Chapter 131 - Emperor Tomb

MGA: Chapter 131 - Emperor Tomb

“Qing family? So the Azure Province is originated from this Qing family?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right. The names of the Nine Provinces are taken from the 9 martial cultivating families.”

“The 9 powerful families had equal strength and they all occupied one province each and formed the situation in which no one attacked each other. That was maintained for roughly 200 years, but it was all changed by one unforeseen event.“ Su Mei said.

“Unforeseen event? What event?” Chu Feng was increasingly curious.

“On that year, a boy was born into the Qing family. On the day that the boy was born, golden, colourful light engulfed the entire sky. Four enormous beasts surged and roared mid-air and they shook the entire continent.”

“That boy was naturally intelligent. According to the legends, one month after he was born, he could speak. On the second month, he could stand up and walk. When he was 1 year old, he started to learn the Four Arts. He was familiar with all the ancient books in the world at the age of five.” Su Mei said.

“There was such a child prodigy?” Chu Feng was shocked. That speed of growth really surpassed the cognition of normal people.

“That wasn’t even much. The most important part was when that boy was 7 years old, the bones in his body were at their best and they were equivalent to the physique of 12 year old normal children. So, when he was 7 years old, he started martial cultivation.”

“The most scary thing was that he was also extremely impressive in martial cultivation. He entered the Origin realm when he was 9 years old, Profound realm when he was 11 years old, and Heaven realm when he was 13 years old. He swept across the Nine Provinces and made the Qing family the overlord of the Nine Provinces.”

“He was that strong? Entering the Heaven realm at the age of 13, swept through the Nine Provinces and united the continent?”

Chu Feng was shocked again. Up until now, the Heaven realm was the known peak of martial cultivation. It was quite terrifying when that person entered it at the age of 13.

Chu Feng was 15 years old this year and with the cultivation of the 8th level of the Spirit realm, he was already viewed as a genius by many people. To enter the Heaven realm at the age of 13 was too impressive. Even Chu Feng was quite stunned because when compared to that person, he was simply as ordinary as he could be.

“Strong? The strong part hasn’t even come yet. When he was 15 years old, he entered a completely new world of martial cultivation.”

“A completely new world of martial cultivation?”

“He had might that was like a lord’s arrival to the world and power that could move mountains and fill oceans. With a wave of his hand, he could destroy any city and he could slaughter living things like stepping on ants. He was the true lord of the world and he ruled the fates of all. So, people called those who were in that realm as ‘Martial Lords’!”

“Martial Lord? So after the Heaven realm, there’s still a Martial Lord realm?” Chu Feng was quite astonished and he couldn’t help but ask, “Who is that person called?”

“He is called Qingxuantian.” Su Mei replied.

“Qingxuantian.” Chu Feng deeply remembered that name because he had to remember such a character. A true genius. A true influential person.

“Qingxuantian is the strongest person that appeared in the continent of the Nine Provinces. However, because that matter happened too long ago and many changes occurred to the Nine Provinces, very little people know about it now.”

“However, the strangest thing is that just after Qingxuantian became a Martial Lord, he suddenly disappeared. There were many thoughts on why he disappeared. Some people said he left because the continent of the Nine Provinces could not contain him anymore.”

“Some people also said that his martial cultivation went against the heavens and broke the rules of martial principles. From that, he received the punishment of the heavens and died on the year that he became a Martial Lord. Up until now, that was the most reasonable way of death that people said.”

“Is he really dead? Such a strong person died just like that?” Chu Feng did not really believe it. How could such a strong person die because someone said so?

“He did indeed die. According to legends, he knew that he didn’t have much time left so before death, he created a tomb for himself. The tomb ran through half of the Azure Province and he set up 4 entrances. The names of the 4 entrances are called Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise!”

“These 4 entrances, is it?”

Chu Feng was enlightened. At that instant, he suddenly understood that the two Evil Tombs in the Azure Dragon Mountain Range and the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range were possibly interconnected. However, there were two more places. It meant that there were two more Evil Tombs within the Azure Province!

“That’s right. One of the entrances is in the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range of the Vermilion Bird City.”

“Other than that, there’s also the Azure Dragon Mountain Range of the Azure Dragon School, the White Tiger Mountain Range of the White Tiger Villa, and the Black Tortoise Mountain Range of the Black Tortoise City. Gong Luyun’s family is the overlord of the Black Tortoise City right now.” Su Mei explained.

“That means that Gong Luyun and you two sisters went to the Azure Dragon School for Qingxuantian’s tomb?”

“Qingxuantian’s tomb has many layers of mechanisms and it is not something that we can open. However, my Su family always felt that the reason why the Azure Dragon Founder could become the #1 person in the continent a thousand years ago was because he opened the tomb of Qingxuantian and got some benefits from it.”

“When he left the mountain, he was known as the Azure Dragon Founder. After being successful in his martial cultivation, he created the Azure Dragon School at the Azure Dragon Mountain Range. It was very possibly a type of gratitude towards Qingxuantian.”

“Although the Azure Dragon School declined quite a bit, that is because the absolute technique that the Azure Dragon Founder used that year was not passed down. However, it’s very possible that it is still within the Azure Dragon School.”

“This is the reason why me and my sister entered the Azure Dragon School. As for Gong Luyun, his Gong family is occupying the Black Tortoise City at all costs so I’m sure he must know something about this and is staying in the Azure Dragon School for the same reasons as us.” Su Mei spoke the truth.

“So it’s like this.” Chu Feng who knew the truth was endlessly excited. He never would have thought that there were 4 more Evil Tombs within the Azure Province.

He was unable to explore the Azure Dragon Mountain Range and the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range, but it did not mean that he could not explore the two other Evil Tombs. After all, he did gain some benefits in the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range so perhaps he could get even better benefits in the other two tombs.

“This is a secret that cannot be spread. If the Lingyun School or the Qilin Prince Mansion knows about it, a crisis will certainly be stirred up.”

“It may even affect the Jiang Dynasty. If that huge monster knows about this, I’m afraid they would instantly start moving and at that time, we wouldn’t get any benefits at all.” Su Mei reminded solemnly.

“Don’t worry. I will not tell anyone else about this.” Chu Feng raised his hand to promise then chuckled and said, “On the other hand, you have really fallen for me to tell me a secret like this right?”

“You..Shameless! Who would like you!” After Chu Feng said that, Su Mei’s small face instantly reddened and even her white, soft neck became red. She pushed opened the doors and ran out, then pointed at Chu Feng and said, “This is your room. If there’s nothing, don’t run around everywhere.”

“Hehe, this girl really likes having a red face.” Seeing the departing back of Su Mei, Chu Feng chuckled and said.

“Idiot. You’ve gotten really lucky this time.” Just at that time, Eggy’s pleasant voice rang out and he could hear that she was extremely excited.

“I know. There’s two more Evil Tombs for exploration right?” Chu Feng smiled.

“Ha! You know nothing. How can an Evil Tomb be as large as to run through half of the Azure Province?” Eggy said disdainfully.

“Your meaning is?”

“If these four Evil Tombs really are one, it would certainly not be Evil Tombs. They would be Emperor Tombs!”