Chapter 146 - Assassins Within the Woods

MGA: Chapter 146 - Assassins Within the Woods

The girl had snow-like skin, white with smoothness and although her appearance could not be matched with the beauties of the country, she still had a unique demeanor. The most important thing was that her figure was extremely good. Her front stuck out and her rear rose, and they were well developed, smooth, and round. In addition to her pair of pencil-like straight long legs, she had a devil-like body that was comparable to Su Rou.

Chu Feng genuinely could not look away from such a nice figure because he couldn’t help but think of the euphoric night with Su Rou.

Seeing Chu Feng staring at her so plainly, the girl slightly frowned and a hint of disgust clearly emerged into her gaze.

“Ho, not even willing to now. Isn’t such a good body for others to look?” Chu Feng coldly laughed in his heart and his gaze still swept back and forth on her long, beautiful legs. He completely disregarded what expression she had.

“We pay our respects to big Miss.” However, as Chu Feng looked with great interest and was extremely absorbed, respectful voices rang out from around him. At the same time, the dozens of upper-rank servants bent their bodies and paid their respects.

“Big Miss? Really? She’s the big Miss of the White Tiger Villa, Murong Xinyu?”

Chu Feng suddenly realized it. Murong Xinyu was the eldest daughter of the master of the White Tiger Villa. From when she was born, she was unable to cultivate. However, she was an extremely smart person.

“I’m finished.”

Chu Feng hiddenly cursed because he discovered that the colour of Murong Xinyu’s current face was ashen. Clearly, she was angered by him. At that instant, Chu Feng felt a bit of regret because he knew that he made a huge mistake.

The servants around Chu Feng rejoiced in his misfortune. What Murong Xinyun hated the most was others looking at her beauty. Chu Feng touched upon a huge taboo so they looked forward to what punishment Chu Feng was going to receive.

“Uncle Zhang, let’s go.” The thing that bewildered others was that no punishment was given to Chu Feng by Murong Xinyun and she only went straight onto the carriage.

Seeing that, manager Zhang breathed a sigh of relief, meaningful looked at Chu Feng, then followed her.

“You’ve offended the big Miss. You’re dead.”

“Hold a bit more of this. If I’m happy, perhaps I can plead a bit for you.”

The servants forcefully stuffed the sacrificial items to Chu Feng and only when Chu Feng could not carry anymore, they chased after the moving carriages.

As for Chu Feng, he paid no attention to them either because his heart was completely submerged into uneasiness. He was also worried how the big Miss would take care of him. It was not good for him, who was preparing to search for the entrance to the Emperor Tomb in the White Tiger Villa.

After the carriages left the White Tiger Villa, they went deep into the White Tiger Mountain Range. Only when it went a thousand miles out did it stop at a forest.

There was a mountain grave there. Without any thinking, Chu Feng knew that it was the grave of Murong Xinyu’s mother.

At that instant, the servants started to set up the offerings. However, the main labour was done by Chu Feng.

They were clearly bullying Chu Feng, and both Murong Xinyu and manager Zhang saw that but they did not stop them. Chu Feng could only endure the humiliation and swallow his complains. Who told him to offend Murong Xinyu right?

The more he did that, the more excessive they got. They felt that they were venting Murong Xinyu’s anger for her, so even if they were bullying, it was right and just. At the end, all of the work was given to Chu Feng.

It was because it was noon and Murong Xinyu needed to eat. So, the servants just went and served her. Only Chu Feng, by himself, served the big Miss’s dead mother.

“They really are natural slaves.” Seeing the servants who had smiles all over their faces and were surrounding Murong Xinyu, contempt rose from the bottom of Chu Feng’s heart.

“This Murong Xinyu isn’t anyone good either. If you’re going to offer sacrifices to your mother, you should kowtow in front of your mother’s grave. Yet she didn’t. What kind of offering is this?”

“This aura?”

But just at that time, Chu Feng slightly frowned and swept his fierce gaze towards his surroundings. He was able to feel that there were a dozen or so cultivators nearing. Every single one was at the Origin realm. The weakest was at the 1st level of the Origin realm, whereas the strongest reached the 5th level of the Origin realm.

*rustle rustle*

Before discovering the situation for long, stepping sounds came from the surrounding forest. Very soon, over 10 figures came out from the forest.

Those people wore black and they only revealed their vicious eyes. They held blades that glittered with cold light and their killing intent was completely revealed.

“Who are you?” Seeing that the situation was wrong, manager Zhang fiercely yelled and ran in front of Murong Xinyu, putting her behind him to protect her.

*whoosh whoosh* When those black-clothed people saw Murong Xinyu, they said nothing, waved their weapons within their hands, surrounded Murong Xinyu and attacked. Their target was very obvious.

“They are assassins! Protect the big Miss!” Manager Zhang explosively yelled again. Both of his arms moved and afterimages were created.

He surrounded Murong Xinyu by himself. It was as if he became a copper and iron wall. The group of assassins that carried weapons could not penetrate through.

But the so-called “two fists cannot fight four hands” and besides, there were so many people surrounding and attacking him. There was even a person who was no weaker than manager Zhang so he would quickly be unable to continue.

*clang clang clang clang*

Suddenly, manager Zhang sent out several palms at the same time and forcibly broken a person’s weapon. After that, he fiercely landed an attack on that assassin’s chest and just like that, he died by a hit. However, at the same time on his body, he was also had two blade wounds and blood flowed.

“Big Miss, quickly run!”

Enduring the huge pain on his body, manager Zhang grabbed Murong Xinyu and threw her out of the encirclement. Murong Xinyu who had absolutely no cultivation ferociously fell on the ground.

“Protect the big Miss.”

Seeing that, two servants righteously went up to support Murong Xinyu, but when two cold flashes streaked across, without any cry of pain, the two servants fell within a pool of blood. It turned out that two black-clothed people at the 2nd level of the Origin realm were already pouncing towards Murong Xinyu.


That scene terrified the remaining servants. Not only did they not block anymore, they even started to flee and left Murong Xinyu alone.

But that was quite understandable. When it was related to their lives, most people would do the same thing as well.

“You bunch of bastards.”

Looking at the servants that abandoned her and ran for their lives, Murong Xinyu grinded her teeth in anger. After a furious curse, she spun around and wanted to escape. However, her speed was far from being equal to those servants.

With some carelessness, she tripped and fell again. At the same time, the two black-clothed people already neared. They waved the sharp blades in their hands and stabbed towards Murong Xinyu.

Before death, fear finally appeared on Murong Xinyu’s face. She couldn’t help but close her eyes and didn’t dare to continue looking. She felt that she was, without a doubt, dead.


However, when a heavy sound rang out and warm blood sprayed onto her face, she astonishedly discovered that she did not feel any pain coming from her body.

While feeling all sorts of confusion, Murong Xinyu gradually opened her eyes. But when she clearly saw the scene in front of her eyes, she was dumbfounded.