Chapter 145 - Consciousness Guardian

MGA: Chapter 145 - Consciousness Guardian

According to legends, the Murong Xiaoyao that year could absolutely be called as a first-class character. He grasped an extremely strong martial skill and his attacking methods were matchless in the world. Almost no one could block him off.

Even a famous World Spiritist in the Azure Province who had extremely strong defense methods fought him, yet he was still killed in one strike.

At that moment, some people felt that Murong Xiaoyao would be the same as the Azure Dragon Founder and become the heaven’s pride of the generation. However, no one expected that he would suddenly disappear just as his power emerged.

On the year that he disappeared was the year in which he got out of the dead zone. It was the year that he established the White Tiger Villa, and in that year, he was only 20 years old.

Some people said that, since he gained great benefits in the dead zone, he paid the equivalent price and was fated to not live for long.

There were also others that said he was tired with worldly disputes and he could not get rid of the guilt in his heart towards the miss that gave him the martial cultivating methods. So, he lived in the forests in isolation.

But no matter how Murong Xiaoyao disappeared, after he disappeared, many powerful people from the Azure Province rushed into the White Tiger Mountain Range and they wanted to get Murong Xiaoyao’s transcendent martial skill, but at the end, they could not find the dead zone.

Later on, someone suggested to completely flatten the White Tiger Villa and even if they needed to dig 3 feet down, they had to find it. However, just as the top experts within the Azure Province prepared to level the White Tiger Villa, Murong Xiaoyao suddenly appeared.

It was said that Murong Xiaoyao at that time only disappeared for two months, yet when people saw him again, huge changes happened to him as he became an old man. His black hair turned into snow-white, long hair. His face was as though it was paper, he wore white clothing and he was like a dead person who was alive.

He used but one attack to completely annihilate the peak experts of the Azure Province at that time. It could be said that he shocked the world with one attack. With a thought, blood formed rivers and he had power that seemed peerless and invincible.

After killing those who intruded, Murong Xiaoyao disappeared once again. He disappeared very thoroughly and no one knew where he went. Even people from the White Tiger Villa did not know.

However, the strangest thing was from that day forth, corpses of exceptional experts would unfathomably appear in the White Tiger Villa. They were all murdered and they died with one attack. The efficient killing method belonged to the skill that only Murong Xiaoyao had.

After that, people knew that Murong Xiaoyao did not die. It was just that he got fed up with worldly clashes. But, he still hiddenly guarded the White Tiger Villa and did not allow anyone to intrude.

Despite of that, the martial skill that Murong Xiaoyao grasped that year was too attracting. For that martial skill, there were still many experts who ignored the dangers to their lives and hiddenly sneaked into the White Tiger Villa. However, at the end, they could not escape their fate of being killed.

The oddest thing was that several hundred years after the disappearance of Murong Xiaoyao, the same things still often happened. The most recent one happened 200 years ago and the way of death was the same as the people back in those years.

To know that even if Murong Xiaoyao still lived 200 years ago, he would be over 300 years old and it was not an age that humans could continue surviving for.

So, some people felt that Murong Xiaoyao had already died from the start. The thing that was living was nothing more than a hint of his consciousness because with a certain, absolute power, Murong Xiaoyao’s consciousness could forever not be extinguished and he could guard the White Tiger Villa forever.

From then on, no one dared to come to the White Tiger Villa to snoop and the White Tiger Villa didn’t really take part in external dealings so gradually, they faded away from people’s eyes.

But even so, that hooked onto Chu Feng’s interest even more. He knew that the dead zone that year was most likely the entrance to the Emperor Tomb located in the White Tiger Mountain Range. Murong Xiaoyao must had been the same as the Azure Dragon Founder and gained something within it.

As for where the entrance was, or whether Murong Xiaoyao was alive or dead, Chu Feng had no clue. However, since he already sneaked in, Chu Feng would certainly not give up and he vowed to find some results.

Early morning when the sky had not been lit up yet, the door to Chu Feng’s room was knocked. Opening it to take a look, it was manager Zhang.

“Your complexion is quite nice.”

After seeing Chu Feng, manager Zhang nodded with satisfaction. He gave the clothing in his hands to Chu Feng and said, “Tidy up a bit. I have an errand for you.”

Chu Feng changed his clothing then followed manager Zhang to a garden. Within the garden were several carriages.

Several of them were filled with goods while there was one beautiful carriage for passengers. It was extremely luxurious and even the horses that pulled the carriage were good horses.

Chu Feng was not surprised. Although he interacted with lower class people these days, he understood the foundation of the White Tiger Villa. At least, it was no worse than the Vermilion Bird City or the Azure Dragon School. There were many experts hidden there and its economic power was very strong as well.

There were dozens of servants standing next to the carriages. On their hands, if they were not holding pastries, they were holding flowers. The most important thing was that all of the servants were upper-rank servants.

However, all the servants were older than Chu Feng. When they saw the upper-rank servant symbol over Chu Feng’s chest, they showed strange expressions. After all, to be able to become an upper-rank servant at such a young age attracted their envy.

“Chu Feng, today is the date in which the big Miss offer sacrifices to her mother. All of you, be more sharp.” After saying those words, manager Zhang left.

“Oi, you’re new right?” Just as he left, a group of servants surrounded him.

They were males and females within the group, but they already passed their youthful times. They surrounded Chu Feng and they had evil smiles on their mouths and also unkind gazes.

Chu Feng felt very disgusted when facing those gazes. But, he also knew that the new servants would be bullied by the old ones. It was an unwritten rule of the White Tiger Villa.

In order to successfully trick people and for future conveniences in searching around this villa, Chu Feng endured his anger and forced a light smile out, “Older brothers and older sisters, is there a problem?”

“Who are you calling as older sisters? Do I look that damn old?” Just as he finished speaking, a woman who was at least 20 years old sent a slap towards Chu Feng.

That slap had quite sufficient power and its speed was rather fast as well, but within Chu Feng’s eyes, it was abnormally slow. He leaned slightly to the side and easily dodged it.

“Oh? You dare to dodge? Don’t you know the rules here? Today, I must teach you a good lesson.”

Seeing that, the female servant felt surprised but fiercely raised her palm again. At the same time, everyone surrounding him prepared to attack. Chu Feng could feel the attack of strong wind from all directions. Those servants didn’t know “what shame was” as they surrounded and attacked a young man like Chu Feng.

At that instant, Chu Feng clenched both of his fists. He was hesitating. Hesitating whether to counterattack or not. If he exposed his current cultivation, most likely, the White Tiger Villa would suspect that he was a spy and things would not go well for him.


Just that time, a fierce yell rang out. However, that voice was unusually sweet and after listening to it, Chu Feng’s heart tightened.

Looking towards the source of the voice, Chu Feng’s eyes were instantly fixed because from nearby, there was a tall and beautiful girl.