Chapter 132 - Roping Trap

MGA: Chapter 132 - Roping Trap

“Emperor Tomb?” Chu Feng failed to understand it but he could still hear the impressiveness of it.

“In short, an Emperor Tomb is quite an impressive thing but you wouldn’t understand if I said too much. Just see an Emperor Tomb as boundless treasure.”

“If there really is an Emperor Tomb in the Azure Province, that guy called Qingxuantian would certainly not be as simple as a Martial Lord. The records of history could very possibly have been slightly wrong.” Eggy said.

“Not only a Martial Lord? How many more realms are there in the journey of martial cultivation?” Chu Feng was incessantly excited and he suddenly felt that he still lacked experience and did not have knowledge about a lot of things.

“Those realms are too far off from you so it is useless if I say too much to you. In any case, a huge person appeared in the Nine Provinces and it was enough to shake the world.”

“If the tomb is still undamaged, you will need to quickly get strong. After that, kill everyone who knows about this Emperor Tomb in the Nine Provinces to avoid any information leak.”

“Actually, that’s not enough. You should completely annihilate the Nine Provinces. Anyway, this information cannot be spread out.” Eggy reminded solemnly.

“What? Annihilate the Nine Provinces? You want me to kill everyone on this continent? Isn’t that a bit too crazy?”

After hearing those words, Chu Feng felt chills going down his spine. Although he could be heartless while killing enemies, he could not slaughter ordinary citizens and those completely unrelated to him for his own personal goals.

“What do you know? Emperor Tombs are the biggest treasures in the entire world. Not to mention what cultivation I will reach after consuming the Source energy of that Qingxuantian, you can rely on this Emperor Tomb and become an invincible person.”

“Don’t you want to know what happened with your family? Don’t you want to know why your parents left you and did not look after you? There will undoubtedly be reasons within the tomb.”

“From my estimations, I believe that your family were met with a huge catastrophe and were forced to send you here. As for whether your family still exists or not, I have no clue. It is possible that your parents are dead and your family perished.”

“Those who are able to destroy your family and kill your parents are an even greater power. Think about it. If you can’t even control the World Spirit that your family left for you in your body, how can you face the power that is even stronger than your family?”

“Wake up. This world is not as small as you think. There are countless experts and geniuses are everywhere. Powerful powers have been around for several million years and they stand on the high and steep peak of the world.”

“You are only ‘viewing the sky from the bottom of a well’. However, you’re very lucky. Lucky that in this deep well, there are boundless treasures. As long as you get these treasures, you will have the ability to go against the experts that are outside of the well. You can even rely on them to avenge your family.” Eggy narrated.

“Don’t try to trick me into doing that. On what basis do you say that my family is perished? On what basis do you say that my parents are dead? There is absolutely no evidence and perhaps they have other reasons.” Chu Feng coldly snorted. He was a bit angry because from the bottom of his heart, he really did not hope that anything bad happened to his parents and his family.

“Okay, I admit. Your family may still exist and your parents living well. However, even if your family still exists, do you have any face to return with your current cultivation? Do you have any face to see your parents?”

“You are too weak right now. In the world of martial cultivation, you are a real ant. They don’t even need to use their fingers to squish you to death. They could just randomly fart and your body would be torn with shattered bones. They could just randomly blow and you would disappear like a strand of smoke.”

Eggy’s words were like as sharp as blades as they pierced Chu Feng’s ears. She kept on stabbing Chu Feng’s pride. Yet, those direct words were what made Chu Feng understand how weak he was.

It was true. He did need to become stronger. He needed to become extremely strong. Right now, he was no genius. It was just that the people around him were too mediocre so he was made into a genius. A true genius should be like Qingxuantian, and perhaps there were many geniuses like him outside of the continent of the Nine Provinces.

“Fine. The treasures within Emperor Tombs will all belong to me, but I will not kill innocent people because of my own greed.” Chu Feng said gravely.

“Soft-hearted. Wait until someone really spreads this secret away from the continent. When those real experts all flock over, you will regret it.”

“That’s right. I’m still human so I can’t be as cold-blooded as you. If the news of Emperor Tombs really spreads out one day and the treasures get taken by others, I would not have half a word of complaint. Even if I don’t rely on these treasures, I can still become strong by myself.” Chu Feng was very firm on his decision.

“Whatever, whatever. I won’t argue with you. Even if you tried to slaughter the people on this continent, you wouldn’t even have that ability. However, let’s depart now.” Eggy urged.

“Leave right now? That’s not too good right? After all, I already promised Su Rou and Su Mei’s father to stay a few extra days.”

“Then leave tomorrow. You must leave tomorrow because this cannot be delayed.”

“That’s fine.”

After deciding, Chu Feng originally wanted to refine all the spiritual beads he got. However, after some thinking, he was afraid that Su Mei would say that he aimed for short-term benefits so Chu Feng did not refine them. He had the spiritual beads within his hands so he could breakthrough at any time he wished.

When the sky became dark, the feast that Su Hen specially prepared for Chu Feng also started. On the table, there were only 4 people. Su Mei, Su Rou, Chu Feng, and Su Hen.

Nevertheless, the table was extremely big and it was filled with sumptuous food and drinks. Chu Feng had never eaten those things before, and with a glance, they made one’s appetite increase dramatically. It was just that because of the large-sized table, the 4 of them sat very scatteredly.

“Idiot. Why do you only know how to eat meat? Try this. The taste of vegetables are sometimes even more delicious.”

However, the thing that made people speechless was that Su Mei took the initiative to sit near Chu Feng and constantly helped Chu Feng to some food. She even occasionally fed Chu Feng. Of course, Chu Feng did not push it away in the slightest and the two of them helped each other to food and fed each other. That was called sweet.

Facing that scene, Su Rou who already knew her younger sister’s heart chuckled while covering her mouth with her hand. On the other hand, Su Hen had black lines all over his forehead but he could not say anything and he sank into the realm of embarrassment.

During the feast, Su Hen took out the reward for the New Excellence Assembly. Ten Origin beads.

Ten Origin beads were equivalent to ten thousand spiritual beads. It was double the supposed reward for the New Excellence Assembly and regarding that action, Chu Feng did not decline them because he had no reason to. After all, he knew that the Su family wanted to rope him closer to them.

Chu Feng had Spirit power and he had the chance to become Zhuge Liuyun’s disciple. Sooner or later, he would become a World Spiritist and since the Su family also knew about Emperor Tombs, naturally, they would want Chu Feng to be closer to them so he could serve them to a certain extent.

After the feast, Chu Feng returned to his own room. However, just as he returned, someone knocked on the door. A servant came for Chu Feng and said that second lady, Su Rou, seeked him.

Chu Feng had quite good impressions towards Su Rou so naturally he did not decline. Under the lead of the servant, he entered the palace that Su Rou was living in.

Just as Chu Feng entered the palace, two figures walked out from the shadows. One was the lord of the Vermilion Bird City, Su Hen. The other was a thin old man who had white hair.

“Is everything set up?” Looking at the palace of his own daughter, Su Hen spoke.

“Milord, don’t worry. From today on, this Chu Feng will be part of my Su family.” The old man strangely smiled and said.