Chapter 103 Spirit Formation

MGA: Chapter 103 – Spirit Formation

The boundless pressure engulfed them and even the sky-high trees shook. The flowers and grasses under their feet flew everywhere and the area was not peaceful any more.

"Profound realm?!"

Chu Feng and Su Rou were even more shocked. They felt, from the aura, that he was an expert of the Profound realm. The aura was even stronger than Su Rou's.

Under the envelopment of the pressure, an old man unhurriedly walked out from the forest and arrived next to Leng Wuzui.

The old man was wearing black clothing and he was not even 5 feet tall. His appearance did not look like anything special but on his old face that was filled with wrinkles, it emitted waves of fierceness.

The old man was quite old. He shook and wobbled as he walked as if he was going to fall at any moment and die just like that. His life seemed to have reached the very end, but Chu Feng and Su Rou did not dare to underestimate him because the aura that engulfed them did indeed come from that old man.

"Ancestor." Seeing that person, Leng Wuzui respectfully greeted him.

"Ancestor of the Leng family. I never would have thought that even you came out. It seems that your Leng family is really determined to take care of Chu Feng."

"I'm just curious how Chu Feng offended you to the point that he must die." Su Rou seemed to know that Leng ancestor.

"Zui'er is the hope of my Leng family. Those who block his path will be removed at all costs by my Leng family. Even if lady Su Rou has a special identity, my Leng family will not have any mercy." The Leng ancestor faintly smiled but his smile was extremely frightening.

"Your meaning is that you will eradicate me, Su Rou, as well?" Su Rou asked in a cold voice.

"Lady Su Rou. Why ask when you already know the answer?" The Leng ancestor had a very sinister smile.

"Hmph. That'll depend if you have the ability or not." Su Rou grabbed Chu Feng's arm, turned around and wanted to escape.

However, before she even moved, the pressure that engulfed that area strengthened. It was like a formless cage that tightly locked the two of them.

"3rd level of the Profound realm!!" Su Rou was greatly stunned. Every level of the Profound realm was an impassable gap. Unless they had extremely good talent, it was impossible to resist against that.

Although the Leng family's ancestor was only 2 levels above Su Rou, she was already unable to free herself. She even lost her ability to escape while being in front of him.

That was the scariness of the Profound realm. Every level was higher than the previous and every level was extremely hard to breakthrough. That was why, within the Azure Province, there were quite a few Profound realm experts yet not a single person who could enter the Heaven realm.

In the journey of martial cultivation, one used the aura of the sky and the earth to open up the extremes of the body. The quality of one's body, strength of one's comprehension ability determined the length of their journey in martial cultivation.

The only thing that could be confirmed was the farther one cultivated, the harder it was to control one's aura and the mysteriousness of their body was extremely difficulty to open as well. However, the gained power got more and more stronger.

"Lady Su Rou, if you need to blame something you can only blame yourself for being so nosy and thus, you used your life as the price."

The Leng family's ancestor got closer one step at a time as he looked at Chu Feng and Su Rou who were restricted by his own pressure. The smile on his face got wider and wider like he was looking at two ants within his palm. It was as if with a slight movement of his finger, he could easily crush the two of them to death.

"Old man Leng, if you dare to attack me and my father knows about it, he will exterminate your Leng family." Seeing that, Su Rou panicked as well. The strength of the old guy was no small matter and she really did not have any ability to resist.

As for Chu Feng, he did not even have the ability to struggle. That ancestor Leng was too strong. If it wasn't for Su Rou who used her aura to protect Chu Feng, just with the pressure of the Leng ancestor, it would be enough to suffocate Chu Feng.

"No need for you to say that. I know what situation my Leng family would be if your father knew about this. Sadly, he will never know that you were killed by me." The ancestor of the Leng family slowly raised his palm and a terrifying energy converged by Profound power was gathering within his palm.

"How do you know that Su Rou's father won't know about this?" But just at that time, another voice rang out within the forest.

That voice was extremely strange because it did not come from a single point. It came from everywhere. It was not that loud yet it shook one's soul as if the voice came from their own hearts.


That voice completely horrified the ancestor of the Leng family and Leng Wuzui. Just by hearing that voice, they could tell that the old man was a cultivating expert.

*humm* Feeling that something was wrong, Leng Wuzui quickly spread out his Spirit power and wanted to find the direction of that person.

"Ahh!" However, just as he used his Spirit power, he cried out in pain. He hugged his brain with both of his hands and with a poof, he kneeled down.

"Zui'er, what happened?" Seeing the bizarre scene scared the ancestor. He threw his body forward and he arrived next to Leng Wuzui to support him up.

Leng Wuzui had a pale face at that moment. Both of his eyes were perfectly round from widening and terror filled his eyes. With his trembling lips, he said in a low voice, "It's...It's..It's a World Spiritist!"

"What?" Hearing those words, the ancestor Leng's expression greatly changed. World Spiritist? That was an extraordinary character! Why did he appear here?

"Ancestor, run!!" But just at that time, Leng Wuzui suddenly thought of a person and he quickly yelled out loud.

The Leng ancestor did not even think after seeing Leng Wuzui's terrified expression. He grabbed Leng Wuzui and wanted to escape.


"Ahh!" But just as he ran two steps away, he yelled in pain and he bounced back. It was as if he collided into a wall.

*bzz* Just at that time, Chu Feng and the others also discovered with astonishment that there really was a half-transparent wall in the area in which the ancestor collided with. The wall was spreading out and it quickly sealed the two Leng family members within.

"Haa!" The ancestor Leng stood up, raised his hand into a fist and threw it towards the half-transparent wall.

That punch had quite some power. Not only did it contain condensed Profound power, it was also a martial skill. However, when that attack contacted the wall which seemed to be as thin and as weak as ice, it only made a huge boom and it did not move the wall in the slightest. There was not even a single crack. Looking back at his fist, blood started to flow and he was quite injured.

"What is this thing?!"

The ancestor of the Leng family panicked. The half-transparent wall already locked the two of them in every single direction be it over their heads or under their feet.. It was currently retracting and if that continued, the two of them would be compressed alive.

Thinking to that, the ancestor of the Leng family displayed an even stronger martial skill and kept on striking that mysterious wall. The strong power endlessly shook the ground and cracks even appeared under Chu Feng's feet.

The attacks that disturbed the outside world did not even move the mysterious wall. It did not even change the speed that the wall was retracting at.

As the ancestor of the Leng family tried to resist with everything, Leng Wuzui's face was ashen and he stood there blankly. His body couldn't help but tremble as he said,

"Ancestor, this...this...this is a Spirit Formation!"