Chapter 104 - Test

MGA: Chapter 104 - Test

"Spirit Formation?"

When Leng Wuzui's words came out, not only the Leng ancestor, even Chu Feng was shocked.

The Spirit Formation was the methods of World Spiritists. If the strange wall in front of their gazes really was the Spirit Formation, that also meant that there was a World Spiritist helping them at that instant.

*poof* Suddenly, Leng Wuzui kneeled on the ground and started to hit the ground with his forehead repeatedly.

As he strongly pounded, he begged, "Master, I know I have wronged. Please give me one more chance and this will not happen a second time."

Leng Wuzui's actions made others not know what to do and just at that moment, that aged voice rang out once again,

"You clearly knew that you shouldn't have done that yet you still did. You are simply not putting me in your eyes."

A person appeared outside of the Spirit Formation like a ghost. He did not make any sound and it was as if he stood there all along without being detected.

After seeing that person, Chu Feng and the others were shocked because no matter if it was Chu Feng or Su Rou, or even Leng Wuzui, they all recognized him.

A white-coloured long robe filled with symbols that covered the entire body, only being able to see the pair of hidden eyes. That was the guest elder of the Azure Dragon School, Zhuge Liuyun.

"Elder Zhuge!" Su Rou spoke first.

"What? He's that Elder Zhuge?"

Chu Feng was hiddenly stunned in his heart because he already recognized that person. It was the World Spiritist who was in the Imperial Sky Sage's tomb.

However, Chu Feng never would have thought that the World Spiritist was the Azure Dragon School's World Spiritist. The Elder Zhuge that even the head of the school did not dare to offend.

"Master, I really know that I've wronged. Please give me another chance."

Leng Wuzui still continued to plead. His face was filled with fear and his forehead already bled from all the knocking. He understood that old man too well. His methods of dealing with things were several times more ruthless than him.

"I already gave you a chance but you did not hold onto it. If you did what I told you to do, today, I would have officially taken you as my disciple and passed down the Spirit Formation Technique to you."

"But regrettably, at the end, you were unable to pass my test and you chose to walk on the road that I did not wish for you to tread on."

"Actually, I already gave you sufficient warnings and told you to not attack Chu Feng. However, you were too slow. Before I appeared, you still didn't know that the person who was hiddenly protecting Chu Feng was me."

Speaking to that point, Zhuge slightly raised his hand. The Spirit Formation that locked Leng Wuzui started to retract even quicker.

Facing that situation, the ancestor of the Leng family gave everything he had to attack but there was not a trace of damage.

Seeing that Zhuge was going to take his life no matter what, Leng Wuzui did not beg anymore. He stood up, pointed at Zhuge and started to loudly curse,

"Zhuge Liuyun. I, Leng Wuzui, followed you for a full 3 years and faithfully handled matters for you without any complaint. Why are you killing me for that little boy?"

"Do you even have a heart? You are even worse than pigs and dogs! You are a cold-blooded monster!!!"

However, no matter how much more Leng Wuzui cursed and insulted, Zhuge Liuyun was not moved at all.

Only when the Spirit Formation forcefully squished the two of them into blood did he wave his big sleeve and called the Spirit Formation which was full of blood in front of him.

Just at that time, a weird scene happened. The Spirit formation that contained Leng Wuzui and the ancestor of the Leng family was absorbed into Zhuge Liuyun's body.


That scene endlessly shocked Chu Feng. That was the blood and flesh of two people! How could it be consumed by Zhuge Liuyun just like that? There wasn't even a trace left!

Was it possible that a human being was not behind the white robe and as Leng Wuzui said, it was a monster?

Not only Chu Feng, Su Rou also tightly frowned and she was slightly appalled in her heart.

Putting aside Zhuge Liuyun's strange methods, just by being able to kill Leng Wuzui who served him for 3 years showed that in killing, Zhuge was a decisive and ruthless person.

"Elder Su Rou, please step away for a moment. I have something that I want to say to Chu Feng alone."

Zhuge Liuyun said with an extremely gentle tone and his emotions were not affected in the slightest. It was as if consuming Leng Wuzui was just a very normal matter.

"Yes sir." At that instant, Su Rou hesitated a bit but after thinking for a while, she still left.

Although Zhuge Linyun was very dangerous, since he did all this for Chu Feng, most likely, he would not make things difficult for him. Also, when she remembered about Chu Feng's special traits, she could also guess what Zhuge Linyun wanted Chu Feng for.

"Elder Zhuge, on that day, I did not know who you were so I had offended you. Please forgive me." Chu Feng quickly apologized for that day.

"Haha, Chu Feng, no need to hang onto the things from that day in your heart. If I really had investigated, you wouldn't have lived until today."

"Actually, the reason why I came to look for you is to take you as my disciple." Zhuge Linyun laughed and his words were quite direct.

"Is that true?" At that instant, Chu Feng widened his mouth in shock and he felt that it was extremely hard to believe.

World Spiritists. Chu Feng understood that they were a group of people who grasped special abilities.

For example, the Spirit Formation Technique was called as the strongest defense method. After he personally saw the power of the Spirit Formation, he wanted to be able to use such methods even more.

The most important thing was that World Spiritists were highly regarded by powers everywhere and they were invited with high prices. As long as he became a World Spiritist, it also meant that Chu Feng did not need to worry about cultivating resources.

In front of his eyes, this World Spiritist was going to accept him as a disciple. The good fortune came so suddenly and it really made Chu Feng feel that "pie fell from the sky and confused himself".

"Don't be so happy yet. To become the disciple of me, Zhuge Liuyun, you need to pass my test." Zhuge Liuyun chuckled and said.

"Master, no matter what test it is, I am willing to accept it." Chu Feng half-knelt on the ground and firmly paid his respects to his master.

Seeing such a clever Chu Feng, Zhuge Liuyun nodded his head with satisfaction. He took out an old book from his Cosmos Sack and gave it to Chu Feng,

"This is the cultivating methods of the Spirit Formation Technique. If you can grasp the early stage of the Spirit Formation power, I will accept you as my disciple."

"Thank you master." Seeing that, Chu Feng rejoiced and quickly took the old book.

"Don't be happy too early. Within a month, without my guidance, it would be quite good if you could comprehend 1/10 of it."

"Remember. If you cannot comprehend 1/10 of it after a month, not only will I not accept you as my disciple, I will kill you as well."

"Haha..." After speaking those words, Zhuge disappeared amidst the strange laughter.

Within Chu Feng's heart, coldness rose because he could tell that Zhuge Liuyun's words did not seem like he was joking.