those who offend you, but you cannot kill the innocent. You can remove the roots, but you cannot slaughter the innocent.”

The White Tiger’s voice lingered around Chu Feng’s ears, and other than giving its warning to Chu Feng, it also told the characteristics of the Secret Skill to Chu Feng.

Of course, the power of the Secret Skill was quite something, however, Chu Feng could not use it whenever he wished. As for what degree he could use it to, not only did it rely on Chu Feng’s own cultivation, it also relied on the level of approval by the Secret Skill itself.

Which also meant, even though the Secret Skill was in Chu Feng’s body, and as long as Chu Feng did not die, the Secret Skill could forever be used by Chu Feng, the Secret Skill still had life. Although it could not speak anymore, its intelligence was still there and it could still control the amount of power it entrusted to Chu Feng.

The white-coloured fog that surrounded Chu Feng gradually became less and less. The White Tiger’s words also dimmed down. However, when the fog dissipated and when the words were gone, the Secret Skill, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, already thoroughly melded with Chu Feng and they became one.

“The White Tiger Slaughtering Technique. Let me, Chu Feng, experience your power.”

Chu Feng was extremely excited. He raised his hand, extended his finger, and a strand of white-coloured mist flowed out from his fingertip. The white-coloured mist seemed extremely fragile, but in reality, it contained extremely great power.

With a bang, it was like an arrow leaving a bow and it explosively shot out from Chu Feng’s fingertip. Its speed was extremely quick and it almost surpassed Chu Feng’s line of sight. Its might was like lightning, its speed was as fast as a shooting star, and with unstoppable power, it shot straight into the tomb’s wall.

The tomb was created by special materials, and despite being battered up from everything that happened before, it did not collapse. The walls could be said to be complete, but Chu Feng’s attack from his finger completely penetrated through the wall. The power was shocking.

“That’s so strong! Eggy, did you see that? I got the Secret Skill, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique! With this, in unexpected circumstances, even those at the 7th level of the Origin realm would be killed by me.”

Chu Feng was madly happy. The power of the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique was truly too strong. Its might was almost unstoppable, and unless the opponent’s speed was greater than his, almost no one would be able to block the attack of the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.

“Eggy? Eggy!”

However, just at that time, Chu Feng’s expression changed greatly. No matter how much he called out in the connection, he did not receive Eggy’s reply. That made Chu Feng a bit nervous.

He quickly sat cross-legged and sent his awareness into the Spiritual World. When he entered the World Spirit Space, his slightly nervous face lost all colour.

He frightenedly discovered that Eggy’s current complexion was deathly-white. Even her body seemed illusory and misty. It was like she became a consciousness as she laid in the middle of the World Spirit Space and her aura was extremely weak.

“Eggy, what happened to you?!”

Chu Feng completely panicked. He fell in front of Eggy and wanted to embrace her, but he discovered that his arms passed straight through Eggy’s body, as if she was only an illusion.

Seemingly feeling Chu Feng’s actions, Eggy who had both her eyes shut gradually opened them. Her slender and long eyebrows lightly trembled, her eyes squinted to form two sweet and beautiful crescent moons, the corner of her mouth rose to a charming curve, and she said with an extremely faint voice,

“Chu Feng, you idiot. I seems that I have to leave for a while, and it seems that I won’t be able to cultivate with you...”